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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 474

“Ms. Jent, just call me if you need anything,” said Margaret.

She thought, ‘Oh! I won’t be living here alone from now on. That’d be spooky.”

Zach lowered his head to eat the food in front of him. When Madelyn passed by, he put down his fork
and said, “I’ll wait for you to come back tonight.”

Madelyn slowly stopped. “It’s okay. If you like living here so much, I’ll let you have it.”

Then, she thought, ‘Even if you bring anyone back here in the future, it’s none of my business.‘

Zach knew where Madelyn was going, but he could not stop her because he did not have the power to
compete with the Arnold family now.

George’s status in the Arnold family was such that even outsiders had to show him some respect, so
Madelyn never expected that George would personally escort her back.

Madelyn had spent nearly a month at home but had not been idle. She had won an award in the
painting competition, which was a promising start. Madelyn charged her long–dead phone, turned it on,
and found numerous missed calls. The first call she received after turning on her phone was from the
Arnold residence. There was also an international call among them.

Although the phone number was unfamiliar, Madelyn noticed an associated email account. In the email,
she found photos from foreign countries, including pictures of Russian street squares, a flock of
pigeons eating breadcrumbs, and one where a pigeon perched on someone’s leg while a slender hand
fed it bread.

Even though he had not shown his face in these photos, Madelyn knew it was Forrest. He had sent her
pictures non–stop since the third day after he had left. Madelyn did not respond, and only whispered a
quiet “thank you” to the screen. From his messages, she felt a glimmer of hope.

Madelyn got out of the car when she arrived at the Arnold residence. Upon seeing her, the servants all
had joyful smiles and quickly led her into the villa where Ethan was staying. “Ms. Jent, Mrs. Arnold Sr.
has been waiting for you.”

“Thank you.” Madelyn entered the foyer, and rows of servants stood there as if they were waiting for
her intentionally. Entering the living room, she immediately spotted an elderly lady sitting on the sofa,
watching a drama with a cane in hand. The hunched figure looked strangely familiar to Madelyn at first

George came forward and said, “Mrs. Arnold Sr., Ms. Jent is here.”

The servants by Evelyn’s side helped her up. Then, she turned to them and said, “You all can leave. I
have some things to talk about with her.”

All of them left, leaving only Madelyn and Evelyn in the room.

‘I should have guessed it,‘ Madelyn thought.

Evelyn said, “Come and have a seat.”

“Okay.” Madelyn nodded and took a seat next to Evelyn.

“Sit here.”

Madelyn sat beside Evelyn. “So it was you all along.”

There was freshly cooked cinnamon oatmeal on the coffee table, and Evelyn had a half–eaten bowl of
it in front of her.

“Do you know why I asked you to come back?” Evelyn got straight to the point.

Madelyn pursed her thin lips into a straight line and nodded. “I know.”

Evelyn asked, “So, what are your feelings towards Ethan now? Do you want to continue this
relationship? I won’t blame you if you’re disappointed in Ethan, and we won’t force you to stay. You’re
willing to give Ethan some time, which shows that you’re thoughtful and have a clear perspective.
Based on this, I can tell you’re different from other women.

“You’re more rational than most women, but Ethan also feels hurt because of your rationality.
Sometimes, a bit of irrationality isn’t a bad thing. In other words, Ethan also wants to see you get angry.
From his perspective, it shows that at least you care about him.”

Evelyn reached out and held Madelyn’s hand back. “Tell me, do you have feelings for Ethan?”

Madelyn nodded without hesitation. With a serious look, she said, “I always take matters of love
seriously. George has also told me some things about him. I understand that they met before me. It’s
just that I’m not worthy of him.”

Evelyn smiled and patted her hand. She spoke with profound meaning, “Actually, I liked you from the
moment you entered the Arnold residence. I have a good sense of people’s character and can judge
whether they are good or bad. I don’t like beating around the bush or playing mind games with people,
but I recognize right away when others do it.

“I don’t mind telling you. I investigated your background before you came to the Arnold residence. I
know you’ve had a terrible life in the Jent residence and have a highly ambitious elder brother. Coming

here to the Arnold residence was undoubtedly a way for you to find support, which is a smart move. We
have considerable influence in Ventropolis, and no one dares to provoke us.

“Indeed, Ethan has done some foolish things in the past and is still the same now. Being alone for too
long can cause one to lose oneself and leave one not knowing what one really wants. After all, who
hasn’t made some foolish mistakes when they were young? Even if he made a mistake, he’s paid the

“My irresponsible son has never looked after him since Ethan’s birth. His mother was constantly
drinking and would be either physically or verbally abusive. Once, I was concerned and went back to
mediate during their divorce dispute. Who would have known that as soon as I entered the house, I
saw a room full of shattered glass bottles and a puddle of blood on the floor? Can you guess whose
blood it was?”

Madelyn’s heart tightened. ‘Is this his childhood experience?‘

Evelyn continued, “At that time, he was only this little.” She gestured with her hand.

“When he was about five or six years old, he was locked in the basement. He was shivering from the
cold and had bruises all over his body from beatings. He was just a child! How could someone do that
to a child?

“Later, I brought Ethan to my side and personally raised him. I did it out of good intentions but lacked
the ability. I can’t give him anything besides providing for his material needs. Due to the lack of parental
love from a young age, he’s grown up to be short tempered and impulsive without considering the
consequences of his actions. He grew up by my side since childhood, so I can see that he acts
differently when it comes to you.”

Evelyn sighed deeply, “I’ve told you all this because I want you to return and give Ethan another
chance. Go upstairs and have a good talk with him. Whether it works out or not, feel free to visit the

Arnold residence anytime.”

Out of politeness, Madelyn nodded in agreement. After Evelyn left, it seemed like the vast mansion was
empty, with only her remaining. She knew where Ethan’s room was. Hesitating for a moment, she still
headed upstairs.

Coincidentally, a startled–looking servant hurried down from upstairs, holding medication in hand.
When the servant saw Madelyn, his eyes lit up. “Ms. Jent? You’re finally back.”

“What’s happened?”

The servant replied, “Mr. Arnold refuses to chage

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