Anything For Her

Chapter 45

Drinks Her Milkshake

“Mister, you’ve misunderstood me! I never intend to slander Ms. Tanner!” Matilda tried to speak up for
herself, her hands trembling uncontrollably.

Tristan snickered. “I don’t give a heck whether you intend to do so or not. I’m here to enlighten all of
you today. You shouldn’t have gotten on my nerves by slandering Sophie.”

“Mister!” Matilda was about to grab Tristan’s arm. However, she retracted her hand when Tristan shot
her a frigid glance.

Standing rooted to the ground, she could only fasten her gaze on Tristan and Felix’s retreating figures.

Right that instant, Lenora advanced toward her mother and was astounded by how the latter’s face
was as white as a sheet. “Mom, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? How about I call the driver to
send you to the hospital now?”

In response, Matilda gave her daughter a tight slap.

Caught off guard, Lenora covered her cheek and stared at her mother in disbelief.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you? Why did you slap me?” she squealed. That was the first time her
mother slapped her.

“Plead with Sophie now so she won’t sue me!” Matilda’s voice was quivering. My goodness! Sean
Burton’s relentlessness is known to everyone. The Wagner family will be doomed if he helps Sophie
Tanner to file a lawsuit against us!

“Mom, there’s nothing to be scared of. Sophie is like the Tanner family’s abandoned child, and they
give no hoots about her. Even if she’s still considered the third heiress of the Tanner family, their family

is obviously incomparable to ours!” Lenora refuted matter-of-factly.

“Kneel and apologize to her! Don’t you know you’ve put me in deep water by provoking her?” Matilda
fumed. Never had she expected that she would indirectly step on the toes of such an omnipotent man.

After Tristan and Felix stepped out of the classroom, the latter gave Ysabelle a call.

They headed straight to the milkshake bar after knowing that Ysabelle and Sophie were there.

“Mr. Tristan, I’m impressed by your beloved Ms. Tanner’s excellent result! Didn’t the others claim that
her results are poor? Well, I’ll be d*mned! She’s in second place in the whole grade!” Felix gasped

In an instant, Tristan’s face lit up with a sense of pride. Yeah… She’s mine! Sooner or later, she will be

Shortly after, the two men reached the milkshake bar adjacent to Jipsdale Premier High. It looked
different from the usual milkshake bar. Since the students of Jipsdale Premier High were from wealthy
families, the place was lavishly designed with booth seating.

The moment Tristan and Felix stepped into it, they caught a glimpse of Sophie and Ysabelle sitting at
the table next to the window. Thus, the duo walked toward them at once.

Tristan took the seat next to Sophie, whereas Felix took the one next to Ysabelle.

“Thanks a lot for standing up for me just now. Let me buy you both milkshakes,” Sophie thanked Tristan

“Sure.” The next second, he took a sip of Sophie’s milkshake despite his dislike for sweetness.

Astounded, the others gazed at him in bewilderment.

“Uncle Tristan, aren’t you a germophobe? You never use anything touched by others, don’t you? Aren’t
you aware that this is Sophie’s milkshake?” Ysabelle asked quizzically. She could not fathom why
Tristan had been acting weirdly lately.

Felix, who was seated next to her, could not resist laughing discreetly. Was Mr. Tristan trying to kiss
Ms. Tanner indirectly? Ha! It never occurred to me that the assertive Mr. Tristan could be so adorable!

Meanwhile, Sophie was staring at Tristan doubtfully, too.

Tristan responded nonchalantly, “Sorry for that. I’ll order another glass for you.”

“Sophie, you’re incredible to be in second place in the whole grade!” Felix complimented, giving her a
thumbs up. After all, it was no mere feat for her to have such achievement at Jipsdale Premier High.

“It’s nothing,” Sophie responded humbly. Deep down, she really did not feel that it was something

“Yeah! Soph is amazing!” Ysabelle echoed proudly.

At the same time, Tristan ordered another milkshake for Sophie.

Shortly after, the waiter served them two glasses of milkshakes.

Felix had barely taken a few sips of it before putting it aside. He could not talk himself into savoring the
young girls’ favorite drink.

On the other hand, Tristan had finished the milkshake that Sophie had drank earlier, while she was
savoring the new one he had ordered for her.

