Anything For Her

Chapter 29

Applying Sunscreen

“Isn’t this a bit unusual, even for you?”

Realizing that he had yet to introduce Sophie to his friends, Tristan said, “You guys carry on. I’ll bring a
friend over tonight.”

“Is your friend male or female?”

“You’ll find out when the time comes.”

Sophie and Ysabelle were queuing up to buy tickets when Tristan and Felix arrived at the water park.

The line was rather long due to it being a weekend, so Sophie was scrolling through her phone to kill

“Uncle Tristan? What are you doing here?” Ysabelle asked when she saw Tristan coming over. If I
recall, he hates coming to childish places like this!

“I saw your Instagram post, so I decided to drop by.”

Noticing that Sophie was sweating from the hot weather, Tristan continued, “Come here, you two. Felix,
go take their place in the queue.”

Felix then swapped places with them while Tristan led them to a shady tree.

“You girls can just wait here until Felix gets the tickets.” Tristan’s casual-looking outfit made him seem a
few years younger. That, combined with his already handsome face, got a lot of girls looking his way.

Someone selling straw hats happened to pass them by, so Tristan bought them one each and helped
Sophie put it on.

As Sophie had really fair skin, it was starting to turn red from exposure to the hot sun.

“Do you have sunscreen on?”


She didn’t like applying sunscreen because of how uncomfortable it felt on her skin.

Tristan then borrowed a bottle of sunscreen from Ysabelle and squeezed some of it onto his palm.

He was about to apply it on Sophie when she grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing?”

“Hold still.” Tristan ignored her response and continued applying the sunscreen on her face.

Sophie found herself burning bright red when he gently ran his fingers over her cheeks.

Eek! This guy is really…

Even Ysabelle was stupefied by what she had just witnessed. Since when did Uncle Tristan become so
caring and gentle?

After applying sunscreen on her face, Tristan squeeze some of it directly onto her arm and gently
rubbed it all over.

Felix’s jaw dropped when he returned with the entrance tickets.

What has gotten into Tristan today? I’ve never seen him give a girl such treatment before! I bet nobody
would ever believe me if I told them Tristan personally applied sunscreen on someone!

“Here, I bought the tickets! Let’s go!”

Felix then grabbed Ysabelle’s hand and started dragging her away.

“What’s going on here? Has my uncle Tristan gone crazy from the heat or what?” she asked in

“Maybe!” Felix replied. He wasn’t really sure about the relationship between Tristan and Sophie, so he
didn’t want to comment on it any further.


Sophie felt as if her body was burning up from his touch.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them then made their way toward the entrance, which had a boat on a huge water slide.

“How about the four of us sit together for this ride?” Ysabelle suggested.

“No. You and I are going to take a separate row,” Felix said while dragging her away.

The next thing he knew, Ysabelle had stomped on his foot with all of her might.

“Ow! What was that for?” Felix shouted in pain.

“For not minding your own d*mned business!”

Has Uncle Tristan taken a liking to Sophie? Isn’t he a little too old for her? I mustn’t let Sophie fall for

As Tristan and Sophie had already taken the row behind them, Ysabelle had no choice but to take the
one in front with Felix.

As she turned around after getting seated, Ysabelle saw Tristan gently fastening the seat belt around
Sophie’s waist.

“Yup, it’s game over!” Ysabelle mumbled to herself when she saw how intimate the two looked.

“What do you mean?”

“My uncle Tristan is really going to rob the cradle!”

D-Did Ysabelle just call Tristan old? Oh, well… she is his niece, so I suppose she’s the only one who
can say that without getting in trouble!

As the boat began to move, Ysabelle decided to set her concerns aside and lose herself in the

Being the more excited one of the four, she was the only person that screamed in excitement the whole

The boat slowly climbed to a really high point before plunging rapidly into the water below.

Tristan instinctively leaned over to shield Sophie from the huge splash.

Unbeknownst to him, his little protective act had caused her heart to race a little.

“Woohoo! This is so much fun!”

Ysabelle was incredibly excited even though her clothes were all wet.

All four of them had varying degrees of wetness on their clothes when they got off the boat ride.

“What do we do now?” Sophie asked as she found it uncomfortable walking around in wet clothes.

“We’ll head over to Newcove Hot Spring Resort,” Tristan suggested as Charles and the others were still
waiting for them over there.

As Sophie was wearing light-colored clothes, her curves could clearly be seen with the fabric stuck to
her skin.

Tristan took his jacket off and draped it over her body, an act which Sophie did not refuse.

“Take care of my niece for me. Don’t bully her, you hear?” Tristan told Felix when they got to the
parking lot.

“You know how Ysabelle is, Mr. Tristan! I’d thank my lucky stars if she doesn’t bully me instead!” Felix
exclaimed with a helpless smile.

“I should be telling you not to bully Sophie, Uncle Tristan!” Ysabelle protested.

She had wanted to ride in the same car with them, but didn’t dare do so when Tristan shot her a
warning glare.

“Now, now… Sophie is an adult, so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing!” Felix then quickly shoved
Ysabelle into his car before she could say anything further.

Tristan opened the door to the passenger seat and helped Sophie into the car.

He then grabbed a fresh towel from the trunk before climbing into the driver’s seat.

Noticing that Tristan was going to help dry her hair, she quickly grabbed his arm and said, “I-I can do it
myself, Mr. Tristan!”

She was still a little uncomfortable with such intimate gestures.

“Okay,” Tristan replied with a nod and handed her the towel.

“Do you want to dry your hair as well?” Sophie asked after toweling her hair dry.

“I want you to do it for me,” Tristan replied.

Noticing no response from her, he continued, “I helped you earlier, didn’t I?”

Sophie fell silent after hearing that, but leaned over to help dry his hair anyway.

As he had his head lowered while Sophie wiped his hair, his gaze naturally fell upon her exposed

Tristan quickly averted his gaze when he felt his blood surging toward his crotch.

Sophie, on the other hand, was so focused on drying Tristan’s hair that she didn’t notice his struggle.

“There, all nice and dry,” she said while folding the towel.

“I’ll get you introduced to a few of my friends. They might be of use to you in the future,” Tristan
mumbled in a rather hoarse voice.

“What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

“I’m fine.”

While it was perfectly normal for him to have some kind of physical reaction toward a girl he liked, he
found it a little disgusting due to how young she was.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, Tristan was about to start the car when he heard
someone talking about Sophie.

Louisa and Willow were at the water park too. “What? Sophie got Queenie in prison?” the former
exclaimed in shock after hearing the news from the latter.

“They say she got sentenced to five years in prison. Do you think Sophie has returned to get revenge
for that incident from five years ago?” Willow felt uneasy just thinking about it.

“What are you so afraid of, Willow? What could Sophie possibly do on her own? Not only does she
have no evidence for that incident, but she will also be haunted by it for the rest of her life!” Louisa
reassured her with a disdainful sneer.