Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 253 – Elizabeth discovers a secret

3rd Person

Elizabeth spent most of Ella and Sinclair’s mating ceremony distracted.

The problem wasn’t that she didn’t feel very happy for her new friends, it was simply that his own mind
was focused elsewhere . And while that focus wasn’t too far off – it was complete. In fact, all of
Elizabeth’s attention was focused on James, who sat in the back of Vanaran’s delegations with Sadie
jumping into his lap. The pilot’s dark hair was combed back and his strong jaw was tightly shaven for
the first time . He filled her velvet-lined tuxedo so completely that Elizabeth worried about the seams .it
exploded, and it didn’t help that she could smell him as clearly as if he didwas at its side, like oak moss
, amber and sea salt… And another thing that was just James.

As the passionate couple exchanged their vows, Elizabeth’s gaze drifted between James and her
adopted daughter, overflowing with unspoken emotions. She was gripped by the most tortuous desire
to go and be with them, and their wolf whimpered like a puppy in __her mind.

It’s not fair! The frustrated canine lashed out, unable to contain her fury as Sinclair nailed her fangs at
the curve of Ella’s throat , eliciting a wailing scream from Luna – one that made the huge Alpha growl
with sympathy and desire in __equal measure. Jealousy surged through Elizabeth’s veins as she
watched the honorable couple fight their instincts towards unite there and now, using drunken
expressions and emitting wild energy as they fought by control .

I want Jame’s brand. His wolf demanded for the hundredth time, annoyed at renewed complaint at the
intimate ceremony. “Why don’t you let me have you!”

It’s too early. Elizabeth insisted, trying to let the canine feel the logic of her decision, instead of the
agonizing desire that assaulted his senses. At the same time, another smaller one somewhere far

away. _ _ Why ? How long will it take? How long do you have to stay voice murmured unhappily?

” Are you okay?” Cora whispered, misinterpreting the other woman’s expression of pain as she leaned
in to whisper into her ear . “Is this bringing back difficult memories? ”

Immediately Elizabeth understood that the concerned human expected her to focus on the past, on its
her own mating ceremony and bond with her late husband. The she-wolf managed to shake her head
and draw her attention back to Ella and Sinclair , But the exchange was nothing short of shocking. His
companion had left a little over a year ago, and the death of His daughter was an even more recent
scam. Surely she should be thinking about her true family now… the one she lost, not the one she was

Her confusion , guilt, and jealousy threatened to drag her down , then Elizabeth gave herself a silent
jolt and pushed away the unwanted thoughts . It was all she could do to not let her gaze return to
James and Sadie until The ceremony ended and the crowds began to flock to the party. Now James
approached with a wide grin, the precious wrapping in Your strong arms reaching Elizabeth the
moment she arrived.

” You’re amazing: “James’ words warmed Isabel from the inside out, which, combined with the sudden
rush of endorphins as he hugged his little girl , forced a reluctant smile on the wolf’s face.

“You don’t have to say that. ” She blushed, shyly lowering her gaze to the floor.

“Oh, yes. James replied fiercely, pulling her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “I don’t believe in
lies or hiding the truth – especially not when it’s in the face from all . So if I say you look amazing , it’s
because you look so good that it would be a crime not to tell you. _ _ ”

Elizabeth nodded tremblingly, still keeping her gaze averted and grateful for being able to use Sadie as
an excuse for her cowardice. “My dear scapegoat. She thought, tickling the baby’s belly and earning a
wide smile in response.

Our puppy is not a scapegoat. Her she-wolf objected vehemently, wagging her fluffy tail with utter
adoration as she studied the sweet child . She’s an angel. The canine made a special effort to make
sure Sadie could feel the waves of love through their bonding and stress or instability from their mother.
You’re right, what I was thinking. Elizabeth said, speaking directly to the baby. My angel dumpling. They
laughed together as James watched, content to observe his favorite girls—at least less _time being at
least . The soldier was not blind and it was clear that something was going on with his little wolf, but he
knew it was best not to scare Elizabeth now. Instead, he leaned in to kiss her temple, savoring the feel
of her soft body melting against her.he . “Are you ready for the party? ”

Elizabeth frowned, but was strengthened by his firm presence at her side , ” As I always will be . ”

A few hours later, Elizabeth’s head was light of so much champagne and her heart was heavy for To
watch Ella and Sinclair celebrate their happiness so loudly. They deserved this party more than
anyone, but Elizabeth hadn’t been the best company in this kind of event . It’s been a while. She hated
small talk and personal questions, largely because of all the answers she could Providing usually made
people sad and uncomfortable.

