Anything For Her

Chapter 23


“Ma’am, we’re just going to bring her in for questioning.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. All she does is cause problems.”

I really can’t stand Sophie.

“You should go back to the class, Mrs. Fletcher,” uttered Sophie coldly.

She’s not even qualified to become a teacher.

As she followed the police officers downstairs, Willow was coincidentally ascending the stairs, but
Sophie did not even bother to glance at her.

However, Willow halted her steps, a frown on her face.

“Just what exactly did Sophie do that the police are here for her?”

“Don’t know.”

Willow could not bear to listen to the students’ gossips.

If the news of Sophie being arrested spread around, will Grandpa still give her the shares?

Bearing that thought in mind, she quickly gave Charmaine a call.

“Mom, the police took Sophie in from the school. I don’t know for what. Just wanted to inform you in
case you and Grandpa want to check on her.”

On the other side, Charmaine was enraged after she received the news.

That darned Sophie! Why didn’t she just die in Horington! Is it not enough for her to embarrass us five
years ago? Why is she still causing trouble!

Josiah seemed to take notice of her fury as he queried, “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, Sophie is arrested. I don’t know what happened, but I’ll go to the police station now.” No matter
what, she’s still a Tanner. I can’t neglect her.


“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll go check on her.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you.”

On the flip side, Sophie could not help but sneer upon noticing Queenie at the police station.

Hmm. How dare she continue with her act here? Seems like what I did to her is not enough.

“Do you know who she is?” asked an officer to Sophie.


“Have a look at this statement. Do you have anything to say regarding Ms. Queenie’s charges?”

Queenie smirked. Let’s see how you’ll remain smug this time, Sophie.

Glancing at Queenie, Sophie still seemed smug.

“Yes,” the latter responded nonchalantly.

“What is it?”

“I am indeed the one who broke her nose.”

Just as she said that, Charmaine walked in, and the latter was infuriated.

“Sophie, I shouldn’t have let you return to Jipsdale!” she hollered. Why do I have a daughter like her?
All she does is get into trouble!

At this time, Queenie’s mother also arrived.

Since the Lane family had some sort of business in Jipsdale, Queenie’s mother could not bear to see
her daughter in this state.

“Why are you so evil at such a young age? What did my Queenie do to you that you did this to her?”

Seeing her mother, Queenie ran into her embrace.

“Mom, I’m scared. I don’t want to go to school anymore.”

“Don’t be scared, Queenie. I believe the police will help us,” replied Cynthia Lane, Queenie’s mother.

“We’re at fault here, so if you need anything, we’ll surely give it to you,” said Charmaine. This matter
can’t travel out. Otherwise, our family will be embarrassed once again.

“Really? Then break your daughter’s nose. Our family doesn’t need any more money.”

“We’re really sorry, Mrs. Lane. Sophie’s still young. Please let her off the hook this time. What are you
waiting for, Sophie? Apologize!”

Seeing Charmaine behaving like this, Josiah spoke up. “Hold on.” Why is she blaming Sophie when
she doesn’t know the full story yet?

“Dad, you don’t have to get involved in this. I’ll handle it.” Knowing Josiah’s temper, Charmaine was
afraid that he would make things worse.

“Get to the side, Charmaine.” Josiah did not wish to continue watching Charmaine slandering his
granddaughter like this.


“Grandpa, it’s okay. Trust me. I’ll get this dealt with.”

How would a kid like her deal with this matter? ”Soph—”

“Dad, let’s just use money to resolve this issue.”

“Money? Do you think our family lacks money? Officer, you’ve seen so yourself how this family
behaves. I’ve had enough. I’m not going to accept anything they offer. I want to press charges against

Hearing that, Charmaine panicked. “You better shut the hell up, Sophie.”

“Mrs. Tanner, my problem has nothing to do with you. Please go home.”

Why would someone who doesn’t even listen to me help me, anyway?

“Queenie, I did hit you,” Sophie stated.

Her words rendered everyone else speechless. Why does she look proud of it?

“But that’s only because you deserved it. You told everyone I broke your nose. Why don’t you tell them
why I did it?”

“Are you trying to justify yourself? What kind of behavior is this? You’re already eighteen. You have to
bear the consequences of your own actions,” retorted Cynthia.

“Why did Sophie hit you?” questioned Josiah, siding with Sophie.

“How would I know why you hit me, Sophie? Didn’t you get expelled from the school in Horington
because of fighting? You, of all people, should know what kind of person you are.”

I’m sure she doesn’t have any proof that I kidnapped Ysabelle.

“Hmm, seems you still refuse to give up.”

With that, Sophie fished out her phone, giving a recording to the police officer.

When the officer pressed play, the voice of Queenie threatening Sophie was heard.

Instantly, Queenie’s face went pale, as she did not expect Sophie would record the phone call.

Simultaneously, Cynthia stared at her daughter in disbelief.

“I rescued my friend while Queenie kidnapped and hurt her. I suppose the police know who’s right and
who’s wrong here.”

“Mom, I didn’t.”

After that, Sophie handed a flash drive to the police officer.

“The evidence is all there.”

The officer did not imagine the matter to take such a drastic turn.

“Queenie, if you have anything to say, just tell the officer. I’ll not be accepting any offer from you as

When the officer confirmed the evidence, the way he treated Sophie changed.

“I apologize, Ms. Tanner.”

“It’s all right. Queenie, if you have any questions, you can speak to my lawyer,” said Sophie as she
gave Queenie a name card.

Turning to the officer, Sophie asked politely, “If there’s nothing else, may I take my leave?”

“Yes. Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. Tanner.”

Approaching her grandfather, Sophie supported him. “Let me send you home, Grandpa.”

“Thank you, officers,” uttered Josiah.

Meanwhile, Queenie was on the verge of tears. “What are we going to do, Mom?”

Cynthia gave her daughter a slap.

“Queenie, are you stupid! How could you act as if you were in the right when you were the one at fault!”
There’s even evidence!

“Isn’t Uncle Jason a lawyer, Mom? I don’t want to go to jail!”

Uncle Jason is extremely famous in his field. It’s still uncertain who’ll end up in jail.