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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 469

Leyton told George everything he knew. Both of them probably guessed that the only person who could
make him do this was Madelyn.

Actually, when Ethan and Madelyn had been together back then, they noticed that Ethan would only
smile in front of Madelyn. She was the one who pulled Ethan out of a tough spot back then and was the
only person who could save him this time. The one who made the mess should clean it up. Ethan had
been willing to let go of the past and resort to doing all this because of Madelyn. Perhaps she would
understand that simple fact one day.

George spoke earnestly, “Ms. Jent may not change her mind so easily this time. If Mrs. Arnold Sr. is
willing to help, maybe Mr. Arnold still has a glimmer of hope. Don’t worry, Mr. Spear. Mr. Arnold will be

In any case, they could not have anything happen to the only heir of the Arnold family. Leyton nodded,
“I’ll leave Mr. Arnold to you. I still have some company matters I need to take care of.”


With Ethan unconscious, someone had to make the important decisions for the company matters.
Otherwise, the shareholders might stir up trouble, and who knows what chaos would ensue then.

In Ethan’s nightmare, there was fire and explosion. “Ethan, let’s break up!”

“1 ”

“What can you give me?”

“I’m completely lying to you. You have nothing, and you want me to be with you? What can you offer to
marry me? Just your words? Or your skills in bed?”


“Come to your senses! Haven’t you realized? I’ve always kept you as a backup, a puppet under my
control. I’ve treated you well to ensure your obedience. Did you really think I would like someone like

The impact flipped the car, sent it rolling down the cliff, and caused it to emit thick white smoke.
Everything in the dream went blood–red, and Ethan woke up in a cold sweat. Looking at the white
ceiling above, he realized it was a dream.

“You’re awake. Mr. Arnold, you’ve finally woken up. I’ll call the doctor right away.”

In under 30 seconds, the doctor and nurse rushed over and examined Ethan. “Don’t worry, Mr. Arnold.
You’re fine now. Just stay in the hospital for a few days and let your wounds heal. Take a good rest.
You’ll be fine in a week.”

The nurse brought a tray of medicine over. “I’ll apply the medication for you.”

Ethan shouted, “Get out!”

“Mr. Arnold, please don’t get agitated.” The nurse was somewhat scared and dared not to approach.

Suddenly, Ethan grabbed a nearby table lamp and threw it at them. “Get out of here!”


The doctor and nurse quickly dodged. Looking at the table lamp shattered on the ground, they left
immediately. Ethan even drove away the servants of the Arnold family. He now seemed to have

returned to his old self. He was fierce, easily angered, and irritable, with no one able to approach him.

The servant said hesitantly, “Mr. Arnold, you should listen to the doctor. Mr. Gibbon has gone to Ms.
Jent. If she sees you like this, she won’t like it.”

These words quickly brought Ethan to his senses. He covered his face, realizing he could not control
his emotions. “Clean up the room and leave.”

xxx Na Villas, but unfortunately, there was no response. It seemed like nobody was there. To

best even reach Madelyn on her phone. Little did he know that someone was in the room SEANCARA,
ANG PAN MAYO suding ther current condition made it impossible for her to leave the house,


mong her every more. Madelyn could not utter a word, perhaps due to avoidance. It was hard MMAN
AVIV them her

30 xd poda sa over her, and embraced her from behind. Visible kiss marks were extending downward
from Master XX

who hat beft them

Madhe mua–box smer, and the loose collar revealed her delicate shoulders. Zach’s somewhat rough
fingers granx brooke. Yes it before he isn’t suitable for you.” He then lowered his head and kissed her.

Make Ass “Men’t suitable? So, are you suitable? Don’t forget, what will fadie think if she discovers Ou
want to keep our affair from being discovered, you’d better stop now.” She pulled up her collar and
pushed bmarine to

Sat snack to her bike ge and carried her into the study, a place he never allowed anyone to enter.
Then, he held her on his

“What are now big I want to go back to my room.”

Zach boll her wake rightly without allowing her to move at all. “Be quiet for a while, and then I’ll let you
go. Otherwise, I

just have sex with you right now”

with that one son, Madelyn immediately fell silent, Zach worked on the documents in his email. They
were all in Reshian, which Madelyn could not understand at all.

Pechaps seing her boredom, Zach took a book from the shelf on the table and handed it to her. “Read
a book if you have nothing to do Ask me if you don’t understand anything.

Made of discomfort upon seeing the Etlinish version of “Tropic of Cancer” that Zach had given her. She
clenched her reech in frustration. “Can’t you give me a book that’s not so explicit?”

He’s the type who reads only such books, which is why he’s frivolous for his age! All he thinks about is

Madelyn stood up, but Zach pushed her back down. “This isn’t just a banned book. The public opinion
has misled most people. ts content vividly portrays various aspects of life, including clothing, food, the
judicial system, and corruption. Mastering Etlinish is crucial if you want to go abroad. Without it, you’ll
still be at a disadvantage even if you make it to a foreign country.

“Even if I’m at a disadvantage, it has nothing to do with you.” Madelyn’s hand under the table clenched
into a fist.

Zach chuckled while pinching her cheek. “Getting stubborn now, are we?”

Zach forced Madelyn to look at him. His deep eyes exuded affection, causing her heart to skip a beat.
He wore glasses with gold. frames and exhibited a demeanor different from his usual self. Madelyn
rarely saw him smile. When she saw it, it was like a gentle blade, dangerously sharp

Madelyn remained clear–headed and refused to be seduced by him again. She averted her gaze,
casually flipping through the book Several passages were marked with annotations, all in Venturian. “I
want to read on the couch.”

“No, read here.”

“I can’t focus when you’re around.”

“Either you sit here or lie down on the bed and read. Choose one.”

Madelyn frowned, Zach always enjoyed using these tactics to threaten her. She knew she could not
escape and was too weary to resist. Besides, she knew what exactly Zach wanted, which was her

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