Anything For Her

Chapter 18

Transfer Of Shares

Louisa threw a glance at Willow who was in a daze.

“Willow, isn’t that your sister? She’s more of a troublemaker than she was five years ago!”

“Yea.” Willow felt lousy. Since they were children, it had always been like that. People always praised
Sophie for her beauty. As for her, she would only be Sophie’s accessory.

Louisa became interested. “Who is that man she’s with? He’s so handsome.”

“I have no idea.” Willow also wanted to know the identity of that man and how he was related to
Sophie. It was Willow’s goal to marry into a wealthy family, but she did not want her younger sister to
surpass her in that aspect.

“I’ll go back home now. My driver is still waiting for me.”

After bidding Louisa goodbye, Willow got into the Mercedes-Benz.

However, with the thought of Sophie sitting in the Lamborghini that cost a few million, Willow felt
depressed. Other than having a pretty face, there was nothing so great about Sophie!

Willow was better than her younger sister in every aspect except for her looks, and she felt extremely

Once they had arrived at their destination, Tristan asked Sophie, “Will you be going back to Wisteria
Apartments tonight?”

“Yes.” She disliked staying at the Tanner residence. The only reason she agreed to come for dinner
was because of her grandpa.

“Once you are done, let me know. I’ll come and pick you up.”

“There’s no need. I can go back on my own.”

“Enough. Go on in!” Tristan refused to hear any more of it.

Sophie had no choice but to nod in agreement. She knew Tristan did it out of concern, and to be
honest, she did not mind being near him.

Tristan drove off in the silver Lamborghini.

On the way to the Tanner residence, Willow saw the Lamborghini and quickly wound down her window
to catch a glimpse of the man driving it.

However, the car windows of the Lamborghini were tinted for privacy, so she failed to see anything.

Once the black Mercedes-Benz arrived at the Tanner residence, Willow got out of the car and saw
Sophie outside the house too.

“Who was that man just now?”

Sophie could not be bothered with Willow. The moment the housekeeper heard the voices, she opened
the door. Sophie walked in immediately.

Seeing that Sophie was giving her cold shoulders, Willow was furious.

“Sophie, what kind of attitude is that? I’m your older sister, and I don’t want you to get cheated on by
others. Nowadays, there are many men who rent luxurious cars in an attempt to fool young girls. Don’t
fall for it.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I can take care of myself.” If that advice had come from someone
else, Sophie might have believed them.

Since it came from Willow, it meant nothing but a joke to her.

Willow was the only person in the whole world who wished her ill.

As the two sisters entered the house, they saw that Josiah was already downstairs. Their dad had also
just returned home.

“Dad, you’re back.” When Willow saw her father, she got emotional and rushed up to embrace him.
“Dad, I missed you so much.”

Yale returned the hug.

“How is your study? You must work hard now that the university entrance exam is coming soon.”

“Dad, don’t worry! I’m always one of the top five students in my level. I will certainly get into Jipsdale
University.” Knowing that her father preferred intelligent children, Willow had always been very

Obviously, Yale noticed Sophie too, but she had been a disgrace to him five years ago. He was truly
unhappy to see her.

“What are you doing back here? Haven’t you humiliated yourself enough?”

Yale was a doting and loving father to Willow. On the contrary, he was extremely harsh with Sophie and
treated her with disdain.

Josiah roared in anger, “I’m the one who allowed Soph to come here. What’s wrong? Do I have no say
in this family?” He could not believe the way they treated Sophie when he was still alive. Imagine when
I am dead and gone!

Sophie walked up to Josiah and rubbed his back to calm him down.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry. It isn’t good for your health.”

“Dad, I know you have spoiled her since she was young. But, this time, she has really made a mistake.”

“So what? Yale, have you never ever done anything wrong before in your life?”

Yale was dumbfounded.

“Dad, don’t be upset. Grandpa loves Soph very much. That’s all,” said Willow thoughtfully.

“Fine. Let’s eat.” There was nothing Yale could do when it came to his father.

“Soph, come and sit next to me.” With that, Josiah immediately pulled Sophie to the seat next to him.

Yale, Willow, and Charmaine also sat down.

The family began to have their dinner in silence.

Everyone was unhappy about something. The atmosphere was nowhere cordial.

Nearing the end of the dinner, Josiah spoke up. “I have asked Soph to come here today, but it isn’t only
to have dinner.”

The other three eyed Josiah with interest. Only Sophie was nonchalant.

“I still own twenty percent of the shares of Tanner Group. I intend to give it all to Soph so that she will
be taken care of as well.”

“Dad, what are you talking about? How can you give your shares to Sophie?”

“That’s right, Dad! Soph is still young. If she sells the shares that you give to her, that will be bad for
Tanner Group.”

Willow did not expect Josiah to give all of his shares to Sophie.

“Grandpa, please don’t be impulsive.”

I’m also his granddaughter. Why doesn’t he give me anything? Why does Grandpa always favor Sophie
since we were young? Haven’t I done enough over the years?

I have worked so hard to become a socialite just to please him. But, the moment Sophie appears,
everything is as just before. Nothing has changed. Why?

Josiah was genuinely upset. “The shares belong to me, and I can give them to whoever I want. It
breaks my heart to see the way all of you treat Soph.”

“Dad, the shares of Tanner Group are important and shouldn’t be treated like child’s play.” Yale still
disagreed with his father’s decision.

“Soph, say something!” Charmaine turned her attention onto Sophie. As long as Sophie refused to
accept the shares, there was nothing Josiah could do about it.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Did you say something to your grandpa? Do you know how to run a company? What’s the point of you
owning any shares?” Charmaine was outraged that Sophie was fighting for power and money at such a
young age.

“Sophie, back then, you were the one who shamed the Tanner family. How dare you still have the
cheek to demand the shares of Tanner Group?” Yale could not bear to give those twenty percent of
shares to his younger daughter.

Sophie sneered. That was how scared they were of her owning those shares.

Am I still part of the family as far as they are concerned? They guard me as if they are guarding against
an enemy.

“Well, initially, I have no intention of taking any share of Tanner Group. But since all of you don’t want
me to have them, I will accept the shares. Grandpa, thank you.”

Her words infuriated Yale and Charmaine to the extreme.

However, Sophie did not even bother to look at them at all.

“I’ll get the lawyer to handle this next Monday. You should come by the house too. I’ll get the driver to
send you back now.”

Knowing that Sophie did not like to be there, Josiah had no wish to force her to stay on. She must be
very disappointed with this family!

“Grandpa, I can go back on my own. You have better take an early rest.” Sophie then got up. She
refused to have any eye contact with the other three.

Josiah also made his way upstairs. How did the family become like this?

“Dad, Grandpa meant what he said, didn’t he?” Willow was in disbelief.

“Concentrate and do well in your studies. I have already paved the way for you. Once Mason from the
Laird family is back, you have better put on a good show.” Yale could only rely on Willow right now.

Sophie’s reputation was beyond salvation. There was no way to help her. As for Willow, Yale must
make sure that she got into high society so that the Tanner family could enjoy a more esteemed status.