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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 481

The next morning, somewhere in a newspaper stated: [Randall Burton reportedly ingested caustic soda
in the prison in an attempt to escape legal consequences. However, he consumed too much of the
caustic soda, which led to his unexpected death.


In the bustling streets, commuters rushed to catch the train with the same newspapers in their hands.
However, no one paid too much attention to the inconspicuous news.

Today was Friday, Madelyn woke up relatively late and had not gone out.

A servant grabbed the morning newspaper from the mailbox and put it on the tea table in accordance
with Ethan’s habit. Madelyn, who was dressed in her school uniform, poured a glass of orange juice in
the kitchen before walking out. She happened to see the newspaper and picked it up to glance at it.

The servant said, “Mr. Arnold.”

Ethan was buttoning his sleeves as he walked downstairs in an upright posture. He was as handsome
as ever, “If you don’t want to go to school, you don’t have to. I can hire the best private tutor to come
here. It’s the same studying at home.”

Madelyn responded, “It’s okay. I can’t just stay at home all day and do nothing.”

Madelyn saw the news about Randall.

She continued to walk forward without changing her expression. She was not feeling any particular
emotion. She was somewhat surprised by Randall’s death. She was then lost in her thoughts, ‘Wasn’t

he sent to the hospital after being beaten up by Ethan? I thought it was said that he couldn’t be

“I didn’t expect to read about him in the newspaper. Did Ethan send someone to do this? Ingested
caustic soda? Could it be Zach? Madelyn quickly pushed aside these thoughts.

She went forward to adjust the brooch on Ethan’s chest. It had a red gemstone in the middle, framed
by diamonds. The chain dangling in front of his chest made Ethan look even more dignified.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Ethan noticed Madelyn’s emotion was off. He stretched his
hand to touch her


She glanced at the newspaper on the tea table. Her expression was unreadable.

Madelyn responded, “It’s nothing. I’m just worried because the last time I returned to school, there
happened to be a test, and the results are coming out today. I’m a little worried that I didn’t do well.”

Ethan comforted her by gently running his fingers through her hair, “Don’t put too much pressure on
yourself. The money I’m making right now will be enough for our future.”

Madelyn calmly nodded, “Okay. Let’s have breakfast now.”

Ever since she returned to school, she no longer had the same drive and determination as before.
Instead, she had become more relaxed about everything. She skipped the morning self–study sessions
and her speed of learning started to lag behind the students in Class One. Sometimes, she would even
skip classes to draw in the art room and do whatever she liked.

Ethan was aware of her situation, but he never said anything to her and just allowed her to do as she

Every day, he would drop her off and pick her up from school on time. Each time they met, he would
bring her different gifts.

Sometimes it was a sunflower drawing, a highlighter pen with a nice color, or even a goldfish….

When they arrived at the school, many cars in the crowded driveway made way for Ethan’s car. His car
was then parked in front of the school gate.

Madelyn said, “I’ll get out of the car now. Remember to go to the hospital.”

Ethan responded, “Okay.”

As Madelyn was about to get out of the car, Ethan stopped her, “Wait.”

“Yes?” Madelyn turned to look at him.

He then leaned forward, carrying a refreshing scent, and kissed her on her forehead, “Call me if you
miss me. Remember to


“Okay.” Madelyn’s ears were burning as she got out of the car.

The weather was as hot as her flushed ears.

“Madelyn, Madelyn…”

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Mya, who had repeatedly called Madelyn’s name, ran over to her. She was holding a basket of
strawberries and smiling brightly. She ran so quickly that the wind ruffled her hair. Madelyn slowed
down to walt for Mya. Mya reached Madelyn’s side and said, “Why are you so late today? I’ve been
waiting for you for so long. Quick, try these strawberries. My family grew these!

As Madelyn opened her mouth to speak, a strawberry was shoved into her mouth. She bit off half of it
and said, “Thank you.

It’s delicious”

Mya tirelessly talked by Madelyn’s ear. For the past few days, Mya had been bothering Madelyn a lot.
Apart from attending classes, she would go looking for Madelyn immediately after classes. Madelyn
wondered if Mya had nothing else to do.

Madelyn just continued wallding and rarely responded to what Mya said. She did not want Mya to get
too close to her, since she believed that things would not end well for anyone who got too close to her.
She remembered that Zach had once used Mya to threaten and blackmail ber, so she did not dare to
make friends with anyone

Madelyn was afraid that if she grew attached to someone, that person would become her weakness.

Ethan watched Madelyn until she entered the school and disappeared from his sight. He then smiled
and looked away, “Who’s that girl?”

Leyton responded, “She’s from the Harper family.”

Ethan asked, “Which Harper family?”

Leyton explained, “Not long ago, I unintentionally got to know that Mrs. Arnold Sr. recently hired an
expert in animal husbandry. Coincidentally, that expert happens to be the father of this friend of Ms.


Ethan smiled faintly, “It’s the first time I’ve seen that look on Madelyn’s face. She wanted to be angry
but couldn’t show it. This Harper girl has done something that I didn’t dare to do.”

Leyton said, “Mr. Arnold, should we investigate this person? I’m worried that she might have impure
motives for getting close to Ms. Jent.”

Ethan replied, “No need. Just drive. Madelyn can recognize that herself.”

If Madelyn didn’t like Mya, she would not have behaved like that just now.

Moreover, for the past few days when Ethan dropped her at school, he had seen Mya waiting for
Madelyn every day…

He believed it was good that Madelyn had a friend.

What Ethan feared the most was Madelyn being lonely at school. She was an introverted person and
did not like to talk, and he could not always accompany her. He was also afraid that if she continued to
act this way, she would end up like he used to be.

He then thought about the scar on Madelyn’s hand, ‘Even though she tried to hide it, I still saw it. A lot
of the things that happened to her were related to that adopted son of the Jent family… It seems like
things are more complex than what I’d initially imagined.‘

In the office of the CEO of the Arnold Corporation, Ethan stood in front of the floor–to–ceiling window.
Leyton asked in surprise, “Caustic soda? Before he was sent to prison, I specifica

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