Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 252 – To War


“Do we have to stay too long? I ask Sinclair, snuggling up to him. ” We’ve just finished the wedding
party and the party is moving to the ballroom. The orchestra warms up in the distance, and the guests
slowly shrink to outside the great hall, attracted by the promise of dancing.

” I think we have to stay until the opening dance, at least . He retorts, kissing my forehead as his
fingers trace circles on my thigh. “I may have hijacked this event, but it’s still part of the summit. Why? ”
He asks, sliding his wolf eyes to my flushed face, ” Is there anything you’d rather be doing, little wolf? “.

I shoot him a grumpy look , “you know exactly what I do.” I want to do it, Dominic. ”

Sinclair adopts a look of confusion, which my wolf doesn’t believe not for a second. ” I’m sure not. “He
lies—the rat! “Do you want to go for a run? ” _ _

The offer is surprisingly tempting. It’s been almost a week since I last let go of my she-wolf, and she
carries the weight of my belly with far more grace than I do. I would give a lot for the freedom to run
and play as easily as __her_ yes , and I have a feeling that the nostalgia will only increase with the
course of the pregnancy . Still , I don’t let my companion distract me: “No. I have a very different activity
in mind.”

“Well, you know all you have to do is ask, honey . ” Sinclair states in a gravel voice, which betrays his
own desire. “Tell me what you need and I’ll give it to you. ”

I fight a groan. He knows I can’t ask for these things in public, it’s hard enough to talk those words in
the privacy of our bedroom. “My cunning wolf wants to do it anyway , use his own dirty trick against
him, _speaking our desires_ and leaving his own animal Inside so angry that he will be forced to drag
us along like a caveman . Unfortunately, my timid sensibilities and preoccupation with political optics
prevail over it, so I can only nibble on my cake and pout while Sinclair murmurs promises in my ear.

” Soon, problems. ” He calms down, his hot breath vibrating over my skin, ” I’m so Eager to take her to
bed as much as you, we just have to be patient . ”

Reluctantly, I allow Sinclair to lead me to the ballroom, where we receive the honor of the first dance —
both as hosts of the gathering and as a newlywed couple ‘ . Sinclair spins me across the dance floor in
his arms, and I avoid becoming dizzy looking into her beautiful eyes. _

I thought I’d want to give up after a dance, but once we’re in the moving, I remember how fun it is to
spin this way, feeling lighter than the air . Only when my feet start screaming in protest does my
companion immobilize me with one of the his burning looks that tell me he can see through me, “As
they are those feet, problem? ”

“It depends, if I say they’re hurting, you’ll tell me.carry to our room and rub them for me? I ask, tapping
my eyelashes.

“We’re almost there, baby. ” He promises, taking me to the opulent seats in the front of the room . –
Just one more toast and then we can get away. _ ”

He guides me to one of the chairs and grabs a glass of champagne. Someone slams a knife into his
own glass, and a gradual silence falls over the room . “First of all, I have to thank everyone who helped
plan tonight . OneA huge amount of work was required to gather this summit and this ball, even before
I decided to make everyone’s job much harder by adding a mating ceremony to the mixture . My lovely
fiancée Ella was up day and night making sure everything was perfect, as well as hundreds of
planners, coordinators, florists , chefs and Palace staff. “He keeps raising the glass ,” for my brother,
my sister-in-law, and our friend Elizabeth, you were instrumental in transforming the night and _ _ _
_helping -me to surprise my companion, and I am extremely grateful to all of you . ” He continues to
descend less, seeming to fear leaving out a single person from your thank you list .

