Anything For Her

Chapter 44

Feel Sorry For Her

After a while, the four people arrived at the classroom of Senior Class 8.

“Ysabelle, where is your seat?”


Felix sat in Ysabelle’s chair upon hearing that. Not bad. This spot is just right for Ysabelle since she
isn’t a tall girl.

“And you?”

When Sophie brought Tristan to the last row, he took the seat.

Other students continued to come in with their parents, mostly in their thirties or forties. Unknowingly,
they dared not breathe too loudly upon seeing Tristan.

After a while, some parents who knew each other began discussing their children’s results.

“Did you hear the news? Previously, Senior Class 8 was the second last in physics. However, the class’
performance deteriorated since a student named Sophie came.”

“Yes, I’ve heard about that. My daughter told me that Sophie is a delinquent. She has been living
together with some random men since junior high.”

“How can such a student come to Senior Class 8? Since today is the parent-teacher conference, I plan
to discuss it with Mr. Hayes. Our children are now in their senior year, which is a crucial year. We can’t
let a rotten apple spoil the barrel! Our children’s exam results mustn’t be affected!”

“I agree. Let’s raise our concern with Mr. Hayes together.”

Since they talked loudly, other parents also heard their conversation.

With a cold expression, Tristan kept tapping the table with his index finger.

“You two should leave the room for now.”


With that, Sophie and Ysabelle left the classroom.

“Soph, don’t be bothered by what they said. They will regret it upon seeing your results.”

“I don’t mind. Let’s buy some canned drinks at the canteen!”

Sophie and Ysabelle headed toward the canteen.

At two-thirty in the afternoon, the conference officially began. Derrick showed some slides to present
pictures of the students since the school opened. Besides, he even thoughtfully added captions.

After Derrick finished the presentation using dozens of slides, the parents had a rough idea about their
children’s performance at school.

Derrick then walked upstage to welcome the parents and explained some crucial aspects to which
students in their senior year should pay attention. After some time, the long-awaited moment of
announcing exam results finally arrived.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will now distribute the students’ report cards and analyze the monthly test
results with all of you.”

Before he could distribute the report cards, one of the parents stood up.

“Mr. Hayes, I heard our class has enrolled a dropout from Horington High this semester. Since when
has Jipsdale Premier High become a school that accepts trash? How could the school enroll the
student after even a substandard school like Horington High kicked her out? Moreover, our students
are in their senior year, which is an important year. However, the arrival of the delinquent has severely
affected our children’s studies. Hence, we hope that the school can expel the student.”

Derrick couldn’t help but frown upon hearing the parent’s overly offensive and impertinent remarks.

“You must be Lenora’s mom. I understand that all of you are concerned about your children’s studies.
Indeed, their studies are more important than ever since it’s their senior year—”

“Mr. Hayes, you agree with me, right? In that case, why doesn’t the school expel that Sophie girl? I
can’t let my daughter study in the same class with a piece of trash.”

“Ma’am, how can you make such an impudent remark? As far as I can see, you’re worse than a piece
of trash.”

Felix couldn’t stand it any longer. Is this what Sophie has had to endure since she started studying at
Jipsdale Premier High?

“You—” Lenora’s mother, Matilda, was pissed off. Since Lenora always badmouthed Sophie, Matilda
certainly believed her daughter. “This is not just my personal opinion, right?”

“Indeed! Mr. Hayes, she’s not wrong. What kind of a place is Horington? How could the school accept a
student rejected by Horington High and destroy our children’s future?”

“That’s right. My kid is aiming to attend one of the best universities in the country! We spent so much to
send our kids to Jipsdale Premier High not because we want to see a delinquent student.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Sophie is a well-behaved student. No one can ascertain if the rumors are true.
Nonetheless, the truth is Sophie has done well recently.”

“Mr. Hayes, we know you’re a good teacher and wish to protect your students. However, the news
about what Sophie went through in Jipsdale is true. Even her parents find her embarrassing because of

Meanwhile, Tristan couldn’t help but sneer when he realized that the adults in their thirties and forties
were so hostile to an eighteen-year-old girl.

Moreover, he felt sorry for Sophie once he imagined how she had to endure the mental torment alone.

If she had been beside him at that moment, he would have hugged her without hesitation.

How old was Sophie when others accused her of debauchery five years ago?

A thirteen or fourteen-year-old kid was criticized and even abandoned by her family in Horington.

As Tristan recalled the look of determination in her gaze and how she endured everything, he couldn’t
help but get emotional.

“Felix, check the backgrounds of those who insulted Sophie. Have the lawyer sue them for slander!”

Leaning back in the chair, Tristan still maintained his composure.

However, he was infuriated deep down.

Under normal circumstances, Tristan wouldn’t get angry, for he would ensure those who irritated him
suffered hell on earth.

Hence, it was his first time experiencing anger because of Sophie.

“You have some nerves! Are you Sophie’s parent? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for having such
a kid? Moreover, since many of us share the same opinion, can you sue all of us?” Matilda mocked
Tristan, still unaware of who he was.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please look at the monthly test results. Sophie ranks second in the whole
grade. How could she affect your children’s studies? It won’t be an overstatement to say that she can
help your kids instead!”

Derrick finally regained his voice and quickly distributed the report cards.

“Mr. Hayes, is that true?”

Matilda glanced at the report card— Sophie was ranked first in class and second in the whole grade.

In comparison, her daughter Lenora was ranked thirtieth in class and over five-hundredth in the whole

“I understand that you want the best for your children. However, please be objective and speak based
on the truth. Sophie isn’t a delinquent student.”

After Derrick finished, Matilda sat down. Her face was a deep red, and she had never felt so
embarrassed before.

At that moment, she was deeply ashamed of herself for accusing a student in second place of affecting
her daughter’s studies.

After Derrick told the parents about other aspects that required their cooperation, the parent-teacher
conference finally ended.

A few parents stayed in the classroom to discuss their children’s performance with Derrick.

After Tristan and Felix walked out of the classroom, Felix quickly stopped Matilda.

“You’re Mrs. Wagner, right?”

“What is it? What do you want to do in broad daylight?”

So focused was Matilda on slandering Sophie earlier that she hadn’t noticed the strong aura they

“You were the first one who slandered Ms. Tanner. Well, here is her lawyer’s name card. He will contact
you very soon.”

It was a black name card with a few golden words that read “Burtons’ Law Firm” with Sean’s name
below it.

Even if Matilda lived under a rock, she had heard of Burtons’ Law Firm before. Sean was the best
lawyer in Jipsdale and had never lost any cases.