Anything For Her

Chapter 47

Tanner Group Shareholders’ Meeting

“By the way, where are you heading now? I’ll take you there.”

Eustace planned to go back to the private room to get his jacket before sending her wherever she
wanted to go.

“No need for that. I’m going back to school. Carry on with your work!” Sophie replied.

Eustace lapsed into a thoughtful silence as he watched her leave. This girl really is something else!

After going downstairs and walking out of the restaurant, Sophie noticed that Tristan was still waiting
for her outside.

He was standing there with a cigarette between his fingertips, seemingly pondering over something.

However, with such a good-looking and charming man standing there, even the sight of him smoking
was pleasing to the eye, so he naturally attracted a lot of girls, who flocked around him.

Despite that, no one dared to approach him due to his domineering aura.

Sophie walked up to his side.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to leave first? Why are you still here?”

“Waiting for you,” he replied curtly.

Tristan did not ask further since someone had already driven his car outside. The two went out, and he
opened the door for her.

“I’ll send you to school?” It was almost time for the night self-studying session.

“Okay,” said Sophie.

He waited so long just to take me to school!

On Friday, Sophie returned to the Tanner residence to have dinner with Josiah.

“Soph, do you want to attend the shareholders’ meeting on Monday?” The annual shareholders’
meeting was on Monday. Sophie held twenty percent of the company’s shares and had reached the
age of adulthood at eighteen, so she could attend.

“She’s too young to understand anything, Dad. I can exercise her rights by proxy. The company is not
her personal playground.”

The thought of his father skipping him to give Sophie the shares made Yale very upset. I’m your only
son. How could you be so distrusting of me?

“Indeed, Grandpa. Soph is still young. Those shareholders in the board meeting are all cruel and
heartless. It’s better not to let her participate!” Willow chimed in. I have nothing now. If Sophie went to
the shareholders’ meeting, wouldn’t I look even more pitiful? I’m clearly better than her in everything!

“Willow is right, Dad. For Soph’s safety, I think she shouldn’t participate!” Charmaine also disagreed
with Sophie going.

“This is your own matter, Soph. Just decide for yourself.” Josiah completely ignored their protests.
“Also, since I’ve given you the shares, I won’t interfere with whatever you do with them as long as
you’re happy.”


That’s the company I’ve worked so hard for all my life. How could Dad treat it so casually?

“Are you done eating? Accompany me to the study for a chat when you’ve finished your food.”

Josiah brought Sophie to the study as he found the other three at the table too noisy.

“What should we do now?” Charmaine asked. Sophie has always been rebellious. What will we do if
she doesn’t listen to us on the day of the shareholders’ meeting?

“Look at the daughter you bore! Look at what she has become. She’s blatantly disrespecting me, her
father!” Yale remarked.

Isn’t it only natural for me to manage her shares?

“You speak as though I’m to blame for this matter. Do you think I conceived her on my own?”

“Enough of that. Just make sure Willow behaves. With the support of the Laird family, I don’t think a
young girl like her is capable of doing much.”

Even without the Laird family, Yale still had forty percent of the shares in his hands and was still the
largest shareholder of Tanner Group.

“Come. Write a few words. Let me see if your lettering has deteriorated,” said Josiah.

Sophie obediently went to get the ink before spreading the writing paper on the table. She then took a
calligraphy pen and dipped it into the ink.

Josiah watched from the side and was satisfied with her performance.

She wrote a few letters on the writing paper before placing the pen down.

“You’re truly blessed!”

Sophie’s penmanship was elegant with clean lines, which greatly satisfied Josiah, and it was for this
reason that he doted on her so much.

This girl has been smart since childhood. She has always been able to be the best in anything she
wanted to do.

“Your parents are short-sighted, Soph. Don’t take it to heart. Tanner Group will be destroyed eventually
in your father’s hands. At present, the company has already lost its former glory.”

Due to his old age, there were many matters that he could no longer take into his own hands.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. Tanner Group won’t fall into ruin,” Sophie assured.

Since it’s something that Grandpa cherishes, how can I see it be destroyed?

“I hope that you can inherit the company. Your brother Caleb is currently in a research institute abroad.
He is talented in research, so I don’t want to make things difficult for him. Your father’s ability, however,
is too average, and he is simply unsuitable to become the CEO of Tanner Group.”

Hence, at present, Josiah could only place his hope on Sophie.


She was aware of Yale’s capabilities.

“I hope that you can become the CEO of Tanner Group in the future.”

He believed that his granddaughter could do well.

“All right. Understood. You’re not well, Grandpa, so don’t think about these things all day,” Sophie

“Will you blame me for this, Soph? Girls your age should be living a happy and carefree life, yet I’ve
given you such a heavy burden.”

“How can I ever do that? You’re the one who loves me the most.”

When Sophie left the study and went downstairs, Yale was still in the living room.

Upon seeing her coming downstairs, he stood up.

“Since your grandfather has given you twenty percent of the shares, just take the dividends, Sophie. I,
as your father, will handle Tanner Group’s affairs, so you shouldn’t interfere.”

He had waited so long for her down there for this very reason.

“It’s better that you don’t attend Monday’s shareholders’ meeting!”

“I can decide that myself. I don’t need others telling me what to do.”

“I’m your father, Sophie!” Yale was infuriated. She has always been like that, doing as she pleases
without the slightest bit of good behavior and sensibility.

Sophie snorted in response and walked off. All he cares about is his interests. When has he ever
thought of me, his daughter?

Angered by Sophie’s behavior, Yale smashed everything he could in the living room.

How could a mere brat dare to treat me like this? Where did she get the courage to do that? Josiah
heard the commotion in the living room and came downstairs.

Upon seeing his father, Yale stopped smashing things around.

“You’ve truly disappointed me, Yale,” Josiah remarked. How can he manage a company when he can’t
even control his own emotions?

“Hah! Indeed. I’ve always been the one who made you disappointed. You’ve never been pleased with
me. That’s why you gave your shares to Sophie.”

“She’s your daughter.”

“So what? Does she listen to me? That girl is insanely ambitious. I’m afraid she wants the entire Tanner

“If it’s what she wants, give it to her. She’ll certainly manage it better than you,” Josiah replied.

So what if she’s young? This society only recognizes one’s abilities.

“No. Even if it results in great losses on both sides, I still won’t let her have it. Tanner Group is mine.”

Josiah shook his head. He was utterly disappointed in his son.

“I’m warning you, Yale. Don’t hurt Soph. She’s your daughter.”

The old man left only these words and went upstairs alone.

Yale scoffed. “If she hurts me, I won’t care whose daughter she is.”