Anything For Her

Chapter 41

Proving Her Wrong

“Mr. Langston, I can no longer teach her,” Carrie insisted.

Right then, Derrick showed up at the office, panting heavily. He had run all the way to the principal’s
office after learning about the matter.

“Mr. Langston, this must be a misunderstanding!” He huffed and panted.

“Mr. Hayes, I’m glad you’re here. I can no longer teach your class. Never mind if they ranked last in
their batch; now someone even cheated in the test! Find someone else to take over my position!”
Carrie announced.

“Mrs. Fletcher, we don’t know what happened yet. How could you accuse my student of cheating?”
Derrick argued.

“I don’t think even I can score full marks for the test this time. How could she score full marks? Are you
kidding me?” Carrie retorted.

Derrick responded, “You’re not capable enough, that’s why. I can’t believe you have the face to say that
out loud.”

“Hey!” Carrie fumed.

“Why don’t we do this? I have a set of physics competition questions with me. Sophie, please solve
them.” Andy pulled out a set of physics quiz questions that were sealed. “Mrs. Fletcher, you should
solve them, too.”

“Mr. Langston, you want me to solve it together with her?” Carrie might not be as capable as Aaron
from Senior Class 1, but she found it humiliating to be asked to solve the questions with her student.

“Just do it. You think you’re capable of teaching the honors classes, right? It’s time for you to show me
your ability. If you’re capable enough, I’ll allow you to teach the honors classes,” Andy told her.

Andy unsealed the file and gave them both the papers.

“Sophie, if you can score fifty marks this time, I’ll admit that you didn’t cheat. I’ll also apologize to you,”
Carrie said after taking a look at the papers.

The questions were difficult, so she was pretty sure Sophie couldn’t solve them.

“Mrs. Fletcher, stop talking. Go solve the questions there.”

Sophie took the papers and returned to her spot on the couch. She grabbed a pencil and started
scribbling the answers down without even using a draft paper.

Carrie, on the other hand, started using the draft paper for the first multiple choice question.

I need to perform well this time. They think I can’t teach the honors classes, right? This is the time to
prove myself.

After completing the multiple choice questions, Sophie moved on to the subjective questions. She was
good at mental arithmetic, so she could write out the steps on paper and calculate the answer mentally
without needing any draft papers.

They were given two hours to complete the physics quiz, but Sophie completed everything in one hour.

She placed her pencil on the table and put on her earphones casually.

“Mr. Langston, see that? She gave up as she didn’t know how to answer any of them! How dare she
listen to music here? I’ve never seen anyone as arrogant as her!” Carrie complained.

“Mrs. Fletcher, you should hurry. There is only one hour left, but you have yet to complete many
questions,” Derrick chimed in.

He couldn’t bring himself to stay quiet anymore.

Since Sophie came to this school, Carrie had been making life difficult for her.

Derrick had talked to Carrie a few times privately, but she still refused to change her attitude.

Carrie shot Derrick a glare before returning to her questions.

The further she got, the more difficult the questions became. Carrie’s expression turned dark.

She couldn’t solve two subjective questions. Her initial plan was to perform well. Alas, her plan had
gone down the drain.

However, this was a physics competition paper. The reassuring thought made her relax immediately.

The questions were too difficult to begin with, so it had nothing to do with her ability.

Andy invited the physics teacher of Senior Class 1 and also the Head of Physics, Aaron, to mark their

Aaron marked Carrie’s paper first.

He quickly finished marking the multiple choice questions. She got them all correct.

Carrie heaved a sigh of relief at the results.

Aaron made the calculations as he marked the subjective questions.

In the end, Carrie scored seventy-eight marks.

“Mrs. Fletcher, you’re quite weak in physics,” Aaron commented. As the Head of Physics, he kept
reminding the other physics teachers to solve physics questions during their free time. However, Carrie
kept brushing him off.

Carrie turned grouchy after getting reprimanded in public.

Derrick handed Sophie’s paper to Aaron.

Sophie got all the multiple choice questions and the fill-in-the-blank questions correct.

She also got all the subjective questions correct.

Thus, she scored full marks on the quiz paper.

Aaron could barely hide his shock, for he couldn’t even score full marks if he were to do the quiz

“How did she do?” Andy queried.

“Mr. Langston, she scored full marks!” Aaron reported happily.

Did our school hit the jackpot? Is she a genius?

“What? Mr. Elswick, did you make a mistake?” Carrie refused to believe it.

Sophie completed the questions an hour ago, so it seemed impossible for her to score full marks.

“Mr. Langston, please allow me to tutor Sophie. I’ll register her name for the physics competition this
year!” Aaron implored excitedly. He had always been an ambitious teacher but had never come across
any smart students in his teaching career until now.

“Mm. We’ll talk about that later.”

Andy was surprised, too. He only took Sophie in as a favor to the Northley family, so he had no idea he
would hit the jackpot.

“Sophie, you can leave now. We know that you didn’t cheat.” Andy’s voice grew increasingly gentle.

“I’ll be off now.”

After Sophie left, Andy returned to his seat.

“Mrs. Fletcher, I’m afraid you can’t be a physics teacher in our school with your ability,” he said.

Carrie only scored seventy-eight marks, so it was pretty obvious she wasn’t capable of teaching the

“Mr. Langston, I…”

Carrie had no idea she would shoot herself in the feet today.

“You’ll be in charge of managing the dorms from today onward. For now, work hard on your physics.
You’ll take the final examination with the students. If your level is still the same, then you’ll keep
managing the dorms. I can’t allow an unqualified teacher to teach the students. Of course, if you aren’t
satisfied with my arrangement, you can resign now. I’ll approve your resignation right away,” Andy
stated firmly.

Carrie was seething inwardly. D*mn it! I wouldn’t be in this state if it wasn’t for Sophie!

“Mr. Langston, let me continue teaching Senior Class 8,” she answered weakly.

Andy asked, “Mr. Hayes, as the homeroom teacher of Senior Class 8, do you think Mr. Elswick can
teach them physics?”

“But Mr. Elswick is already teaching three classes! Won’t it be too much for him to teach my class too?”

“No, it isn’t too much! I can do it. I can teach your class,” Aaron interjected swiftly.

After Sophie returned to Senior Class 8, everyone turned to look at her quietly.

“Soph, how did it go?”

As she said naught a word, Ysabelle began packing up her stuff. “Soph, let’s go. There’s no point
studying in such a school,” she huffed.

Sophie grabbed her arm.

“Where are you going? I don’t have to leave.” Having said that, Sophie returned to her seat calmly.

“Really? Didn’t Carrie—”

“Ysabelle, I’m fine. I didn’t cheat, so she can’t expel me.”

Derrick then entered with Aaron behind him.

“Everyone, quiet down. From today onward, Mrs. Fletcher will no longer be your physics teacher. Mr.
Elswick will be your new physics teacher,” Derrick announced.

The students gaped in disbelief.

“What happened?”

“I thought Mr. Elswick teaches the honors classes?”

“The results for the monthly test are out. You can find out your results on the bulletin board. Next
Monday will be the day of the parent-teacher conference. It’s very important, so one of your parents will

have to show up.”

After learning that the results had been released, the students of Senior Class 8 rushed out of the
classroom before Derrick could even finish his announcement.