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Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2013 - Chapter 2013: Chapter 2013-sword pointed at he Qian

Chapter 2013 - Chapter 2013: Chapter 2013-sword pointed at he Qian

Chapter 2013: Chapter 2013-sword pointed at he Qian
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The powerful man from the Heng family was very cautious. He attacked from a distance. He reached out a hand and grabbed at Lu Ming. A huge claw formed and grabbed at Lu Ming.
Lu Ming shouted, holding the sword with both hands, and slashed down!
A ray of sword light, like a crescent moon, slashed forward at an astonishing speed. Wherever the sword light passed, a dark crack appeared in the space.
The huge hand formed by the Heng family expert was cut in half by the sword light. However, the sword light did not stop and continued to attack the Heng family expert.
Fast, it was too fast, so fast that the other party had no reaction.
“Quickly retreat!”
The Emperor from the Heng family roared, but it was too late.
Blood splattered everywhere as the Heng family’s expert was cut in half. His soul naturally vanished in the sword light.
He had killed another martial sovereign!
Moreover, this person was not someone he Qian could compare to. He was an expert among the void emperors, but he still could not block Lu Ming’s sword!
Many people looked at the stone sword in Lu Ming’s hand with deep respect. Of course, there were also people who looked greedy.
Lu Ming was only an absolute Saint, but he could control the sword and unleash such terrifying power. What if a Martial Emperor controlled it?
“Damn it!”
“How audacious!”
The other Heng family members reacted and roared.
“Hahaha, well done!”
Emperor formless laughed loudly, causing the Heng family’s Emperor to have an ugly expression.
“Who else is here to kill me?”
The stone sword in Lu Ming’s hand was pointed at the Heng family.
The Heng family powerhouses all had unsightly expressions. They were filled with killing intent, anger, and fear.
They did not know to what extent Lu Ming could wield the celestial Emperor’s sword. Therefore, no one dared to step forward.
“Didn’t you all come to kill me just now? Now you’ve become a good-for-nothing?”
Lu Ming then pointed the stone sword at the Daluo heaven sect, which made the people of the Daluo heaven sect look terrible.
But still, no one walked out.
Finally, Lu Ming pointed the stone sword at the he family!
“He Qian old dog, come out and face your death!”
Lu Ming shouted, his killing intent bursting forth.
Today, he wanted to offer he Qian’s head as a sacrifice to the Ice Dragon Valley master.
He Qian’s face darkened.
Many people were shocked.
Lu Ming wanted to challenge he Qian!
He Qian was a true Emperor. Even among the true emperors, he Qian was not weak. He was considered an expert.
With Lu Ming’s cultivation base at the absolute Saint realm and his control of the celestial Emperor sword, could he really fight with he Qian, an old true Emperor?
He Qian, I challenge you. If you don’t dare to accept the challenge, just say it!
Lu Ming said loudly, his voice full of mockery.
“Little bastard, you should die!”
He Qian roared in his heart. He wished he could kill Lu Ming with a slap. However, he was not confident and even felt a little scared when facing Lu Ming who was holding the celestial Thearch sword.
He didn’t want to die. He still wanted to survive the Great Tribulation and live carefreely for hundreds of thousands of years.
But now, Lu Ming, a junior, challenged him. If he did not accept the challenge, he would definitely lose face, not just him, but also the he family.
Now, he was riding a Tiger and couldn’t stop!
it seems that the he family is really cowards. They only know how to bully people with their power and use their absolute advantage to suppress others. Once the other party shows a trace of threat, they immediately run away. It’s simply embarrassing!
Lu Ming continued, his mocking tone growing stronger.
The faces of the he family members turned red and they felt extremely humiliated.
“He Qian, make your move and kill him!”
The great emperor of the he clan stood with his hands behind his back and glanced at he Qian.
He Qian’s face immediately turned pale.
Obviously, the great emperor of the he clan was furious.
He had no choice but to obey the words of the great emperor of the he clan!
“Little bastard, I’ll let you die an ugly death!”
He Qian’s face was gloomy. He took a step forward, and the world divine light around him enveloped him. At the same time, several sovereign weapons floated around him.
Among them, there were a few defensive monarch weapons that were protecting him.
hahaha, you’re really afraid of death. You’re facing an absolute Saint junior, but you’ve already wrapped yourself like a turtle shell before you even start fighting!
Desolate li laughed.
“Did you see that? that’s what a coward is!”
Huang Ling also spoke.
“A bunch of damned little B * stards!”
He Qian roared in his heart. Being ridiculed in public by a few juniors, even if his skin was thick enough, he could not help but blush.
He turned his anger into killing intent and took out a monarch weapon. The monarch weapon flew through the air and attacked Lu Ming.
He still did not dare to get too close to Lu Ming. He controlled the sovereign weapon and attacked Lu Ming, intending to test the waters.
It was a small silver knife. It cut through the void at an astonishing speed and its power was even more terrifying.
However, this saber move could easily kill any void Emperor expert.
The celestial Thearch sword in Lu Ming’s hand trembled. Lu Ming took advantage of the situation and slashed out.
The stone sword clashed with the small silver knife, emitting a terrifying buzz.
The small silver knife trembled and was sent flying.
“It’s nothing more than this!”
He Qian’s eyes lit up.
He felt that although the celestial Emperor’s sword was powerful, it was not too exaggerated. He could completely block it.
However, he was still worried. He controlled the small silver knife and turned it into a silver bolt of lightning, charging toward Lu Ming.
Clang! Clang!
The celestial Thearch sword in Lu Ming’s hands slashed out continuously, colliding with the small silver knife.
After more than ten consecutive collisions, the small silver knife would be sent flying every time. However, Lu Ming’s figure also took a few steps back.
“You’re just so-so, die!”
He Qian was finally relieved. He moved and pounced toward Lu Ming.
A terrifying Saber Light burst out from he Qian’s hand and slashed at Lu Ming.
Many true emperors and void emperors protected those with weaker cultivation and retreated rapidly.
He Qian’s combat power was really strong. If he used his full power, a large area would be enveloped by him, and it would be difficult to stand.
A cold glint flashed in Lu Ming’s eyes. He circulated the cultivation technique that controlled the celestial Thearch’s physical body. More energy burst out from the celestial Thearch sword.
Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!
The celestial Emperor’s sword trembled continuously, and a layer of terrifying fluorescent light appeared on the body of the sword.
Following that, Lu Ming swung his sword and a shocking sword gleam burst out!
A sword that glinted nineteen prefectures!
The sword light slashed down and collided with he Qian’s Saber Light.
A dazzling light burst out, and the endless saber radiance and sword Qi swept in all directions. The entire sky was shaking crazily.
Then, the saber Light shattered while the terrifying sword light struck the defensive monarch weapon around he Qian. The violent force sent he Qian flying like a cannonball, his face pale.
“You didn’t use your full strength just now!”
He Qian shouted in fear.
“Old dog, die!”
Lu Ming held the stone sword and seemed to have become one with it. The power in the stone sword gushed into his body. He took a step forward and caught up with He Yan, slashing down with the sword again.
He Qian roared and exploded with all his strength. The power of the world surged wildly and fought against Lu Ming.
However, when Lu Ming’s sword slashed down, he Xiao was sent flying again..

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