Anything For Her

Chapter 30

Too Pretty

Neither Tristan nor Sophie said anything as they sat there listening to their conversation.

What? Did that girl just say Sophie is all on her own? Do they not realize that she has me now?

Sophie glared at them with her eyes narrowed.

Oh? Do they really think I couldn’t find any evidence? If they want to play with fire, then I’ll make sure
they get burned to ashes!

“We’re going to the resort, right? Let’s get going, then,” Sophie said.

As Tristan drove the car out of there, he kept one hand on the steering wheel and held Sophie’s in the

What is he doing?

She turned to look at him and asked, “Aren’t you getting a little too intimate, Mr. Tristan?”

“Did those two hurt you five years ago?”

“I can handle it myself.” Sophie didn’t care what people said about her, but she would be sure to return
the damage they did.

“Are you sure you don’t need my help?” Tristan asked in hopes of her changing her mind and seeking
his assistance.

“Yes, I’m very sure,” Sophie replied, much to his disappointment.

Tristan then brought her to a presidential suite at Newcove Hot Spring Resort and had someone deliver
a fresh set of clothes.

“Take a shower and get changed. I’ll come pick you up for dinner later.” Although her clothes were
already dry, it still felt uncomfortable on her skin.

Sophie waited for him to leave before entering the bathroom with the clothes he provided. After taking a
quick shower, she came out with only a towel wrapped around her body.

That was when her phone started ringing all of a sudden.

Butterfly’s voice came on the other line the moment she answered the call. “Phantom, it’s me.”

“Is something the matter?”

“Someone has been looking you up lately. Are you all right?”

“Looking me up? Okay, understood.” Sophie sat down on the couch and gently shook her head to let
her hair down.

“Be careful. This person is probably up to no good.”

“Got it. By the way, I’ve taken care of Dr. Yarren’s case.”

“As expected of Phantom. You always do a clean job!”

“Just wire the money into my account. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me? If not, I’ll be hanging
up now.”

Sophie heard a knock on the door right after ending the call.

She opened the door, only to see that Tristan had come to pick her up.

It took him a few seconds to realize that Sophie only had on a bath towel. Her smooth shoulders,
alluring collarbones, and calves were all exposed.

This young girl is only eighteen, but she has the ability to charm even a guy like me!

Tristan swallowed hard at the thought of that.

“I’m not done yet. Do you want to maybe—”

“I’ll wait here. Go on in and get dressed. We’re in no rush, so take your time!”

Sophie then grabbed the bag of clothes and went into the room to put them on.

Upon inspecting the contents of the bag, she realized he had prepared everything for her, including

Sophie was feeling fine when she put on the underwear which happened to be just the right size, but
got uncomfortable when she saw the light green miniskirt.

What the f*ck? Isn’t this skirt a little too short? But… I’ve already washed my clothes while I was
showering earlier, so I can’t wear them now…

“D*mn, I can’t believe Tristan is into such outfits!” Sophie muttered under her breath as she put on the
miniskirt and a short dress shirt which exposed her bellybutton.

After getting dressed, Sophie gave her hair a quick combing before heading out the door.

The first thing that Tristan noticed was her fair, smooth, and slender legs.

It was the first time that he had seen her in such an outfit, and he found himself getting aroused by how
sexy she looked.

“This kind of clothing doesn’t really suit me, Mr. Tristan.” Sophie didn’t like how much it restricted her

Tristan walked up to her and said in a seductive voice, “I agree. While it does looks good on you, I don’t
think anyone else should see you in these clothes.”

He then made another phone call, and the staff delivered a new set of clothes.

“Here, put this on instead.”

Sophie went back into the room to get changed. This time, it was a red dress that still looked amazing
even though it covered more skin.

She saw Tristan talking on the phone when she stepped out of the room.

Since she wasn’t in a hurry, Sophie sat down on the couch and scrolled through her phone while

After getting off the phone, Tristan walked up to her and took a good look at her new outfit.

The red dress was a little more conservative when compared to the previous outfit as it covered her
legs more, but she still looked drop-dead gorgeous in it.

“You must be hungry, right? Let’s go have dinner,” Tristan said while putting his phone away.


Sophie, too, figured it wasn’t appropriate for the two of them to stay in the room any longer.

It probably didn’t help that he was looking at her like he wanted to eat her up.

“They’re just getting a change of clothes, so why are they taking so long? That’s it, I have to go check
on them!” Worried about Sophie, Ysabelle wanted to go make sure she was okay.

Felix grabbed her by the arm when she tried to leave. “Are you crazy? Do you not know how scary Mr.
Tristan can be?”

So what if he really is planning on doing it with her? Ysabelle can’t just barge in and interrupt him!

“You’re such a f*cking coward, Felix! Why are you so scared of my uncle? Have you no b*lls, man?”

Ysabelle was determined to ensure Sophie’s safety as she was the one who brought her along.

“Oh, yeah? You’d better watch your mouth, Ysabelle! Don’t you ever attack me like that ever again!”

“What’s going on, Ysabelle?”

The door to the private room was opened all of a sudden, and Tristan came in with Sophie.

He then led her to the table and even pulled up a chair for her.

Charles and Sean both exchanged confused glances when they saw what he did. Since when did Mr.
Tristan become such a gentleman?

Tristan waited until Sophie was seated before sitting down next to her.

“Sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

“Oh, it wasn’t that long of a wait. I mean, it’s only been an hour!” Felix couldn’t help but wonder if they
had been doing it in the hotel room earlier.

Ysabelle quickly moved to the other seat next to Sophie’s and asked, “Soph, did my uncle do anything
to you?”

As her voice was rather loud, everyone in the private room could hear her.

Tristan shot her a glare and asked, “What the heck are you going on about, Ysabelle?”

Intimidated by his response, Ysabelle was quick to change the topic.

“I can’t help but worry about your safety, Soph! Your face is ridiculously pretty, after all! Anyway, allow
me to make the introductions. Guys, this is my friend, Sophie Tanner. Sophie, that guy over there is
Charles Quigley, the third son of the Quigley family. The guy sitting next to him is Sean Burton, the heir
to the Burton family.”

The people sitting at the table were from the four prominent families in Jipsdale.

Even so, Sophie maintained a calm attitude as she said, “Hello, everyone. It’s a pleasure to meet you

The food was soon served up, and Tristan began discussing business with the guys.

Sophie only had a few spoonfuls of food before she stopped eating.

“What’s the matter? Is the food not to your liking?” Although Tristan had been chatting with the other
guys, his eyes were on her the whole time.

“No, I’m just not really hungry.”

“Here, you should eat more. At least finish the food on your plate,” Tristan said while topping up her

He found her to be far too skinny, and it pained his heart to see her like this.