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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 493

Ethan had cooked a few dishes, just enough for the two of them. “Have a taste of this,” Ethan said,
handing Madelyn a piece of honey- flavored pork rib. Madelyn took a bite and exclaimed, ‘ Yummy!”

“Yeah, I made all your favorites,” he replied with a smile. In her mind, Madelyn thought, ‘I’ve had his
cooking before, but it’s always delicious.’

After dinner, Madelyn went to Ethan’s study. He was working on important stuff for his company, and
she quietly focused on her practice papers. Even though she wasn’t going to regular classes, she had
her own study plan. The current class progress didn’t matter much to Madelyn. She had a goal to boost
her grades in just two months, and it was proving to be a bit tough.

But because she already had a good foundation in her subjects, it wouldn’t be too hard, just a little

Ethan had his headphones on, listening to Leyton’s report. “Mr. Arnold, about the dress for the
engagement, should we arrange for the designer to meet with Miss Jent this weekend for her to
choose? We also need to plan the makeup photoshoot. I’ve organized your weekend schedule around
your recent work to make sure it doesn’t disrupt progress.”

“Okay, got it,” Ethan replied. Madelyn sat on a comfy blanket, finishing up some practice papers and
grading them herself. When she checked the time, it was already half- past ten. She stood up, neatly
putting her books on the table.

“Done with your practice papers?” Ethan asked, taking off his headphones and coming over to her.
“Um, it’s really late now. Let’s finish this tomorrow. I’m going back to my room to get some sleep,”
Madelyn suggested.

“No hurry,” Ethan, in his dark shirt with a couple of buttons undone, guided her to the couch. The bright
light from the study made the room feel a bit mysterious. Madelyn felt his warm breath on her neck, and

it tickled a little.

His Adam’s apple moved sensually as he leaned in closer, making her heart race a bit.

The light made his features stand out, making him look even more handsome and captivating. It
seemed like there was a fire burning in his eyes, a warm and inviting heat trying to wrap around her, to
melt her heart.

Madelyn’s palms got sweaty, and she tightly held onto her skirt. Being this close, she could see the
pores on his face. Her heart felt like it might jump out of her chest, so she squeezed her eyes shut. In
that moment, Madelyn’s mind went completely blank. There wasn’t a single thought in her head.

Even though they had been together for a long time, their physical closeness had been limited to
holding hands and hugging. Their kisses had always been quick and cautious.

For some reason, Madelyn’s instincts told her to push him away. But she fought that urge. Even if she
resisted tonight, she knew she couldn’t avoid it forever. Half a minute passed, and it felt like an eternity
to Madelyn.

Ethan’s lips brushed gently against her neck as his deep voice whispered, “Can we…?”

Madelyn’s eyes instantly widened as she understood what Ethan was asking. “W-Wait a moment,”
Madelyn stammered, feeling flustered. Ethan’s movements also halted. “Why? ” he asked.

Madelyn gathered her courage, trying to stay composed. “We’re just dating, and my father… he
wouldn’t approve of this. Can we wait a little longer?”

Ethan’s breathing became uneven, and he held back his impatience, gently resting his forehead
against hers. Alright. We’ve waited this long. Just a little more… for the last sixty- something days. I’ll
go to my room tonight.”

Madelyn swallowed hard. “Okay, get some rest. I need to sleep too; I have classes tomorrow.”

“Give me a kiss before you go.”

Madelyn quickly planted a kiss on his cheek. “Goodnight.” She grabbed her backpack and hurried out
of the study without looking back.

Madelyn rushed to her room, closed the door tightly, leaned against it, and breathed heavily. She wiped
her neck, recalling the intense moment just minutes ago. ‘Why did I resist Ethan’s touch? Maybe I still
can’t get past what’s in my heart…

Madelyn placed her backpack down, took a quick shower, lay in bed, turned off the light, and stared at
the ceiling. Her thoughts were all jumbled up.

“Do you not like him?” Madelyn looked toward the figure sitting on her bed. “Mom, you’re here again.”

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