Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 250 – Surprise


“Cora, what the hell is going on? I demand, staring at my sister in shock and indignation. _ _ _

She has just broken into my suite and announced that I will not be wearing the dress that Did especially
for tonight’s ball. She pulled the hanger out of my closet and threw the laundry bag aside, as if the
dress inside wasn’t the same.the most expensive piece of clothing any of us have ever had.

“Just put on your bathrobe and sit down. The makeup artist arrives at any minute. Cora replies, with a
devious and utterly unrepentant smile on her face. ” She’s moving around my dressing room, pulling up
a chair in front of the dressing table.”, making room by moving boxes and suitcases. She moves around
the room as if she owns the place. Normally, I wouldn’t mind that – since my sister is welcome to
anything that’s mine – It’s his sneaky demeanor and knowledgeable looks that are driving me to

“Makeup artist? ” I repeat, horrified. I gave up trying to follow her frantic movements, knowing I couldn’t
keep up with her and that she wouldn’t stop even if I tried. “What are you talking about? I’m perfectly
capable of doing myown makeup. ”

“Sure you can, but there’s nothing wrong with pampering a little once in a while. when . ” My sister
replies, not giving me any more information about her strange behavior . She starts rummaging through
my shoe rack, seeming to eliminate a number of options with a single look, including the heels I bought
specifically for this event. I’m about to demand answers once more when the door opens and a new
voice joins the confusion .

“Don’t forget the hairdressers! Elizabeth sings, entering without warning and carrying three heavy-
looking bags. “They want to start rolling it up before the makeup team takes over. Obviously she could
hear our conversation before she arrived, and obviously she’s involved in whatever that plot is.

“Okay, stop! I cry, throwing my hands out in protest. The two women stop halfway, looking at me with
Expressions of expectation . “One of you needs to tell me what’s going on, right now. ” I order firmly,
trying tokeep my voice steady.

“Don’t worry, she’s never gotten along with surprises. ” Cora says to Isabel in a somewhat
conspiratorial tone , as if I not even being here. Luckily she turns to me a second later, “Ella, everything
you need Knowing is that there has been a small change of plans and we are here to ensure that
everything run well . _ ”

“What a change of plans! I exploded, feeling more frustrated by the minute. “I’ve been planning this ball
for weeks! I know all the details about the logistics , the decoration and the environment, the food ! I
personally approved each _ _item on the menu, each flower going to the arrangements of Flowers – I’d
know if anything had changed. Do you realize that I have teams of people working on this? You can’t
just come in and change things at the last minute. ”

“Take a deep breath, dear. ” Elizabeth says, hanging the bags that weigh on her. _ _ _ ” It’s not last
minute, we’ve been working on this for days. Also, Dominic doesn’t want you stressed, he’s just trying
to do something good For you . ”

I gawk, cradling my belly. My first instinct is to laugh in their face if they think some days is time Enough
to make big adjustments in this kind of event, but my wolf is more focused in the second half of
Elizabeth’s statement. “Did Dominic arrange this? ”

“Well, technically we organized that. ” Cora corrects me, all smiling. “But we did it at his behest. We’re
just fulfilling your wishes. Now calm down – if and try to have fun. ” _ _

As soon as I hear that my cowardly companion is behind this scheme, my wolf immediately cools
down. _ _ My shoulders drop as the tension coursing through my body abruptly dissipates ,
disappearing as quickly as it emerged. If Sinclair is responsible, I know I’ll like this surprise. At the
same time, my mind is spinning with questions. I’m not sure where he is at the moment, but I reach out
to him anyway .

What are you doing? I ask suspiciously.

He must be close, because as soon as the message comes out of my head , his cozy laugh fills my
senses. You’ll see, problem. Are you being a good girl and letting Cora and Isabel take care of you?_

You mean your evil minions? I snort, they’re taking great pleasure in fooling me , in fact they’re just
asking towards be bitten .

No biting, little wolf. Sinclair warns, his tone sounding too forgiving for me to take seriously.

