Anything For Her

Chapter 31


Seeing how Tristan was taking care of Sophie, Ysabelle panicked even further. She got so worried that
she lost her appetite.

“What’s wrong? I thought you said you were hungry earlier?” Felix asked caringly.

Ysabelle put down her fork.

“Are you full now, Soph? Let me take you out on a stroll,” she said. I should avoid letting Soph meet
Uncle Tristan in the future. I really like her, and I don’t want to lose a friend like her.

“Mm-hmm.” Sophie nodded.

“I’ll be taking Soph out on a stroll now, Uncle Tristan!” Ysabelle informed before dragging Sophie

“What’s up with her?” Tristan asked Felix.

“She’s afraid you’ll snatch Sophie away.” Felix could tell Ysabelle really liked Sophie.

Tristan didn’t ask about it further.

“Oh yeah, the Lane family has been getting restless recently. Find something for them to do to keep
them busy.” Tristan put his fork down, raised the wineglass next to him, and gently swirled the wine

“You mean the Lane family who kidnapped Ysabelle?” Felix’s expression darkened when he heard that.

“Yes. Don’t worry; leave it to me.” Sean didn’t like to talk, but he was efficient and reliable when it came
to work.

“Oh yeah, did you hear about Jason?” Charles suddenly asked.

“What about him?”

“None of you knew his law firm is under investigation? I thought you two were the ones who did it.”

“I was going to!” Felix didn’t expect that to happen. Who did it? Who else dislikes Jason?

“Someone anonymously reported Jason’s law firm. That someone also sent evidence of his tax evasion
to the relevant authorities.”

Tristan raised his eyebrow. That’s quite a direct and brutal tactic. Jason won’t even have the chance to
struggle. Who’s the one behind this?

“Let’s go swimming, Soph!” Ysabelle suggested. There were a lot of things in the resort, including an
excellent outdoors pool.

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit with me,” Sophie informed.

“You can find anything here! Follow me; I’ll take you to buy one.”

Ysabelle brought Sophie to the swimming pool by taking the shuttle bus.

Before they went in, they headed to the shop to buy swimsuits.

Ysabelle was very excited when she saw the skimpy swimsuits on display.

“Wear this, Soph.” She grabbed one of the skimpy swimsuits and gave it to Sophie. “You have a
wonderful figure, so you’ll definitely look good in this! Wear this one, okay, Soph?”

As she spoke, she stared at Sophie’s chest lewdly.

“You’re a woman too, Ysabelle! Can you not be that indecent?” Sophie put the swimsuit back and
picked a far more conservative one.

“You’re too unadventurous, Soph! Those who come to swim will use the opportunity to show off their
bodies!” Ysabelle picked a two-piece swimsuit.

She, too, didn’t have the guts to wear a one-piece swimsuit.

After Sophie handed the swimsuit to the owner of the shop, she pulled out a bank card.

“There’s no need for that, Soph. This entire resort belongs to Uncle Tristan!”

“It’s fine. I have money.” Sophie didn’t have the habit of taking advantage of others.

She paid for the swimsuit before both of them went to the swimming pool.

The weather was still hot despite the fact that it was October already. Therefore, a lot of people were
swimming in the pool.

The two women changed into their swimsuits in the changing room before exiting with a towel around
their shoulders.

They both had slender legs and fair skin. Even though there were already plenty of sexy women in the
swimming pool, they still stood out.

The moment they showed up, a lot of people’s attention shifted toward them.

It was also then that Casey saw Sophie.

He had been busy with his competition, which was why he hadn’t gone to find her recently. Little did he
expect to see her at the pool.

“What are you looking at, Casey?” one of Casey’s teammates asked.

“A friend I know. I’ll go and greet her.” When Casey finished, he ambled toward Sophie. My body looks
pretty good. I bet she’ll like it! Girls like six-pack muscles, right?

“I’m surprised to see that you’re here too, Sophie! Are you here with a friend?” Casey smiled brightly.

“Who are you?” Sophie didn’t want to interact with him.

He didn’t mind her attitude. “Why aren’t you both swimming? Do you not know how to swim? If you
don’t, I can teach you. My swimming skills are pretty good.”

When he saw the two women sitting by the pool and kicking the water instead of swimming, he thought
they didn’t know how to swim.

“No need.”

“Sophie, since you’re already here, why not swim and have fun?”

Sophie stood and stared at Casey. “Are we familiar with each other?”

When Casey’s friends saw the two beautiful women next to him, they approached as well.

“Hey, beautiful! How about we teach you how to swim, too?” one of Casey’s friends offered.

“No need,” Sophie replied indifferently.

“Show me some respect, Sophie! A lot of my friends are here!” Casey uttered in a low volume with a
darkened expression. Sophie is going overboard with her act, even though I’m treating her nicely!

“Do you have any dignity?” Sophie spoke with slight disdain and pulled Ysabelle away with the
intention of leaving.

Seeing how Sophie was about to leave, Casey grabbed her shoulder.

“Stop messing around, Sophie.” His expression had darkened completely.

Sophie really didn’t like people touching her.

“Let go,” she warned for the final time.

“These are my friends, Sophie. Show me some respect here,” Casey muttered.

In the next second, Sophie turned around, grabbed his arm, and threw him over her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me.” She spoke with contempt. Who does he think he is, touching a woman after being
warned not to?


“Oh my gosh!”

“D*mn, she’s so feisty. I like it.”

Many people in the pool opened their mouths wide when they saw that.

After being thrown to the ground by a woman, Casey crawled up awkwardly.

“Sophie.” There was a threatening tone in his voice. “How dare you hit me!”

He had always been admired and fawned over by women. That was the first time he was humiliated by

“So what if I hit you?” Sophie replied coldly. “If you don’t want it to happen again, you better stay far
away from me when you see me.”

Ysabelle wanted to scream out loud. It was only then she realized her potential to be a brainless fan.

Casey’s friends helped him up.

One of them asked, “Are you all right, Casey?”

Casey’s face remained dark. He didn’t expect a small woman like Sophie to be capable of throwing a
1.8-meter-tall man like himself over her shoulder so easily.

It utterly embarrassed him.

When Sophie and Ysabelle attempted to leave, Casey’s friends blocked their path.

“Do you think you can leave after hitting our friend? We aren’t dead, you know.”

Sophie turned to face the man who spoke up. “Then what do you want?”

“You all better stop causing trouble! If you refuse to listen, I’ll have you all kicked out of here.” Casey’s
friends were all of a similar height to him. They were also very burly, which made Ysabelle worry about

“Get us kicked out? Who do you think you are?”


“Kneel and apologize to Casey. I have to warn you, I have no qualms about hitting women,” one of
Casey’s friends threatened.

Sophie pulled down her towel as malice entered her cold eyes. “Well, then. If I don’t teach you all a
lesson on behalf of your parents today, you’ll never understand that there are people better than you.”

“Hah! You talk big, missy. Just don’t cry later.”

Casey had fallen only because he had been caught off guard. However, they were now prepared.
There was no way they were going to let a woman get the best of them. Additionally, the man who
spoke to her knew how to fight very well, so he wasn’t afraid.