Anything For Her

Chapter 22

Lodging A Report

Given Ysabelle could not return home due to her condition, Tristan sent both the girls to Wisteria

As Ysabelle could spend more time with Sophie, she was immensely delighted.

Even though she was drained, she happily rolled around in her bed until she finally fell asleep.

“Let me handle Queenie,” uttered Tristan.

“How?” He made it sound like he was dealing with the trash.

“You don’t have to concern yourself with that.” I’ll also deal with those thugs, lest they trouble her again
in the future.

“You can handle the thugs, but let me deal with Queenie. I’m the one she has a problem with.”


“Don’t interfere in girls’ problems, Mr. Tristan. Don’t you have faith that I can handle it?”

“Of course I have.”

“Okay, I’ll go to bed, then.”

When Sophie was about to go to her bedroom, Tristan stopped her.

“If things don’t go well. Let me know. I don’t want what happened today to repeat.”

“It will go well.”

It was not until the next morning that someone from the nearby residential area noticed Queenie.

Once she spotted a person, Queenie burst into tears.

A woman in her fifties exclaimed, “Goodness! Why are you tied up here?”

The woman quickly untied Queenie.

“Let me take you to the hospital, young lady.”

“No need. Take me to the police station instead. I want to lodge a report,” replied Queenie, completely
forgetting who kidnapped who first.

In the meantime, Tristan did not allow Ysabelle to go to school because of her injury.

“I’m fine, Uncle Tristan. With Sophie by my side, no one would dare bully me.”

I’ll be happy to have Sophie with me.

“Your leg’s injured, Ysabelle. It’s better for you to stay at home.”

“All right, then.”

Her answer made Tristan frown. Since when is she this obedient? Also, why is she looking at Sophie
like that? It isn’t normal.

“Sophie is a girl, Ysabelle. Keep that in mind.”

“I know that!” Ysabelle stared at her uncle strangely.

Just then, Sophie cleared her throat and took her bag, ready to go to school.

“Rest well. Someone will be here and make breakfast for you shortly,” said Tristan.

“Why am I home alone?” Ysabelle complained grumpily, only to be ignored by her uncle.

In no time, Tristan caught up with Sophie.

“I’ll drive you to school.”

“No need. I’ll just have breakfast outside and walk to school after that.”

It’s just a few minutes’ journey. I don’t need him to drive me.

“Then let’s have breakfast together!”

“Are you sure?”

I’m going to a nearby simple outlet. Is he even used to such food?


Of course I’m sure. I still have time.

After they entered a clean breakfast outlet, Sophie told him she wanted a bagel and a cup of coffee.

“What about you?”

“Same as you.”

Hence, Sophie ended up ordering two sets of her order.

By the time she returned, Tristan had already used tissue papers to wipe the chair and table for her.

Seeing that, Sophie could not help but smile. Huh, I didn’t think he’d do this for anyone.

When their orders were served shortly after, Sophie dipped her bagel in the coffee. She liked to eat it
this way.

Tristan then mirrored her action.

“Try it. I like to eat like this.”

Tristan gave it a try. It’s quite good.

“It’s yummy.”

“Good to hear that.”

After breakfast, Tristan drove Sophie to the school before heading toward Lombard Group.

Early in the morning, Felix was asked to go to the company through a phone call.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Tristan? It’s only eight.”

“Have you ever heard of Sage Dragon Gang?”

“Sage Dragon Gang?” Felix thought hard about it, but the name did not ring a bell. “No. Is it famous?”

“I want it destroyed.”

“Why? Did the members offend you?” What kind of idiots would dare to offend Mr. Tristan?

All Tristan did was give Felix a look for the latter to nod in understanding.

“Okay, I’ll handle them.” It’s just a gang. Destroying it is but a mere game for me.

Meanwhile, Harvey ran to the Sage Dragon Gang’s place early in the morning.

That darned Sophie. How dare she beat me to this point? I’ll never let her off the hook.

Harvey planned to ask his master, who was a skilled fighter, to teach Sophie a lesson. I’ll make sure
she beg for mercy.

As soon as he opened the door, the sight of the members kneeling on the ground greeted him, which
stunned him.

What the hell is going on? Who did they offend?

He wanted to retreat in secret, but the main door had been closed.

“Are you Harvey?”

Scared, Harvey replied, “No.”

“He is,” intervened Harvey’s master.

Harvey was about to flee when somebody kicked him, resulting in him kneeling on the floor.

“You’re bold, aren’t you? How dare you kidnap our lady?”


He was not even given a chance to talk when he was immediately beaten to a pulp.

“From now on, Sage Dragon Gang is no more. If I hear of this gang involved in anything else, I’ll blow
your place to pieces,” uttered Felix in a cold tone.

Normally, there was no need for him to get entangled in such a trivial matter in person, but since he
had been bored out of his mind recently, he did.

With that, he left with his men. “Let’s go.”

After they left, the gang leader of Sage Dragon Gang glared at Harvey, obviously furious.

“Harvey, you scum! Beat him!”

At his order, Harvey received another round of beating from the other members; his master was no

In the end, Harvey had to crawl back home. D*mn it! This must be Sophie’s doing. Who the hell is
backing her up? Why is she so powerful?

On the other side, Queenie arrived at the police station.

“Officer, I want to lodge a report, and I want to have my injury checked.” I’ll make sure Sophie is expel
from school this time.

Seeing her in that state, the officer immediately took her to the hospital to have her injury examined for
forensic purposes.

They came out with the result of her having a broken nose.

“You have to help me, officer. My life is in danger,” Queenie sobbed.

“Come with us to give your statement, Miss. Don’t worry. We’ll definitely help you.” Whoever did this to
her must be held accountable.

Back at the police station, Queenie turned on the waterworks and recounted Sophie’s evil deeds in
great detail while watching the officer jot the situation.

“I’m so scared, officer. I don’t want to go back to school.”

“Worry not, Ms. Lane. We’ll bring Sophie here today. You’ll hear from us in no time.”

When the police officers arrived at the school, they were in the middle of physics class.

Upon seeing the officers, Carrie was momentarily stunned.

“Can I help you?” queried Carrie politely.

“Yes, can you call Sophie out here?”

“Sophie? See, I knew this school shouldn’t have accepted a student like her. Even the police are here
now.” Since Carrie was loud, the whole class heard her.

The students in the class started murmuring among themselves.

“What’s going on?”

“No idea.”

“Sophie is truly so problematic!”

“Come out here, Sophie!” Carrie bellowed.

It’s so embarrassing to have a student like her.

“Seriously, what’s going on with you, Sophie? Not only do you have a bad grade, but you always cause
trouble,” Carrie scolded.