Anything For Her

Chapter 15

Admitting Your Mistake

In the afternoon, Sophie insisted on going to school with Ysabelle.

When the two arrived at the school, they spotted Queenie with a few other girls around.

The way Queenie was looking at Sophie was as if she was staring at her nemesis.

“Stop right there, Sophie!” Queenie snarled, fury burning bright in her eyes.

Sophie ignored her and continued walking away. Her prideful demeanor infuriated Queenie even more.

In the next instance, she threw the basketball in her hands at Sophie.

“Soph, watch out!” The moment Ysabelle turned around and saw Queenie’s action, she lunged toward
Sophie’s back. The ball ended up hitting Ysabelle’s back, and Ysabelle groaned in pain.

Sophie spun around and glared at Queenie.

“Queenie Lane, are you crazy? Why are you barking at everyone you meet?”

“Sophie, I’ve warned you not to seduce my boyfriend. You were the one who started this.”

“Sophie, how can you be such a shameless person? Queenie has already been with Cyro for a month.
How can you steal her boyfriend?”

“Women like her would do practically anything. She just couldn’t keep it in her pants.”

“Exactly. She only knows how to seduce others with her looks.”

“Queenie, you’re on the school’s basketball team, right?” Sophie asked, tilting her head to the side.

“That’s right. Queenie’s the team leader of the school’s basketball team. I dare you to come and
compete with her if you have the guts.”

“Dare she? All she knows is how to seduce men. How can she possibly know how to play basketball?”

“True. She only thinks about how to get men into her bed. We’re really not on the same level.”

“I’ll go against all five of you,” Sophie said as she picked up the basketball from the floor. She initially
did not want to stoop to their level, but since they had hurt Ysabelle, Sophie was going to toy with them
a little.

“How insolent of you!” Competing in basketball game with me? Sophie must have a death wish.

“Cut the nonsense.” Just start the game already. Why is she still spewing nonsense?

Ysabelle grabbed Sophie.

“Soph, you’ve just…” Ysabelle was panicking. After all, she was worried about Sophie’s wellbeing, and
that was why she shielded her from the basketball.

“Wait for me over there. I’ll be done in a minute.”

“Did you hear her? Girls, since she asked for it, let’s all go against her together,” Queenie growled,
narrowing her eyes.

By then, a large group of people had already gathered around the field.

“Sophie, I hope you’re not going to end up in tears in a moment. Also, if you lose, I want you out of
Jipsdale Premier High and the city of Jipsdale!”

“What if you lose?”

“Me? Losing? Ms. Tanner, are you trying to be funny?”

“It’s a match. There are bound to be victory and defeat.”

“If I lose, I’ll prostrate before you.”

“It seems like you’re really confident in yourself.”

“Are you scared? If you’re scared, crawl in between my legs, and I’ll let you off.”

At that, Sophie could not help but chuckle. Very well. She’s confident. It seems like no one has ever
taught them a lesson before.

Sophie then took off her jacket and threw it at Ysabelle.

“Damn, Soph, you’re so cool!” A pretty person really gets further in life. No matter what she does, it all
looks so cool!

Ysabelle then took out her phone, ready to record the scene.

Queenie scoffed.

If they were competing in something else, perhaps she would be afraid. However, they were about to
compete in a basketball match, and she knew that she was as skillful as the members of the boys’
team. Therefore, Queenie vouched that she was going to teach Sophie a lesson that very day.

Once the match started, Queenie took three steps and threw the ball right into the hoop.

She then turned to look at Sophie gleefully.

“How is it? Are you scared now?” The other four girls were just standing at the side, knowing that
Queenie would be able to defeat Sophie easily by herself. Therefore, they did not even need to do

anything but watch the scene unfold.

Despite Queenie’s taunts and actions, Sophie remained expressionless.

“Hm? Scared is never in my vocab.” With that, Sophie stole the basketball from Queenie’s hands
before the latter even realized it. Then, she retreated beyond the three-point line and raised her arms.
Before the others could get a clear look at what was happening, the basketball collided against
Queenie’s stomach.

“D*mn! I thought she was going to go for a three-pointer!”

“Hello? Do you think that everyone’s a variation of Cyro?” Cyro used to be on Jipsdale Premier High’s
basketball team, and his skill in basketball was what landed him a spot at Jipsdale University.

“Sophie, do you know how to play? If you don’t, just give up. It’s not embarrassing to lose to Queenie.”

The others were laughing at Sophie about how she only had good looks and nothing else.

“Sorry, I haven’t played basketball for a long time,” Sophie nonchalantly responded.

Meanwhile, Queenie could not even straighten up from the blow. The others were all laughing at
Sophie, but Queenie did not dare to underestimate her opponent anymore.

She knew well that Sophie was proficient in handling the ball.

“Let’s continue,” Sophie then said to the referee.

When the next round started, Queenie began trying her best to play defense. Unfortunately, Sophie still
managed to intercept the ball at the tiniest window of opportunity.

The moment Sophie got the ball, she retreated beyond the three-point line and hurl the ball at Queenie

Unable to continue watching any longer, Queenie’s four teammates hurried to Queenie’s side.

“Sophie, you’re doing this on purpose!”

Sophie sneered.

“Did you just realize it now? Your eyes don’t seem to be working that well.”


They were on Jipsdale Premier High’s basketball team; they could not let some random person defeat
them so easily.

“All of you should come at once. I don’t have that much time to spare,” Sophie uttered in a haughty

Once the whistle went off, the match resumed.

Even when the five of them tried their best to intercept Sophie, Sophie still easily avoided them.

At that, Queenie gave her teammates a look. In that case, you can’t blame us if you get injured.

“Aim at her leg. Break it,” whispered one of the teammates.

When Sophie realized what they were trying to do, she narrowed her eyes dangerously.

What Sophie had planned to do was to teach them a lesson, but they ended up playing dirty tricks.

So, you want to resort to dirty tricks, huh? Fine. I’ve never been scared of anyone.

In the blink of an eye, Queenie swung her leg toward Sophie’s calf. However, Sophie easily leaped up
to dunk the ball.


The people around them were astounded by Sophie’s remarkable jumping ability.

The ball entered the hoop, and Sophie received a point.

After that, Sophie landed steadily on the ground.

On the other hand, Queenie’s expression was dark as the night.

Dozens of minutes after that, it was as if Sophie had turned the match into her show. The five girls
posed no threat to Sophie at all.

In the end, the match ended with fifty points to zero.

The school’s basketball team ended up the laughingstock of the day.

The whistle sounded, signaling the end of the match, and the five on the school’s basketball team had
scowls on their faces.

They had never suffered a defeat that horrendous before.

Ysabelle rushed over to hug Sophie.

“Soph, how can you be that impressive? I’m sure you can even enter the national team with your skills!”

Sophie was still not used to being so physically close to another person, so she gently pushed Ysabelle

“Soph, you’re brilliant! I love you so much!”

“You don’t need to.”

Meanwhile, Queenie was clenching her fists. When did Sophie become so talented? I’ve really
humiliated myself thoroughly today.

“Queenie, let’s go.” Her other four teammates were feeling embarrassed as well, and all they wanted to
do was hide away in some discreet spot to lick their wounds.

“Go? Where to? Queenie, have you forgotten about our bet?”

“Hey, Sophie, this is too much. We’re all studying in the same school. Must you cross the line?”

“That’s right. Just let it go.”

“You were the one who said you’d prostrate before me and admit to your mistakes. You should keep
your words,” Sophie noncommittally pointed out. It was as if nothing in the world could faze her.