Anything For Her

Chapter 34

Picking You Up

“How were the exams?” Yale asked.

Sophie raised her eyebrow. Does he really care about my grades?

“Don’t you know I don’t like studying? Are you asking me that question to make me feel awful?” She
had no intention of showing him a good attitude.

“No matter what happens, I’m still your father, Sophie. You look ill-mannered like this.” Yale frowned.
“Stop spending your time hanging outside of the school. You should follow your sister’s example by
learning how she studies and interacts with the world.”

He couldn’t understand why there was such a big difference between his two daughters.

“Learn from her? Is she even good enough for me to do that?” Sophie sneered.

Her sneer would make people uncomfortable and terrified.

“Let’s cut to the chase. You aren’t allowed to take the twenty percent shares your grandfather is giving
you.” That was the main reason Yale was there.

“Since Grandpa is giving it to me, I will take it.” Sophie was giddy when she saw her father’s pissed-off

“Sophie.” His voice began to sound like he was warning her. “I’m telling you not to take the shares. If
you refuse to listen, don’t blame me for what I’ll do.”

It didn’t matter who he was dealing with. As long as that person was a threat to him, he would show no

The only person he loved the most in the world was himself.

Sophie pushed the door open and exited the vehicle. “I’m sorry, but the shares aren’t the only thing I
want. I want the whole company.”

The more desperately her family wanted to keep something to themselves, the more she wanted to
take it away from them, even if she couldn’t care less about having it.

“You talk big for an incompetent girl.” Yale didn’t want to argue with her any further. After all, in his
eyes, she was just a senior student without any notable skills or academic achievement. He didn’t
believe she would cause much trouble for him.

When Sophie arrived back at the Tanner residence, everyone except for Caleb was already there.

When Yale and Charmaine saw Sophie, their expressions darkened. They could scarcely believe she
had the guts to take the shares that Josiah had the nerve to hand out.

“Come and talk with me, Sophie. The lawyer hasn’t arrived yet,” Josiah said.

“Dad, this twenty percent is far too important to Tanner Group. Are you really going to give it to her that
easily?” Yale refused to give up.

Josiah ignored his son because he had the right to decide to who he wanted to give his assets.

“Dad, Soph is still young. If you give her such an incredibly valuable thing, you may end up hurting her
instead of protecting her.”

“Why would I be hurting her? You know, it breaks my heart to see neither of you cares for her.”

“Tanner Group doesn’t only just belong to our family now, Dad. There are other shareholders paying
attention to what you’re doing! If you give those shares to a girl like her, we won’t be able to protect her

if the other shareholders come after her!” Yale knew the struggle for power had always been like that.

Josiah remained silent. Obviously, he knew about that as well after spending many years in the
business world.

“Soph is your daughter. If you two dare to touch her, I won’t let any of you get away with it.” He knew he
didn’t have long to live. Soph will only have herself to depend on once I pass. She has to get stronger.

“Are you scared, Soph?” he asked.

Sophie held her grandfather’s hand. “I’ve never been afraid, Grandpa.”

If they were talking about facing the struggles of growing up, then she really was unafraid of facing

Josiah was glad. I can see my younger self in her.

“Think about it carefully, Sophie.” The look in Yale’s eyes turned cold.

It was then the lawyer arrived.

“Are you sure about this, Old Mr. Tanner?” Terrence Baldwin, the lawyer, was also worried about
whether Sophie could keep the shares Josiah was giving her.

“No need to be afraid, Soph. Even if, in the end, you throw away the shares I give you, I still won’t
regret my decision. Consider it as me giving you your tuition fees.”

“Please put your signature here, Old Mr. Tanner.” Terrence didn’t say anything else because he knew
Josiah wouldn’t change his mind.

“Please sign here, Ms. Tanner.” He pointed at a spot on the paper.

Once Josiah and Sophie put their signatures down, the lawyer declared, “Okay. The shares now belong
to Ms. Tanner.”

Josiah then sent Terrence out.

“Now that Sophie has inherited my shares, she’s considered one of Tanner Group’s shareholders.
Don’t disappoint me, Sophie,” Josiah uttered before heading upstairs.

He was getting old, which was why he left, as he didn’t want to witness such a sullen atmosphere in his

Sophie was about to leave after obtaining the shares.

“You’re still young, Soph. We’re just thinking about your well-being. Let your dad keep hold of your
shares first. You’re our daughter, so we won’t hurt you,” Charmaine coaxed.

“Yeah! I’ll help you manage your shares first. Once you get married, I’ll return the shares to you
untouched,” Yale added.

Sophie couldn’t help but chuckle. The world has always been like this. People’s loyalties are where
their interests lie. It’s so sad to see my parents put up an act like this in order to obtain my power and

“What are you laughing at? Am I not looking after your best interest? Do you know how to take care of
a company?” Yale’s smile faded as he questioned like a commanding father.

“Does it matter if I don’t? I just need to take the dividends, isn’t it?” Sophie retorted.

“You—” Yale was so angry that he couldn’t speak further.

“Think about it carefully, Soph. The other shareholders in Tanner Group are all vicious schemers. A girl
like you isn’t their opponent.” Charmaine acted as though she was a kind mother.

“I’d rather die in their hands than in you two’s!”

“You…” Charmaine was pissed off as well.

“Fine. Now that you’re all grown up, I can’t control you anymore. You better protect your shares well
and don’t let them slip out of your hands. Don’t come and beg us for help when you have nothing left.”

“Even if I have nothing left, I won’t come and find you both.” Sophie grabbed the document, turned, and

“How did I give birth to a piece of trash daughter like her?” Charmaine was so angry that she smashed
the cup on the table.

Willow had been staying silent at the side. It was then that she spoke politely. “She won’t be able to
gloat for long, Mom.”

“That’s right. She won’t be. That twenty percent share is nothing when you marry into the Laird family.
When that time comes, you can get whatever you want,” Charmaine assured. After all, Mrs. Laird likes
Willow and has been nurturing her as a daughter-in-law.

“Yeah.” When Willow thought about Mason, she felt a little giddy. So what if Sophie likes Mason? In the
end, I’m the one who’s going to marry into the Laird family.

Sophie grinned as she stared at the document in her hand outside of the Tanner residence. So this is
all they have been pining for, eh?

Instead of calling for a taxi, she wanted to go on a stroll. Every time she found herself in the Tanner
residence, her worldview was shattered.

“Do you want me to stop, Mr. Tristan?” the driver asked. Isn’t Mr. Tristan here to meet Ms. Tanner?

“No need. Just follow behind her slowly.”

The driver silently drove the car slowly. He would occasionally stop for a few seconds before
proceeding just to keep the car a safe distance from Sophie.

He wondered what she was thinking that prevented her from noticing the car had been following her for
a long time.

It wasn’t until it started raining that Sophie stopped.

“Stop the car.” Tristan stepped out of the vehicle, strolled toward Sophie, and swept her into his arms.

When she raised her head, she saw his handsome face.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“To pick you up.”

By the time Tristan carried her into the car, they were already soaked from the heavy rain.

“Head to Wisteria Apartments,” he ordered.