Anything For Her

Chapter 11

She Will Not Get Away With This

“Cyro, what is the meaning of this? Why does it matter to you who she is?” Queenie was extremely

Cyro’s line of sight was still firmly fixed on Sophie.

Queenie quickly pulled Cyro away. She was worried that Sophie might seduce her boyfriend.

“Cyro, I’m ready.” Queenie really liked Cyro. That night, she planned to let him have her. That way, she
could let him realize how pure she was and how dirty Sophie was.

After hearing Queenie, Cyro immediately wrapped his arms around her delicate waist.

“I love you, Queenie.” Since she had served herself up on a silver platter, it would be a sin for him to
deny such an opportunity.

However, even after checking out and leaving, Cyro still turned his head to glance at Sophie.

She was cool, elegant, and exceptionally gorgeous. Her waist was the slimmest waist he had ever
seen, and her slender legs only made his imagination go wild.

Tristan walked out only to see Cyro’s deviant gaze. Is he looking at Sophie? If he is, I’ll have his eyes
gouged out.

“Do you know him?”

“He’s a classmate.” Sophie understood who he meant.

Tristan tossed the items into the trolley and pushed it to the checkout counter.

Sophie took out her wallet but Tristan did not give her the chance to pay.

It was already past midnight when they finally returned to the condominium.

“Take a shower and rest early.”

Tristan never planned to stay the night. He only brought her here because the security of Wisteria
Apartments was good, and it could keep her out of trouble.


Sophie got up to send him off. As they arrived at the door, Tristan suddenly stopped.

“Stay away from the classmate you saw today.” To Tristan, Cyro didn’t seem like a decent guy at first

Sophie nodded nonchalantly as she had never paid attention to people like them.

“Hand me your phone.”

Sophie handed over her phone to Tristan, and he quickly entered a series of numbers on her phone
and saved it into her contact list.

“Call me if anything happens and remember to lock the door.”

“Tristan, you don’t have to treat me this way.” She wasn’t some delicate and helpless little princess. In
fact, she wasn’t as weak as he thought.

However, she wasn’t annoyed at Tristan’s kind gesture.

On the contrary, when Tristan turned around, the two were so close together that Sophie could smell
the scent of male hormones wafting through her nostrils.

Despite always being an indifferent person, she couldn’t help but feel a little warm at her ears.

Tristan was an unusually handsome man. His every action could make any lady in Jipsdale blush with
elevated heart rate.

Although Sophie was adept in many sorts of aspects, she was completely inexperienced when it came
to relationships between men and women.

At that moment, the two were so close that she immediately took a step back.

Tristan rested both hands on the door frame like he was pinning her against a wall.

“Don’t overthink. I don’t have any ulterior motives.”

Tristan was indeed a little interested in Sophie. However, Sophie was still a young girl, and he didn’t
want to frighten her.

“I’m not overthinking anything.”

Sophie was very unfamiliar with her strange physical and psychological reaction. Hence, she turned
around into the house and closed the door in front of him.

When Tristan thought of her angry expression at the very end, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ever since he met Sophie, she had always been indifferent and nonchalant. That was the first time he
saw the kind of expression usually found in young girls on her and it moved him.

Sophie took a bath and lay down. She had planned to play video games for a while but fell asleep not
long after lying down.

Sophie woke up the next day at seven o’clock and freshened herself up for more than ten minutes
before walking to school.

On the other hand, Cyro had sent Queenie to the school entrance.

It was Queenie’s first time the night before, and she was pretty shy. However, men liked inexperienced

“Cyro, tonight—” Queenie liked Cyro a lot and wanted to keep him using this method.

Cyro casually patted Queenie’s face and said, “Be good now. I’ll be busy tonight. I’ll meet you after I’m

“Cyro, are you disappointed with me?”

“Of course not! You made me feel so good.”

“Really? Then you must remember to come and meet me after you’re done.” Queenie couldn’t care
about being reserved as long as she could continue to attract Cyro with her body.

Cyro didn’t leave even after Queenie had walked into the school. He continued to wait at the entrance
of Jipsdale Premier High until the beautiful figure he had been having on his mind appeared at the
school entrance.

Cyro quickly walked toward Sophie.

“Hello, Sophie. I’m Cyro from the national team.”

Sophie ignored him and walked right past him.

That was the first time Cyro was ignored when hitting on someone. However, Cyro smiled and
immediately followed behind.

“Come on, Sophie. There’s nothing wrong with making friends.”

After he spoke, he took out a business card and handed it to Sophie.

Sophie received the business card and took a glance.

“Cyro Gaucher? National Basketball Team?”

Failing to discern the contemptuous smirk on Sophie’s face, Cyro nodded proudly.

“Let’s be friends!”

Sophie threw the business card into the trash can next to her.


That was also the first time Cyro hit a wall. Usually, the girls would come to him willingly.

“Interesting. I like girls with a little bit of challenge. Sophie, just you wait. One day, I will expose your
true nature.”

To Cyro, all women were the same. They couldn’t be bothered before he dominated them. However,
once he got his hands on them, they would beg him to bed them, just like Queenie.

Willow, who had been in the car the whole time, witnessed the entire scenario and couldn’t help but

“Oh, Sophie. Even if I don’t do anything, you won’t be able to survive in Jipsdale.” Queenie alone is
enough to deal with you.

Whether it was five years ago or the present, the only person who can be the heir to the Tanner family
is me. Everything in the Tanner family will belong to me.

After the morning self-study session, Queenie went to meet Willow.

“Willow, I did it with Cyro.” Although she had already done it, Queenie was still a little scared. “Do you
think I’ll be pregnant?”

“No. There aren’t many senior girls who are virgins nowadays. Queenie, congratulations! Your wish
finally came true! It’s just that—” Willow’s face froze as though she didn’t know how she should bring
up the subject.

“What is it? Willow, we’ve been friends for so many years. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

“I might have misunderstood! You know, Sophie is my sister after all.”

“Willow, what’s the matter? Tell me.” As a Physical Education student, Queenie wasn’t as bright as

“When I came to school, I saw Sophie stopping Cyro. It looked like she was asking for his phone
number! However, I think Sophie simply admired him! After all, Cyro is on the national team and is
likely to join the NBA.”

“What? That filthy b*tch.”

“Queenie, I’m only telling you this because you are my best friend. I know how much you love Cyro. Be
careful out there.”

“I know. Cyro and I love each other. Who does Sophie think she is? How dare she seduce my
boyfriend! She will not get away with this.”