However, the longer the night dragged on , the more comfortable Elizabeth became , although She
didn’t realize it until she caught herself laughing out loud at a joke. She put her hand over her mouth in
surprise, and a low purr sounded in her ear . “None ofthat, now. I love hearing you laugh. Her big blue
eyes turned to James in surprise, wrinkling when she saw his expression indulgent . Immediately
Elizabeth realized that James was shielding her from the curious questions and tedious interactions all
night long, And he haddone it with such skill that no one noticed. – Whenever someone came too close
to a subject , the she-wolf tensed and her protective partner steered the conversation in another
direction without a second thought . _ _

Pure safely enveloped Elizabeth’s senses, and she heard that strange, distant voice again. How long
will it be enough? “How long do you have to be unhappy?”

Standing on tiptoe , Elizabeth smashed her lips into James’s. He grabbed her by the waist, holding her
slender form tightly against her chest as her free hand moved to Sadie. They held it together, becoming
at the same time lost in each other, but reasoned for the little life in his care. _

“Mmm, do you mind telling me what you’re thinking , little wolf? James asked, his chest vibrating in a
deep rumble as his fangs brushed against his earlobe hers.

” I need to—I need to be alone with you. Elizabeth gasped, feeling terribly vulnerable and struggling to
courage .

The soldier considered her for a long moment, noticing the way the she-wolf stood contortion eagerly
against him, both with repressed emotion and with physical need. “Alright. He agreed, leading her out
of the hall. “The nursery? ”

Isabel looked at Sadie, remembering the first time she had to leave Sophie with a nanny, and
wondering if it would be more or less painful now. “To leave Sophie. Elizabeth swallowed dryly, hiding
her face in the shadows.of the corridor . “Then let’s go to your rooms. ” _

Jame slowed down until he stopped in the middle of the hallway. ” Elizabeth? ”

She turned, with an expression of wild uncertainty on her features. “Please? ” She asked, her voice
hoarse. “I’ve been denying my wolf for so long and you’ve been so wonderful. I don’t know why I keep
pushing you away… ” Elizabeth said.He left with a helpless shrug. ” I mean, I want to… We both want
to… but I don’t want to punish myself anymore. She confessed, her voice diminishing to little more than
a squeal as tears filled his eyes . “I think it’s like Ella says, to go on in a frenzy You don’t mean
forgetting the past, it just means freeing yourself from becoming his prisoner . ”

James nodded, pursing his lips and nodding. “She’s a smart wolf. He stepped closer, reaching out to
cradle Sadie’s downy head in his huge palm , before grabbing the back of Elizabeth’s neck with the

other. “But I’m afraid I don’t understand. “There was _a devilish glint in his lethal eyes, one that said to
Elizabeth that he was playing with her now—a predator who just couldn’t resist playing with your dinner
. “What exactly are you asking me, Elizabeth? ”

” I’ve been here all night, seething with jealousy of Ella and Dominic because they are so happy and in
love. Elizabeth admitted, embarrassed. “After all their kindness to me, I still get so angry that they they
can enjoy what I’ve lost.” James cackled tenderly, moving closer. “And then I feel horrible and guilty
and it’s just a cycle vicious… then tonight I realized that the only person demanding that I be
miserable… it’s me… ” She shared, tears streaming down her cheeks in perfect lines . “No one else is
telling me That I have to suffer, that I deserve to be alone. People have told me this before, but I don’t
think I was ready to hear it before, I think I needed to stay _ _ _ _ to this place for own account . “I don’t
want to be unhappy anymore, James. Elizabeth murmured, sniffling as the great wolf did his best to
just listen , rather than trying to offer comfort or fix it. “I don’t want to be alone… and I couldn’t admit it
until you showed up. You’ve made it very hard to keep lying to myself._ ” She he blinked, nervously
biting the inside of his cheek. “I’m in love with you, for more reasons than I can. count . She concluded
with a small shrug , tangling her fingers in the fabric of his shirt to steady himself. “I want you to claim
me, James. “

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