Anything For Her

Chapter 16

One Against Five

“Haven’t you heard about how one must honor one’s bet? If Soph was the one who lost today, would
you still say the same?” Ysabelle clicked her tongue, thinking, What double standards they have!

Queenie bit her lip, having never felt so humiliated before.

She really could not bring herself to prostrate before Sophie and apologize to her.

“What’s the matter? Queenie, weren’t you really confident earlier?”

Sophie’s tone was still as nonchalant as ever, but the expression on her face sent chills running down
others’ spines.

In the end, Queenie steeled herself and kneeled down before Ysabelle.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“Louder. I can’t hear you.” Every time Ysabelle thought about how Queenie had ambushed Sophie, she
felt reluctant to forgive Queenie.

“I’m sorry.”

Right then, Willow appeared. She walked over to Queenie and helped the latter up.

“Sophie, you’re going too far.”

Upon seeing Willow, Queenie burst into tears. She truly had never experienced humiliation like that

“Don’t cry anymore, Queenie. I’ll bring you back to the classroom first.”

Sophie did not even want to bother herself with Willow. Who does she think she is to challenge me?

In the meantime, Cyro, who had come to find Sophie, witnessed everything.

With a slight turn, Queenie immediately spotted Cyro. Promptly, she ignored everything and everyone
else and ran toward Cyro.

“Cyro, you saw what happened, right? Sophie, she—”

“Queenie, didn’t I already tell you that Sophie has nothing to do with this? I’m the one who has fallen for
her. Stop picking on her in the future. I won’t forgive you the next time you do this.”

Initially, Cyro had fallen for Sophie’s attractive looks, but after watching her basketball performance,
Cyro was starting to fall for her entirely.

He had never seen a girl play basketball that well before.

Back then, he was interested in Queenie because she was good in basketball and clicked with him.

Yet, it seemed like Queenie’s skill was nothing compared to Sophie’s.

Queenie burst into tears again. How can he do this to me?

Queenie was aggrieved. “Cyro, how can you do this to me?”

“Stay away from Sophie from now on. If I find out that you’re trying to play dirty tricks on her again, I
won’t let you off.”

With that said, Cyro left. He did not even spare Queenie one last look.

“Willow, why is he doing this to me? How can he do this to me? I’ve given him my innocence, but what
did he do? He abandoned me after learning about Sophie.” Queenie sobbed miserably, her eyes red

from her bawling.

Willow hugged her shoulders.

“Don’t you know what kind of person Sophie is? She has always been like this. She always covet what
was not hers. It doesn’t even matter if she likes it.”

“You’re right. This is all Sophie’s fault. I won’t let her off the hook so easily.”

“What can you do to her? Forget this, Queenie. You’ll meet someone better in the future.”

“Forget this? How can I forget this? Willow, she’s your little sister. You’re not telling me that you’re on
her side, are you?”

“She has never thought of me as her sister. Queenie, you’re my best friend; of course, I’d be on your
side. No matter what you do, you have my support.”

“Willow—” Queenie was moved by Willow’s words, but the smile on Willow’s face when Queenie was
not looking was a contemptuous one.

What an idiot Queenie is. I can’t believe I thought about having her deal with Sophie. Sophie ended up
crushing her like an ant. Sophie’s no longer the same as before. Nevertheless, no matter how much
she changed, I’ll still end her.

“Soph, you’re amazing! If you’re a guy, I would’ve married you.” Ysabelle was still thrilled by the earlier
event even after they returned to the classroom.

“Don’t do something foolish like that next time,” Sophie said. She was talking about how Ysabelle had
shielded her from the basketball.

“You’re my best friend! Of course I have to shield you from danger! Soph, I know you’re incredible, but
I’m your friend, right? How can I just sit on my hands if you’re in danger?”

Sophie was touched by how stubborn Ysabelle was about that.

Sophie had to rely on only herself during her five years at Horington. Life had been challenging up until
she found out the things she could do. It was only then no one tried to bully her.

However, Ysabelle was the first to declare that she wanted to protect Sophie regardless of everything.

While Sophie was lost in her thoughts, Ysabelle edited the recording of Sophie defeating Queenie and
posted it on her Instagram.

Her caption was: My Soph is so cool! I really want to marry her! P.s. Do you all know which countries
legalized gay marriage?

After posting it, Ysabelle liked her own post and kept her phone, ready to focus on class.

The first class was physics, and just as Carrie entered, she saw Sophie sleeping.

Hence, she walked over to Sophie and knocked on her table.

The moment Sophie raised her head, she saw her physics teacher staring at her angrily.

“Sophie, I know you don’t want to enter the university, and it’s not like I’m hoping that you’ll get into a
good university with the kind of person you are. I just have one favor to ask of you, which is to not sleep
in class. If you keep sleeping in class, and if the principal sees you through the window, I’ll be

Carrie was in a bad mood, and she even fought with another teacher at noon. Thus, no matter how
trivial anything was, it would easily set her off.

“All right, Mrs. Fletcher.” Sophie straightened up, not about to engage in a fight with her physics

However, Sophie always had a nonchalant demeanor, and at that moment, to Carrie, it seemed like
Sophie was being rebellious.

“Get out right now!”

Sophie arched a brow. Did Mrs. Fletcher get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

“Are you deaf? I told you to get out!”

After a moment of silence, Sophie snorted, speechless at Carrie’s action.

She then rose to her feet and left the classroom.

When Queenie saw how much Carrie hated Sophie, she could not help but laugh.

It seems like I’m not the only one who doesn’t like her. I doubt it’ll be easy for Sophie to stay at Jipsdale
Premier High.

“Sophie—” Ysabelle had wanted to leave with Sophie, but Sophie shook her head at her.

“I’m fine. Focus in class.”

At that, Sophie left the room with her bag.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Felix had just arrived at Lombard Group’s office to discuss a
collaborative project with Tristan.

As Tristan was still busy, Felix took out his phone to look at his Instagram.

Then, he burst into laughter upon seeing Ysabelle’s Instagram.

Tristan only spared him a glance before returning to his work.

“Mr. Tristan, say, what is so good about Sophie that even your cute niece say she wants to marry her?”

“What?” Tristan’s interest was only piqued when he heard Sophie’s name.

“Look at your Instagram.”

Tristan then took out his phone and clicked on his Instagram. Right away, he saw Ysabelle’s video, and
when he played it, he realized that it was a recording of Sophie going up against five people.

“This girl’s not bad to go up against five at once. She reminds me of myself when I was younger.”

The ruthlessness on Sophie’s face was simply too cool as she hurled the ball at the other girl. It was no
wonder Ysabelle wanted to marry Sophie.

On the other hand, Tristan was not admiring Sophie’s performance.

She just underwent surgery yesterday, but she’s already undergoing such an intense activity? How
careless can she be with her own health?

With that thought in mind, Tristan stood up to leave immediately. “I’m going out for a while.”

“Hey…” Sh*t, is he going to just leave me hanging like this? What’s he in a rush for?