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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 479

Madelyn put her phone away and turned around, “Nothing.”

Ethan said, “You didn’t bring anything when you came here. Do you have anything important that you
need to bring from Southern Haven Villas? If you do, I can have George go and get it for you.”

Madelyn respon

Okay. I promise,” Donna responded without any hesitation.

When she was about to hang up, she heard a pitiful scream.

She thought, ‘Who is he, actually? Not only does he know about my past, but he’s also well aware of
my affairs overseas that even Ethan doesn’t know about!‘ A chill ran down Donna’s spine.

Inside a tightly sealed room at Ventropolis First Prison, a dim light was shining. The lampshade swayed
as the light passed over a man’s dark face. The partially hidden face in the darkness was terrifying.
Zach sat at a table playing with a cheap pen. He was holding the pen in one hand and the pen cap in
the other, opening and closing it with an indifferent expression.

Randall was being beaten with a baton. As he tried to block it with his hand, the bones in his forearm
seemed to crack. He curled up on the ground. He was breaking out in cold sweats as he reached out to
the person sitting in front of him for help,” The land development rights in Alma belong to you. Save
me… Get me out!”

Zach said without looking up, “Why do you think I can save you? The one you’ve offended is the Arnold

No one in all of Ventropolis dared to provoke the Arnold family. Throughout these years, what
happened to Randall was considered not too bad. At least he was still alive.

Randall responded, “Your sister has a special relationship with Ethan. If you ask her for help, she’ll
surely get Ethan to relent. If you get me out, I–I’ll give you half of the Burton family’s shares and

ded, “No need. I don’t have much to pack. Everything I need is here. I put most of my important things
in the apartment I rented.”

She then walked toward Ethan and held his hand that had the IV. It was a little cold. She asked, “Are
you cold? Let me get you a hot water bag.”

Ethan replied, “Just stay here and accompany me.”

“Okay,” Madelyn responded. She then gently placed his hand under the blanket. “Do you want to eat
something? Your stomach isn’t great. If you have the IV on an empty stomach, it might make your
stomach uncomfortable.”

Right after she said that, someone knocked on the door.

The servant said, “Mr. Arnold, Ms. Jent. Mrs. Arnold Sr. instructed me to bring you some soup. Please
have some.”

‘The timing couldn’t have been better,‘ Madelyn thought before saying, “Come in.”

The servant pushed the door open. Madelyn looked at the large bowl of soup. There was enough for
two to three people, but there was only one spoon and a small bowl.

Madelyn said, “You can put it down. I’ll take care of the rest.”

The servant responded, “Okay. If you need anything, just let me know.”

Madelyn then asked her to bring a hot water bag over. The servant nodded and left.

Madelyn fed Ethan about half a bowl of the soup.

She was still the same as before, and always took care of him meticulously no matter what.

Ethan suddenly reached out to tuck her stray hair behind her ear, “Even though you’re only eighteen
years old, you’re so mature and composed unlike many people your age. You don’t throw tantrums and
no matter what you encounter, you always remain so calm…” He sighed before he continued, “You
don’t need to be so sensible in front of me. You can get angry with me, you know. At least that way, I
can feel that you care about me.”

Upon seeing he did not want to drink it anymore, she put the soup aside. She then grabbed a tissue
and wiped his mouth.” Perhaps, everyone has different ways of expressing their emotions.

“At that time, the situation was unique. I didn’t know what to do… You made your decision, and I
couldn’t interfere.”

Ethan asked, “If I’d really gotten together with her, what would you have done?”

Madelyn felt uncomfortable. She looked at him and smiled lightly, “I’m not sure. Maybe I’d just continue
living my life as before.”

After everything she had been through, Madelyn had learned to let go. She believed no matter what
happened, life would go

1. on.

She continued saying, “I might’ve felt sad at first, but as time passed, I’d probably feel better.”

She thought, ‘Time has a way of healing everything. And whether a person truly loves someone, time
will tell…‘

After Ethan finished his IV drip, he went downstairs and had a hearty dinner with Madelyn.

It was not good for him to stay in his room all the time.

Madelyn’s presence was like Ethan’s medicine. With her here, he seemed to have come alive again
and it seemed like they were back to how they used to be…

Chapter 450

The headline of the entertainment news was “Breaking News! The CEO of the Arnold Corporation and
the Young Lady of the Jent Family Suspected to Be Rekindling Their Relationship.“.

The content was: [Recently, an insider revealed that Miss Jent was heartbroken and unable to take her
exams because of the involvement of the CEO of the Arnold Corporation with another woman, and
Miss Jent even applied to drop out of school. However, today reporters spotted that the CRO
personally drove Miss Jent back to school. It seems like they have reconciled.]

In Prilo, Donna tore the newspaper in her hand in half and violently crumpled it, “It’s fake. It’s all fake.
He… Impossible! It’s impossible that he’s fallen for someone else.

“Ethan, the person you love is me! You should love me!”

These few days, Donna had been waiting in Prilo for Ethan to come. She was convinced that he would
come back to find her within two days as he always had in the past.

Even for the past few years that she had left, whenever she exposed a little about her whereabouts,
Ethan would always leave everything to search for her.

But this time, she was wrong. Even after five days, Ethan had not come.

When she grabbed her phone to demand an explanation from him, the number she dialed was

Even after she dialed it again and again, the result remained the same.

Donna looked fierce as she swept everything off the tea table. She let out a chilling laughter, “Ethan,
you can never escape from me in this lifetime!”

She thought, You said we have to be together forever.‘

Donna seemed completely insane.

She dialed another number, but it did not connect. After hanging up, a virtual, unknown number called

The person did not speak.

Donna said, “No matter what it takes this time, I want him to be completely mine. I can risk my life.”

The other person indifferently said, “Your life has long been mine, but this time, I can help you without
you having to pay any price, as long as you do as I say…‘

“Okay. I promise,” Donna responded withou

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