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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 462

Madelyn wasn’t sure how long she’d been asleep, but it was still dark when a strong, nasty smell of
alcohol woke her up. Something heavy was on her, and someone was kissing her neck.

“Mhm…” She let out small whimpers, feeling uncomfortable.

Just as she was about to speak, the man’s actions hit her like a sudden storm. He lifted her nightgown,
one hand moving between her thighs while the other fondled her breasts.

He seemed to take pleasure in every part of her without remorse.

Madelyn could only moan at the intense sensation. When she finally came to her senses, a familiar
scent surrounded her. Even in the pitch–black room, the sensations Zach stirred in her were all too
familiar. He always enjoyed teasing her, especially when she was asleep. He would gradually increase
the intensity until she couldn’t help but respond.

Whenever Madelyn begged him to stop, instead of relenting, it seemed to only excite him more, driving
him to make it even more intense. Eventually, she would go from weak resistance to satisfying his

Madelyn couldn’t fathom how Zach had managed to get in. She had changed the lock and even reset
the passcode.

Her hands kept tapping him as she mumbled, “Stop… Stop it!” However, her voice made it sound like
she was playing along. Zach had no intention of stopping. He unbuttoned and unzipped his own pants
while continuing to kiss her. Suddenly, he pinned her wrists above her head with one hand.

His breath was heavy as he whispered in her ear, “Help me, hmm?”

Madelyn’s chest was heaving. She could feel him rubbing between her thighs.

In their previous life when they were still married, Zach had often said that making love to her was
addictive. He would passionately engage with her until she had no energy left.

Madelyn had desired a child so much that once she had used a special essential oil on him, which
made it the longest he had ever lasted. Eventually, it felt like an exhausting ordeal for her.

“No, Zach… Get off me. It’s hurting,” she protested.

“Or maybe we could try something else? Can you help me with your…” Zach’s voice was gentle and
alluring as he traced his thumb across her lips. 2

Although Madelyn couldn’t see his face, she could feel his desire.

Madelyn clenched her teeth in frustration. “Zach Jardin, don’t make me do something so gross. What
do you want, anyway? Didn’t I tell you not to come back?”

Zach ignored her words and playfully nibbled on her earlobe. “How about using your hand?”

“Get up, I’m sore,” Madelyn insisted.

Suddenly, Zach sat up, turning on a bedside lamp that cast a soft, dim light across the room. In that
gentle glow, Madelyn’s long hair spilled over the edge of the bed…

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Chapter 463


After the struggle, beads of sweat had formed on Madelyn’s forehead. Her nightgown was disheveled,
revealing a significant portion of her flawless skin. She was both angry and embarrassed, her
expression only serving to further excite Zach.

Zach stared at her intensely, as if he wanted to see right through her.

Madelyn didn’t want to meet his gaze. She turned her face to the side, focusing on the curtains. Zach
couldn’t resist planting a kiss on her delicate collarbone.

Margaret had already left the mansion. Madelyn and Zach were alone in there, so no matter how much
Madelyn resisted, she couldn’t escape his grasp. It felt like her fate was almost predetermined. Even
though Zach wouldn’t go all the way, she still feared that he might if he got too aroused.

In addition, with Hayson gone, it seemed like the entire Jent family had become Zach’s domain.

Zach’s last bit of patience had worn thin. “Well, then let me help you choose,” he said as he brushed
his manhood against her chin.

Madelyn struggled hard again. She closed her eyes as she snarled, “You freaking pervert. Leave me

“Shh… Just a while, okay?”

Forty minutes had passed. Madelyn grabbed whatever was nearby, wiping off what was on her chest
and face. Then, in one swift motion, she tossed it right at Zach’s head.

“… I fucking want to kill you, you jerk! Get out now!”

Zach nonchalantly removed the shirt from his head, tossing it to a corner. Then, he stood up and lifted
Madelyn from the bed.

Madelyn extended her leg and aimed a kick, but Zach swiftly evaded it. She took the opportunity to dart
to the other side of the bed, intending to reach the door. Just as the door was slightly ajar, there was a
sudden and forceful ‘thud‘ as it was slammed shut.

Zach seized her, causing her to twist and lie flat against the door, showcasing her graceful curves and
her waist. Except for a few models with exceptional figures, not every woman possessed such a waist.

In the world of business and power, Zach had encountered various exchanges. Among all the women
he had seen, none could compare to Madelyn, the girl he currently pinned against the door.

“You’ve got some guts, trying to kick me there.”

“You’ll end up with no heir and die a horrible death. Mark my words.”

Zach gripped her waist, making her bend slightly. He tilted his head, appreciating her figure with a
smirk. ‘With this much temper, it seemed she won’t give up her life easily,‘ he thought to himself.

His hands roamed, urging her to clasp her thighs together. “If I’m going to die, I want to die on top of

Madelyn bit her lip, her eyes filled with even greater humiliation. Zach had never loved her; he had
always treated her like a plaything, summoning her at his will and discarding her just as easily.

She thought, ‘He’s only into my body…‘

Zach rubbed his manhood between her thighs.

After over an hour, Zach finally released her. Madelyn felt utterly drained, her body on the verge of
collapse. He caught her just in time and carried her into the bathroom.

Madelyn’s fingers could hardly move, her mind shrouded in a hazy fog. It had to be acknowledged that
Zach was not only a man who desired her every day but also a master of seduction…

Under his relentless pursuit, the overwhelming satisfaction she experienced was mingled with
resentment, yet every time she found herself unable to push him away.

Madelyn had slept for nearly twenty hours and walks up at hour thirty in it

Both of them lay unclothed, sharing the same beat Madelyn’s back was presand agatat his warm holy
she stared blankly out of the window, and for some reason. It gave her a feeling as if she had not been
reburn, and there was no ascund beginning at all.

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