Anything For Her

Chapter 43


That Friday night, the Lombard family returned to the Lombard residence for dinner with William.

William sat at the head of the table as a dozen of them took their seats. Although William was over
seventy years old, the aura he had amassed over the years since he became an entrepreneur was still

“Tristan, I’ve heard that you’re rather conspicuous recently.”

Tristan put down his wine glass and replied, “Dad, since you’ve handed over Lombard Group to me, I’ll
handle everything. You can put your mind at ease and enjoy gardening at home.”

“Tristan, how can you talk to Dad like that?” William’s eldest son, Lincoln, chided Tristan for
disrespecting their aged father.

“That’s right, Tristan. Dad wanted to remind you for your own good. Others won’t let you off the hook
once you harm their interests.” Soon, William’s second oldest, Sarah, chimed in.

“Sarah, I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry about me.”

Tristan was confident and had made the necessary preparations for the drastic action.

“Sarah, how are things going between you and that brat from the Quigley family? You’re not getting any
younger. If he’s not okay, you—”

“Dad, please don’t bother yourself with this matter.” Sarah felt a little frustrated once William brought it

“Do you guys think I want to poke my nose into your business? I’m worried about all of you!”

“Grandpa, I’m well-behaved!” Ysabelle interrupted after she had been eating quietly for some time.

William put on a smile when he saw his beloved granddaughter.

“You’re right. You’re such a good girl.”

“Grandpa, I have a friend in Jipsdale Premier High. I’ll bring her here on my birthday. I’m sure you’ll be
fond of her.”


“By the way, the parent-teacher conference will be held next Monday. Dad, will you be going?”

“Monday? I’ll be in Mapleton that day. Let Uncle Tristan go on my behalf.”

“Uncle Tristan? Are you free to join the conference?” Ysabelle thought Tristan was busier.

“Okay.” Much to her surprise, Tristan agreed.

After dinner, Tristan was chatting with Sarah in the greenhouse.

“Sarah, Juan isn’t the right man for you.” Among the siblings, Tristan and Sarah were the closest to
each other.

Sarah put on a wry smile once Tristan finished.

“Tristan, sometimes you find yourself unable to do anything when you’ve fallen for someone.”

As if I don’t know what kind of a person Juan is. Despite that, I can’t control my heart.

“I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Tristan could settle everything for Sarah except for this.

“All right. Don’t be bothered by my business. People are saying that you’ve been quite close with a
young lady lately. Why didn’t you tell me? Let me evaluate her for you!”

“Who said so?”

“So it’s true? Bring her home someday. I’m eager to meet her.”

“Sure, but don’t let Dad know.” Since William was bad-tempered, Tristan didn’t want Sophie to get hurt.

“I understand. Dad is indeed bad-tempered.”

On Monday morning, Ysabelle came up to Sophie once Sophie arrived in class.

“Soph, which of your family member will come to the parent-teacher conference this evening?”

“No one.” Since Josiah was getting on in the years, Sophie didn’t want him to be troubled by the trivial
matter. As for Yale and Charmaine, she hadn’t told them about the event.

“I see. My uncle will be coming later. I’ll ask him to bring Felix along to help you.”

“No need for that.”

“No worries.”

“There’s really no need for that.”

“Soph, you’re my friend. My uncle is also your uncle.”

Sophie was rendered speechless.

At noon, Tristan and Felix came to Wisteria Apartments to have lunch with Sophie and Ysabelle.

Sophie’s and Ysabelle’s lips twitched when they saw the dressed-up men.

It’s merely a parent-teacher conference. Do they have to dress up like this?

“What’s wrong? Ysabelle, do you want to rate my outfit today?”

Ysabelle sat on the couch and replied, “My god. Others might think you’re going to attend an award-
giving ceremony!”

“Don’t I look good?”

Tristan had faith in his appearance, for he was known to be a handsome guy.

Sophie didn’t say a word. She knew that Tristan would remain handsome and eye-catching even if he
wore some ordinary clothes from the thrift store.

“Mr. Northley, thank you for acting as my parent.”

Felix rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

Didn’t Mr. Tristan tell her I’ll act as Ysabelle’s parent? Her parent will be Mr. Tristan!

After a while, it came to Felix’s mind that Tristan would probably act as Sophie’s future husband.

Since Tristan didn’t reveal it, Felix certainly wouldn’t say a word about it.

“You’re welcome. I don’t have much work to do today anyway.”

“Sophie, you don’t have to thank him. I asked Uncle Tristan to bring him along.”

“Ysabelle, do you have a problem with me recently?”

Ysabelle scoffed at that but didn’t utter a word in response.

“All right. Come and have lunch already.” Just then, Tristan interrupted and stopped their nonsense.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the driver drove Charmaine and Willow to Jipsdale Premier High. Since
the parent-teacher conference was being held today, no cars were allowed to enter the building.

Hence, the driver stopped at the entrance for Charmaine and Willow to get out of the car.

Since the students of Jipsdale Premier High came from wealthy or prominent families, the entrance
was packed with many luxury cars.

Even the Tanner family’s car wasn’t the best one.

“Willow, you have to get close to the Laird family. It’s the only way that the Tanner family can prosper.”
Oftentimes, humans would not feel satisfied with what they already had.

“Mom, I understand.”

Willow was a well-known student in Jipsdale Premier High, for she was always among the top three
students in her grade.

As they headed toward the classroom, many parents who knew Charmaine came and commended
Willow for being beautiful and clever.

At that moment, Charmaine thought she had made the right choice.

Willow is the one who can bring me great honor.

Meanwhile, Willow was also pleased at their praises.

Yes, I should always be in the limelight. No matter how excellent Sophie is, no one will care about her
because of her embarrassing past.

Just then, a white Porsche Cayenne pulled over at the entrance of Jipsdale Premier High.

The well-dressed Felix hopped out and quickly opened the door for Ysabelle.

The next moment, a silver Lamborghini stopped right behind the Porsche Cayenne. After the driver
opened the door, Tristan and Sophie got out of it.

As both were good-looking, the people around began to stop and stare at them.

Some young girls even screamed in excitement. My god! Are these movies stars here for filming?

Hearing the commotion, Charmaine and Willow also stopped walking and turned around.

Charmaine’s expression turned grim once she saw Sophie.

“Let’s go.” Charmaine grabbed Willow’s wrist to continue walking. She couldn’t tolerate the thought that
people would ridicule her because of Sophie. After all, she always treated Sophie as a disgrace.

In the meantime, Charmaine’s reaction sparked joy in Willow’s heart.

Just as I thought, Sophie has become an embarrassment. No matter how hard she tries to prove
herself, she will always be a nobody in the Tanner family!

“Soph, don’t be sad. You still have me.” Noticing Willow and Charmaine’s disdainful reaction, Ysabelle
quickly held Sophie’s arm.