Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 254 – Elizabeth is claimed


At first, James thought he misheard her.

Then he thought he had misunderstood.

But there was no doubt now—not the way Elizabeth was looking at him, with big eyes full of hope,
anticipation and a little fear. Hearing the protected she-wolf profess her love made her heart race, until
it was __slamming violently against his ribcage as he sped to a gallop . Elizabeth’s skin was bright
pink, and she couldn’t really look him in the eye . Her gaze kept flying up and down, almost as if she
thought James could reject it. Thisit was adorable and annoying at the same time. Didn’t she realize
how crazy he was about her?

At the same time, he didn’t want to force her beyond her limits. It was one thing to think she was ready,
and another to actually take such a step important. James wrapped a large hand in Elizabeth’s hair,
pulling her face up.” You thought I’d refuse, honey? He asked, caressing her sharp jaw with the tip of
his thumb. “Surely you realize how hopelessly in love I am with you, Elizabeth. ” _

She shrugged, sniffling harder now. “I don’t know. ”

“Oh, my sweet companion. He breathed, snuggling her into his chest. “I lost my mind for loving you,
and it means the world to me that you feel the same. I’ve just been trying to be patient. “_ _ _ _ _ I don’t
want you to be patient anymore. Elizabeth grumbled, all she-wolf as her eyes gleamed neon blue.
James showed off his fangs and growled softly, until the animal ferocity disappeared from the
Elizabeth’s countenance , ” I think I need to be pushed. “She added with a small pout. “My she-wolf has
me begged to give in to you for weeks, and I have resisted her. I appreciate you trying to give me time,
but I can’t do it alone. I… _ _ _ _ _ _I need help to take this final step. Elizabeth admitted, her knees
looking like absolute jelly. _

James captured her lips with his, knowing exactly what she meant. Loving Elizabeth had been an
exercise in endurance, self-discipline and absolute masochism. “I appreciate it, baby. He purred,
kissing her cheek. “And I’m so proudof you for acknowledging and asking for help, but no there’s a
rush. ” He told her, mostly to see how she would react. “Just know how you feel and that you’re ready
to take that step. We can start with _getting more intimate_ and see how you feel . ”

Elizabeth did not disappoint the soldier’s wolf, throwing him a fierce scowland digging his little feet into
the ground. “I don’t just mean I want you to eat me, James. Elizabeth corrected him in a sultry tone,
peeking out at the underneath her eyelashes and watching as his words sank. ” I mean, I want you to
actually claim me. She clarified, running her little pink tongue over the seam of her lips. His words were
getting softer and more suggestive by the second, and it was _everything James could do to keep his
wolf in check. “I need you You fill me with your big , hard cock, and eat until I’m ruined by any another
wolf . I need you to sink your sharp fangs into me.”

“Enough! James’ blood was well beyond boiling point now, and though he didn’t Wanting nothing more
than to take her to bed in that instant, he couldn’t resist kissing her either- it again. He growled,
dragging her mouth to his and Elizabeth immediately opened it to his tongue, his light body moving
restless against his. They surrendered for a few long, panting minutes, before James finally gave
himself regain control of your senses. “There’s something I have to tell you, before we go any further. ”
He grumbled, looking angry at __his own best judgment.

Elizabeth winced, fighting a shiver of dread. She was worried about it… about what would happen to
her relationship with James once the war broke out.really started. She had also seen the way all the
Alphas were muttering and talking today, making plans and whispering strategies . And now with
James looking at her, his brow furrowed with regret… It wasn’t hard to guess what he was about to say.
“You go with Dominic into battle, don’t you? ” She stated, her mouth suddenly looking very hard .

“He asked me to be his second-in-command while sending Roger to some another mission . ” _ James
confirmed, trying to read Elizabeth’s closed features. “The refugees won’t need me to transport them
every day, because we will be between them and the threat. ” He sighed heavily. “It will be a relief. _ _ ”

Elizabeth nodded, her eyes burning. ” He’d be a fool if he was without you.”

” Can you look at me, sweet fellow? James asked, using that sacred nickname for the first time, and
seeing the shape as the vibrations of his voice whizzed through the she-wolf. _

She raised her bright eyes to him, and he kissed her again, at length . “I’m going to do everything in my
power to get back home, to you and Sadie . Nothing will keep me away. His need for her was growing
wild and violent, even stronger now that they talked about separation. Elizabeth simply nodded, arching
into his mouth , searching for his lips with her hers. James only favored her for a moment, by pushing
back and grabbing her hips with an alarming force. “Tell me now, Elizabeth. James begged, desperate
to claim it , but I hate to scare her. “Before we go too far to turn back. Are you sure that’s what you
want? ”

Looking at him now, she’d never been so sure of anything. “If you plan to flee to war on the s*tch, then
you don’t has a choice. You’re going to claim me, man.”The words were spoken in Elizabeth’s voice.
trademark ferocity, but also a shiver of fear , like if She still didn’t trust this to be real.

James stripped Elizabeth naked as if she were a carefully wrapped gift, whose paper is too beautiful to
risk tearing. He kissed every new inch of skin he bared, running his lips down his arms, neck and
shoulders her as the blouse disappeared, then working his way down his flat belly until he reached the
button of his jeans. ( 2

It was torture, the way he danced in the places where she more needed his mouth. He took off her bra,
licking and nibbling on her spine until her wrist was racing , then doing the same thing with her panties,

rolling them out of her hips.and devoting his attention to the curve of his hip, to the bulge of her ass and
the inside of her thighs.

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