Anything For Her

Chapter 19

Tanner residence, she planned to call for a car to go back. Before she could reach the main gate, she
saw the silver Lamborghini.

Sophie stopped whatever she was doing and walked out.

The moment Tristan saw her, he got out from the car and opened the door for her to get in.

Willow had gone back to her room and planned to have a bath when she saw the Lamborghini that had
sent Sophie there. She immediately rushed to the window in the hope to catch a glimpse of that
mysterious man.

In the end, she saw the man get out of the car, opened the door for Sophie, and even shielded her
head for fear that she might hit herself when she was getting into the car.

That made Willow really mad with anger and hatred.

Hmph! Sophie can always get whatever she wants.

No decent man will treat Sophie so well.

In the entire Jipsdale, every one of the wealthy families knows about Sophie’s reputation.

With that thought in mind, Willow could not help but chuckle.

“Sophie, I want to see how long you are going to get away with it.” The thought of Josiah giving Sophie
his portion of shares enraged Willow.

She had to ensure those shares did not land in Sophie’s possession.

After closing the door for Sophie, Tristan then walked back to the other side of the car.

“Didn’t you go back?” If he had, he would not have shown up there without her having to phone him.

“I did go out for a while.”

Sophie leaned back on the seat and shut her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine.” Her grievances with the Tanner family had to come to an end eventually.

“If you’re tired, take a nap. Once we have arrived, I’ll wake you up.”


Sophie had no idea why, but she always felt more relaxed with Tristan by her side.

At first, she only intended to close her eyes for a short while. She ended up falling into a deep sleep.

The silver Lamborghini drove slowly into the residential area where Wisteria Apartments was located
and went into the parking lot.

Looking at Sophie who was deep in her sleep, Tristan did not wake her up. She looked so peaceful and
lovely like an angel.

It made him want to be by her side and protect her just so that she could have a good dream.

By the time Sophie woke up, it was already eleven at night.

She could not believe that she had been sleeping in the car for two hours.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw that gorgeous face of Tristan. It made her feel like she was
still dreaming.

“Mr. Tristan, is this your way of wooing me?”

The instant Tristan heard her question, he turned and looked at her. The way she looked after waking
up was so tantalizing.

Tristan reached out to pinch that baby face of hers lightly.

It was such an innocent move, but coming from Tristan, it was so alluring that it made her heart skip a

“That’s right! I’m pursuing you. Can you feel it?”

After hearing the affirmative answer, Sophie eyed him in disbelief.


Who is he? He’s Tristan, the number one boss in the whole of Jipsdale. One word from him and
anything will be done. That’s how powerful and influential he is.

“I’m following my heart.”

Sophie was dumbfounded.

She felt that she had fallen for Tristan’s charms. One sweet sentence from him was sufficient to make
thousands of girls fall to their knees.

Furthermore, Tristan was particularly affectionate at that moment.

There was no way Sophie could carry on with her questions. Instead, she opened the car door and got

Tristan did the same and walked her back to Wisteria Apartments.

After opening the door, Sophie stood there with no intention of inviting him in.


Later on, when Sophie was lying on the bed, she recalled Tristan saying that he was following his

Since the time when they first knew one another, Tristan had always been a gentleman and treated her
very well.

He was always by her side when she underwent minor appendix surgery.

Sophie was no fool. She was aware of his feelings for her.

However, she was nevertheless shaken to the core when she heard him confess earlier on.

The next day, Sophie realized something was amiss when she arrived at school.

Someone was up to no good.

All of the students of Jipsdale Premier High were gossiping about her.

Ysabelle had been waiting for her at the entrance of the school. The moment she saw Sophie, she ran
up to her.

“Soph, Cyro is here again.”

“I thought he has already broken up with Queenie?”

“Cyro has overestimated himself. I can’t believe he wants to pursue you. He should look into the mirror
first before doing that.”

As far as Ysabelle was concerned, those commoners were no longer good enough for Sophie.

The instant Sophie walked into the school, Cyro came over in a hurry.

He took out the title deed of his house, bank cards, and bank books.

“Sophie, I’m serious about you. If you agree, all these will belong to you.”

“Cyro, what on earth are you doing?” Ysabelle could not help but laugh at him. He was being too

Queenie had also come over when she heard that Cyro was there. Unfortunately, that was what she

“Sophie, what do you want me to do so that you will accept me?”

Cyro was not interested in anyone else other than Sophie, and he kept his burning gaze on her.

“Move aside.”

Sophie was not in the least bit interested in his act.

Cyro reached out to grab hold of Sophie’s wrist.

Sophie had never liked to be touched. Right now, her eyes narrowed with a glint of danger.

“Do you still want to keep your hand?”

Cyro still smiled at Sophie thinking that no one could resist his charms. He truly believed that it was
only a matter of time that Sophie would fall for him.

“Sophie, be with me! I will give you everything you want.”

Sophie had already lost her patience. With a twist of her hand, she heard an agonizing cry from Cyro
and saw his hand dangling there.

It appeared that his hand had been dislocated.

“I have warned you before not to touch me.”

Without checking on Cyro who was about to pass out from the pain, Sophie stepped on his documents
before walking away.

Ysabelle was in awe.

After seeing Sophie’s move, she wanted so much to scream.

Right there and then, she became Sophie’s biggest fan.

No matter what Sophie did, Ysabelle found it awe-inspiring.

“Queenie, let’s go! Cyro is just a scumbag. He deserves what he gets.”

“That’s right! Queenie, let’s go! Class is about to start.”

Queenie shook her head.

She was both disappointed and heartbroken to see Cyro in that state. She still yearned to be with him
and knew that he was only temporarily obsessed with Sophie.

Queenie walked up to Cyro.

“Cyro, are you all right? Let me send you to the hospital.”

Sophie has been so vicious.

However, Cyro frowned when he saw that it was Queenie.

“Queenie, stay away from me. I don’t want Sophie to have any misunderstanding about us.”


Queenie could not believe what she had just heard. Sophie had treated Cyro so badly. Yet, he still
refused to give up.

“Queenie, I’m sorry. But, I think I have met my true love.”

It did not matter to him what Sophie had done. All he wanted was to be with her.

“True love? If she’s your true love, what am I to you?”

“It’s only normal for people to meet the wrong ones before they meet their true loves.”

“I’m just a mistake…” Queenie laughed out loud in exasperation. “Cyro, you will never get what you
want. A sl*t like Sophie-”

The moment she insulted Sophie, Cyro gave Queenie a tight slap across her face.

“Don’t let me hear you insult her ever again.”

Queenie broke down in tears.

She was utterly heartbroken.

If Sophie hasn’t returned and met Cyro, if she has just disappeared, won’t everything be different?