My wolf grumbles rebelliously, a new thought arises then. If Sinclair is responsible for this twist,
perhaps he is the one who should pay the price . ” What about you?” “She asks mischievously, can I
bite you?” _

Maybe later. He laughs, and I don’t try to hide my disappointment. “We’ll be together soon.” “For now
relax – I promise you’ll enjoy this surprise.

My wolf is still muttering curses in my head when the makeup and hair crews arrive. They slide inside
carrying sophisticated boxes of supplies, all with bright smiles and talking in a tone so loud that his
words border on squeals. they’re allclearly very excited, but no one is going to tell me what’s going to
be happening and it’s driving me absolutely crazy.

I sit patiently as my hair is curly in meticulous detail, staring to anyone and everyone who looks in my
direction. I have to get up twice during the session to go relieve the bladder, but Soon my reflection is

more glamorous than ever.My golden pink hair is entwined in intricate braids wrapping around my head
while long Curly locks float around my face. The effect is ethereal and charming, especially when they
start adding pins with pearls true .

My makeup is impressive but understated, leaning heavily on my charms Natural , instead of painting
them . Smoky shadows form seductive patterns under my well-carved eyebrows, and onyx paint is
spread over my long lashes, making my golden irises glow. _in bright contrast . My fair skin is virtually
untouched, with just a touch of blush on my apples of protruding face and a pink lipstick over my fleshy

Cora and Isabel come to admire the finished product, and I notice that they are both using it matching
emerald dresses. “You look amazing. My sister smiles, shaking my hand.

“It’s true ,” Elizabeth confirms with the typical indifferent air. “In fact, it’s annoying that someone is
allowed to be so beautiful. Maybe we should undo some of that – it might cause a ruckus. ”

” She’s not going to cause a ruckus. ” Cora laughs, shaking her head. ” But Dominic can when he sees
you. ”

“And we haven’t even put on her dress yet. ” Elizabeth smiles. _

“What a dress! “I demand,” how can you have made another dress without that Do I give it a try? I
exclaim, gesturing to the full length of my body. While my breasts and belly bore the brunt of the
growing pains in the first two trimesters of my pregnancy, the third is showing me how nothing is safe
from change. My hips are widening, my ass has a lot of extra padding , up my feet seem to have
grown. “I balloon another inch good morning, whatever is in that bag doesn’t will fit! ”

“Honestly, Ella. Elizabeth rolls her eyes. “Do you think we’re complete amateurs? The seamstress has
been at it since the beginning. ” took a test for her ball gown, she took out duplicate measurements for

the royal dress. ”

My jaw drops as I look back and forth between these women, “Who are you! ”

“So, you love spy movies.” Cora replies, ignoring me again. _

“If one of you doesn’t start talking, I’m going to lose my temper . “I warn you,” and losing your temper
means a lot of tears these days. If you don’t want me to ruin that makeup, then tell me what’s going on
. ”

” Alright, princess,” Isabel laughs humorously, ” why You don’t take a look at your dress, so you can
decide if you still want to twist our necks. ”

My jaw clenches and I clench my hands into fists, moving forward and violently unzipping the clothes
bag. I don’t want to look at this dress. _ I want the dress I chose with the stylist. Unfortunately it doesn’t
look like I’m going to get _ _the explanations I need any other manner , then I get into the game.

As soon as the zipper descends, I feel the air stolen from my lungs. _ _ Opening the waterproof cover,
meeting meters and meters of bright white fabric . I have no idea what material it is, but it has the most
notable luminescence _ _glow, making it look like a ray of pure moonlight. Pearls like the ones
entwined in my hair were sewn into the bodice and skirts, accentuating the intricate swirling embroidery
throughout the design.

Suddenly, I understand why everyone is behaving so strangely—even before my sister finally have
mercy on me.

“Ella, tonight isn’t just a ball. ” Cora tells me, her eyes sparkling. “It’s your mating ceremony. “

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