“Oh yeah! Have you decided which university to enroll in?” Felix asked the two young girls curiously.

“No idea yet,” Ysabelle replied briefly. She did not feel like pouring out to them about how she felt like
leaving Jipsdale and exploring the city in the southern region instead. Her parents hoped she could
enter Jipsdale University, but she had other preferences.

“How could you not have any idea on that?” Felix chuckled. No doubt, he wished Ysabelle could enter
the university in Jipsdale. Nevertheless, it did not matter which university she chose. He would be
supportive of her and follow her wherever she went.

“I really don’t have any idea! I don’t know which university I should choose and what’s the ideal
occupation for me. I can’t seem to find my direction in life,” Ysabelle emphasized.

Felix switched to question Sophie, “Soph, how about you? I bet there won’t be any problem for you to
enter Jipsdale University with such excellent results.”

“I have no idea as well,” Sophie responded candidly.

“It’s all right. There’s plenty of time left before the university entrance exam. You can take your time to
finalize your decision,” Tristan reassured her.

He did not mind even if Sophie had no plan to pursue her studies or look for a job later. As long as she
was willing, he was more than happy to support her financially.

“Come on. Let me take you guys for dinner. Aren’t you attending the self-study session in a while?”
Tristan suggested. Knowing that all the students in the senior year were striving hard for their exams,
he was particular about Sophie’s meal.

After they left the milkshake bar, Sophie realized that she had left her phone in the class. Hence, the
others waited for her outside the school while she went back to her class to retrieve it.

Unexpectedly, she bumped into Charmaine and Willow going up from the ground floor.

Charmaine was relatively displeased to see Sophie. She could not help feeling ashamed of the latter
and did not wish to run into her elsewhere.

Sophie continued to climb the stairs, turning a blind eye to them.

Willow wailed, “Mom, how could Sophie have such a bad temper now? She didn’t even greet you!
She’s the one who committed the grievous mistake five years ago, and yet, she has the audacity to be
so haughty—”

“Stop mentioning what happened five years ago, and don’t bother about her too. I doubt she can
continue to behave so insolently for long!” Charmaine cut her daughter off, reluctant to hear a single
word about the incident five years ago.

She continued, “Willow, you’re still in second place in your class this round. Keep it up! I’m convinced
you’ll be able to enter Jipsdale University. When that happens, I’ll hold an art exhibition for you. I’m
sure Mrs. Laird will like you even more then.”

Moments later, Sophie headed toward Tristan and the others after retrieving her phone.

Felix had left earlier with Ysabelle. Tristan got off his car and opened the door for her to get in. After
she was seated properly, he hopped into his car again.

Meanwhile, Charmaine and Willow went to look for the homeroom teacher of Senior Class 1. When
they stepped out of the school again, they caught sight of Sophie hopping into a car with a man.

“Who’s that?” Charmaine narrowed her eyes. The others had not forgotten about what happened five
years ago and were still gossiping about it at times, causing her to feel embarrassed. D*mn it! How
could she have the cheek to fool around with another man again?

“I don’t know him. But she seems to be closely acquainted with him since I always see them together,”
Willow explained.

“I see.” Charmaine responded placidly.

“Mom, do you think Sophie has given up on herself? That man seems to be filthy rich. Do you think
he’s only toying with her?” Willow asked.

“I’ll find a time to have a chat with her. No matter what, I can’t let her affect your advancement,”
Charmaine stated resolutely.

At the same time, Felix and Ysabelle were now seated in a restaurant not far from Jipsdale Premier
High. When Tristan and Sophie reached there, they came across Winter. Her face fell when she
realized Tristan was taking Sophie there for a meal.

“Oh? Mr. Tristan, you’re here for a meal too? What a coincidence!” she greeted him, plastering a smile.

Tristan simply nodded impatiently at her.

“How about we have a meal together?” Winter suggested boldly.

“No, thanks,” Tristan rejected right away and stepped into the private room with Sophie.

Winter remained on the spot in sheer embarrassment. Since her friends had their eyes on them, she
thought he would accept her invitation. However, things did not turn out as expected.

“Winter, isn’t that Mr. Tristan? D*mn! The young girl beside him is a beauty! I bet she can have her
debut in the entertainment industry at any moment!” one of her friends started babbling excitedly.