Anything For Her

Chapter 40

Full Marks For Physics

Monday arrived in the blink of an eye. The students arrived at their classroom and immediately started
chatting about the monthly exam.

“I’m doomed. The parent-teacher conference will be held after the results are released.”

“Yes! My mom will kill me.”

“What should I do? The results should be out by now. I can’t bring myself to find my results. When you
find out yours, help me find mine, too.”

Those who did badly in the test dared not find out their results.

“Soph, don’t be nervous. Even if you failed your physics paper, you don’t have to leave Jipsdale
Premier High. If you leave, I’ll leave with you!”

Sophie had said nothing after arriving at school, so Ysabelle assumed she was worried about her

“There’s no need for that.”

“What? Soph, I’ll go wherever you go. I’m your fan!” Ysabelle enthused.

No matter what Sophie did, Ysabelle would side with her willingly.

“Class is going to start soon. Go back to your seat!” Sophie didn’t feel like talking. She preferred
silence, and her classmates were too noisy.

“Mm. Don’t worry! I’m here, and I’ll protect you,” Ysabelle promised.

Right then, Carrie entered the classroom with the answer sheets. She could barely believe her eyes
when she saw the physics results of the students.

Slam! She slammed the answer sheets onto the table loudly.

“I thought you were merely students with bad grades, but at least you had good characters. To my utter
shock, something this serious happened in Jipsdale Premier High, in Senior Class 8! How
embarrassing is this?”

Carrie started yelling the moment she stepped into the classroom. The students were confused by her

Bobby finally stepped out to ask, “Mrs. Fletcher, what happened? You’ve been yelling at us for some
time, but we still don’t know what’s going on.”

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. Carrie had never liked their class, and it was unreasonable for her to
yell at them for no reason.

Carrie stopped her lecture.

“Before explaining the matter, I shall announce everyone’s physics exam marks.”

Carrie then proceeded to announce everyone’s marks. There were thirty-six students in total, and only
six managed to pass the test. The rest scored around forty to fifty marks.

The students fell silent after hearing their results.

Their physics weren’t good to begin with. This time, the physics test was too difficult. Thus, they
assumed it was natural for Carrie to yell at them.

“Did you forget my marks?” Sophie inquired.

“Sophie, shut up. Don’t you know that you suck?”

“Yes! Our class was the second last in physics. Now that you’re here, we’ve fallen to the last place!”

“Soph, calm down,” Ysabelle urged.

She was worried that Carrie would fly into a fit of rage as the latter was glaring at them angrily.

“Mrs. Fletcher, before Sophie came, our class’ physics results used to be second last. You should be
blaming Sophie!” Lenora chimed in.

“Lenora, shut the f*ck up!” Ysabelle hissed. She wanted nothing more than to rip Lenora’s lips apart.

“Your physics suck. Am I to blame for that?” Lenora was one of the six who passed her physics test.
Her results were always good, so she was pretty smug about herself.

“How much did I score?” Sophie asked calmly.

“Sophie Tanner, full marks.”


“Mrs. Fletcher, have you gotten it wrong?”

It was practically impossible for a student to score full marks for the physics test this month. Even
Bailey from Senior Class 1 couldn’t achieve this feat.

“Really?” Ysabelle blurted excitedly.

Indeed, Soph can do anything easily!

“Sophie, stand up,” Carrie ordered.

“Mrs. Fletcher, you wanted me to pass the test, and I scored full marks. Isn’t that enough?” Sophie no
longer wanted to show any respect for Carrie.

“Mrs. Fletcher, she must’ve stolen the test paper prior to this. No one could possibly score full marks!”
Lenora uttered.

Ysabelle retorted, “Shut the f*ck up, Lenora!” She would forever be supportive of Sophie.

“Be honest with me. How did you get the test before this?” Carrie was of the opinion that Sophie had
cheated too.

Hearing that, Sophie snorted icily.

“Is it that hard to acknowledge someone else’s ability?”

“Sophie, I’m being calm right now. If you refuse to say anything, I’ll have to bring the matter to the
principal,” Carrie warned.


Sophie wasn’t about to entertain Carrie when the latter was being unreasonable.

Carrie declared, “All right. Just you wait. Jipsdale Premier High can tolerate students with bad results,
but we’ll definitely expel those who cheat!”

Jipsdale Premier High had this policy all along, so Sophie wouldn’t be the exception.

Furious, Carrie marched out of the classroom and slammed the door shut in her wake.

The students of Senior Class 8 fell silent for a few moments before bursting into an uproar.

“D*mn it. Mrs. Fletcher has always been mean to us. If we score badly in our physics test, she has to
bear some sort of responsibility too, right?”

“That’s right! She often answers calls and plays games on her phone during class. Does she have a
powerful background? Otherwise, why would she get to teach here?”

The students of Senior Class 8 had been unsatisfied with Carrie for a long time. She had gone too far
with her actions today.

“All right. Everyone, calm down,” Bobby announced. He went to Sophie and asked, “Sophie, you didn’t
cheat, right?”

“Bobby!” Ysabelle huffed.

“No,” Sophie responded nonchalantly.

Lenora snorted.

“Sophie, even if you were to cheat, you shouldn’t copy everything and get full marks. Be smart. Do you
think anyone will believe you’re capable of getting full marks?”

“Sophie, if you did cheat, be honest. We can talk to the principal together. Mrs. Fletcher was rude, so I
believe the principal won’t blame you after he learns about her attitude.”

“I said, I didn’t cheat!” Sophie’s patience was at its limit.

Right then, the principal’s assistant showed up.

“Sophie Tanner, the principal wants to see you at his office.”

Sophie got to her feet and zipped her uniform up.

“Soph, I’ll accompany you!” Ysabelle offered.

She meant what she said. If Soph gets expelled, I’ll leave the school with her!

“No need. I can handle this myself.”

In the principal’s office, Carrie was still complaining about Sophie.

“Mr. Langston, Jipsdale Premier High has been an elite school for decades. We can’t let one student
ruin our reputation. It’s unacceptable that this has happened in Jipsdale Premier High!” Carrie raged.

“Sophie? Come, have a seat,” Andy said warmly.

Sophie padded over and sat on the couch across from Carrie.

Andy parted his lips to say, “I heard you scored full marks for your physics test this time, Sophie.”

Sophie inclined her head.

“But Mrs. Fletcher doesn’t think you’re capable of doing that, so she thinks you cheated. What is your

“I didn’t cheat,” came Sophie’s answer.

Carrie sneered, “You were expelled from Horington High School but scored full marks for your physics
test. Don’t you think your lie is too much of a stretch?”

“Mrs. Fletcher, please mind your words,” Andy reminded.

“Mr. Langston, I’m merely stating my doubts.”

Right then, Sophie asked, “Mrs. Fletcher, do you have evidence to prove that I cheated during the

“No. I refuse to believe that you can score full marks, though.”

“Mrs. Fletcher!” Andy said, and there was a finality to his tone that warned her to stop talking.

Carrie is too rude to her students.