Only after finishing the compliments does he turn his attention to the Summit delegations . “As some of
you may know, we were extremely excited to reach an agreement of summit last night. I am thrilled to
announce that we will be forgingan alliance with the bands of Vanaran in the war against Emperor
Damon, and we are moving very quickly in view of the urgent situation . I cannot express the size of my
respect and appreciation for all the delegations present here , as well as for its people across the
continent – its support and Loyalty is a gift we will never be able to repay, and I am proud from be with
all of you. ”

Bursts of excited murmurs throughout the room, as many of the courtiers and refugees are learning this
information for the first time . I look around at the crowd, watching as new hope and anticipation fills
their faces assorted . Sinclair is still talking, describing the challenges ahead and the importance of this
fight for shifters and humans. I have to admit that he is very talented when it comes to inspirational
speeches , and this is clear from the energy growing in the room. Still, it’s not until he mentions an
impending deployment that I finally drag my attention from the public. _ _

“At this hour, next week, our forces will be gathered on the Royal Continent, ready to launch our
offensive against the tyrant , together .com the resistance forces already on the ground. It is my
greatest hope that we can put an end tothis devastating conflict as soon as possible As soon as
possible, but I’m also hesitant to make promises about battle timelines. War is unpredictable and
chaotic at best , and I prefer to set realistic expectations than making promises I can’t keep. However,
you have my word that I will do everything in my power to bring this war to a swift and speedy end. ”

The room begins to spin when Sinclair finishes. “Maybe I’m a fool, but somehow I didn’t expect him to
leave Vanara so soon. I suppose I was so wrapped up in my plans to find my mother, that I couldn’t
calculate how a _a successful alliance_ would affect my companion’s movements . Therefore, it is an
unwelcome shock to know that he is planning to return home to fight next week – though I seem to be
the only one. _ _ _

After Sinclair finishes, Gabriel stands, starting a chain of freebies that seem to drag on for too long. By
the time my mate finally gets back to my side, I’m struggling to stay calm . ” Did I mention how
awesome you look tonight? My companion smiles, approaching my chair with outstretched hands.

I let him lift me up, but I can’t formulate an answer. _ _ _

“Are you okay? Sinclair asks gently, his big hand circling the back of my neck.

“Can we go up now? ” I ask weakly. Sinclair is already moving, lifting me into his arms and leading me
to the sound of a symphony of raucous applause. No one seems to notice that none of us seem as
thrilled as we just got along. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Talk to me, little wolf. Sinclair murmurs as soon as we’re out of reach of the ballroom . _ _ _

“It’s nothing. I gasp, quickly correcting myself when Sinclair growls in warning. “I mean , it’s , but it’s my
fault. I don’t… I don’t… I didn’t expect you to be back so soon. ” _ _ _

Sinclair’s eyes close, remorse washing away his features. “I’m sorry, Ella. I should have talked to you
about it directly. We just finalized the plans this afternoon. The visit to the continent was an unwelcome
reminder of the promises I made.I did it to myself when we left. I cannot – in good conscience – stay
away now that we have the military support that we needed to. Besides, with you leaving to find your
mother , there’s no reason for me to stay here for longer . ”

“So what happens when I find her and I’m ready to join?”to you Again, when is the time to have the
baby? I ask, feeling terribly uncertain.

Sinclair sighs, carrying me to our suite. “Can I place an order, dear? ” _

“Sure. ” I agree, looking at your pretty face. _ _

“I know you’re feeling anxious right now, and we can talk about it if you need to. But we start tonight on
such an amazing note, and I don’t want to knock ourselves down with conversations about war. ” He
pulls his hair away from myface. “I just want to celebrate to steal a few more hours without worrying
about you and just stick together. ” _ _ _

I nod anxiously, tears streaming from my eyelashes as I Lean in her warmth, circling my arms around
her neck. ” I’d like that… Although I don’t know it, it may take some effort to make me forget . ” _

” Challenge accepted. Sinclair responds like a wolf, lowering his mouth to my neck. He pulls at the
strap of my dress to reveal the swollen bite he inflicted on the altar . I whistle at the burning of the cold
air, and Sinclair purrs in solidarity. “PoorDear Fellow, is your mark sore? ”

I nod pitifully, “You never claimed me without giving me an orgasm first . ” I’m sorry. “It hurt a lot more
than I expected. ” _

“Well, then ,” Sinclair replies, his eyes sparkling as he takes my Seriously , “let’s see what I can do
about it. “

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