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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 452

As Margaret said that, she grabbed her phone and pressed the phone number for Madelyn to see.

Madelyn immediately recognized the phone number. She thought, ‘If he already has an answer, there’s
no need for us to contact each other unnecessarily again.

‘He’s indeed a very good man. But maybe we aren’t destined to be together.‘

Madelyn made wholehearted efforts in every kind of relationship she was in. She had no regrets.

Three days later, at six in the evening, Madelyn wore a plain black hooded coat and light–colored
sports pants. The weather was still cold, so she wore a few pieces of clothes. She was not really dolled
up. However, she applied some light–colored lipstick to make herself look better.

This was her first time leaving Southern Haven Villas after being discharged from the hospital. It was
still sunny. The sunlight shone on her body, making her feel warm.

The scheduled driver arrived at the door. When Madelyn fastened her seatbelt, she was thinking about
getting a driver’s license when she was free so that it would be more convenient to go out every day.

She encountered the evening peak traffic when she was on her way to the award ceremony held by

Not only will the top executives of SkyTech be attending the ceremony, but top executives from several
partner companies will attend, too.

The award ceremony was held at Celestial Hotel, a five–star hotel.

At the banquet venue, Ethan sat in the main seat in the audience. A woman with long, red, curly hair
was sitting beside him. She wore a black strapless gown. She appeared assertive and extravagant.
The diamond tassel earrings she was wearing reached her shoulders. She had a very aggressive look.

In addition, her stunning tattoo on her neck down to her chest was also very eye–catching.

The person in charge, sitting on Ethan’s right, reminded him, “Mr. Arnold, it’s been an hour. When
should we start?”

Donna played with her fingernails out of boredom, “I heard that Madelyn is the only awardee. You’re
not waiting for her, are you?”

Ethan did not respond. His gaze was intimidating and gloomy. He stared at the stage and said, “Let’s
start now.”

No one expected the CEO of the Arnold Corporation to attend this insignificant award ceremony.
Moreover, SkyTech was just a recently established company. It was unbelievable.

Although SkyTech was a new company, it was the only one with the opportunity to collaborate with the
Arnold Corporation. Not only did SkyTech manage to secure the investment, but it also gained access
to the Arnold Corporation’s resources. This made the prospects of SkyTech limitless.

The host went on stage and concluded the employee meeting.

Since there was only one awardee for this ceremony, the award presentation was saved for last.

The host went down the stage and asked his colleagues from the same company, “What’s going on?
It’s already this late. Why hasn’t she arrived yet?”

A female colleague answered, “We couldn’t reach her by phone. We’re still trying to contact her.”

The host remarked, “Better be quick. After Mr. Arnold finishes his speech, he’ll present the award
personally. It’ll be embarrassing for us if she doesn’t arrive by then.”

The colleagues concurred, “Okay.”

Ethan took the microphone. He crumpled the speech note and threw it aside, “I’ve nothing to say. Let’s
move on to the next segment. My time is very valuable.”

At that moment, everyone was terrified because the awardee had not arrived.

When Madelyn arrived, it was already past seven in the evening.

In the final minute, the main doors of the venue were opened. However, the person who appeared was
a calm young man in a white cardigan. It was Kennedy!

Madelyn appeared shortly after. She was panting. She did not like being in the spotlight. She suddenly
felt overwhelmed when she noticed so many people were looking at her.

Kennedy said, “Go. You can do

Akade was hestrating and mulling over whether to sign it. This was a job offer. She hesitated because
she would start working for someone even before she graduated.

“Congratulations.” Ethan’s low, deep voice could be heard above Madelyn’s head.

Madsen’s heart skipped a beat, “thank you.”

There was a dinner party after the award ceremony

Madelyn did not enjoy this kind of lively atmosphere. She wanted to refuse the dinner party, but she
could not. She was persuaded to star

than was a person of high status. He was also the center of attention and was entirely different from
ordinary people. Madelyn was not qualified to sit with him and sat in a different private room.

Fortunately, her classmate, Kennedy, was there too.

However, it was hard for her to strike up a conversation with him. After all, she had not been to school
for such a long time. Usually, their conversations were limited to discussing questions on school
subjects. They did not chat much about any other

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Madelyn glanced at Kennedy. She did not expect him to be here.

Kennedy had his work badge on. After hearing his encouragement, Madelyn took a deep breath and
walked in.

The host quickly invited Madelyn onto the stage.

Chapter 453

The large screen behind Madelyn displayed the painting created by her. It was spectacular. It was not
just about the colors but abo the painting skills. It would usually require at least three to four decades of
experience to achieve this skill level.

Aladelyn took a moment to catch her breath. It was hard for her to ignore the gazes of the two people
sitting in the main seats. This was her first time seeing Donna. She thought Donna appeared very
compatible with Ethan. She found them to be a perfect match

After going through so much, Madelyn would no longer panic. When she saw Ethan, she was more
composed than she imagined.

After she glanced at him, she removed the hood of her coat and said, “I’m sorry for being late. There
was traffic on the way here”

Atost of the people there were astonished when they saw Madelyn.

Initially, they were astonished because, despite her young age, her painting skills reached the level of a
prestigious art college. Every year, millions of students applied for the art college through exams. But
only a few hundred students would be accepted. And the judges, this time, were professors from the
prestigious art college.

And now, the audience was stunned by Madelyn’s beauty. She was dressed minimally but looked so
gorgeous that everyone could remember it for a lifetime with just a glance.

The best–selling magazine back then only showed Madelyn’s vague side face. When the audience saw
Madelyn in person, they thought she was even more beautiful and particularly charming.

A man with white hair in his sixties or seventies in the audience lowered his head to put on his glasses
before picking up the microphone, “Before presenting you with the award, may I ask where you drew
your inspiration for this painting?”

The host handed the microphone over to Madelyn. It was her first time taking the floor. She seemed a
little nervous and did not know how to begin.

She seemed to calm down when everyone quieted to listen to her speak. She said, “Actually, I painted
this piece with a ‘give it a try‘ attitude. Because, at that time, it was the darkest and lowest point in my
life. I missed a very important competition which caused me to nearly… I felt helpless. I even thought of
dropping out of school. I just wanted to live aimlessly.

“Moreover, the theme of this competition was ‘hope‘. But at that time, I felt extremely hopeless.

“However, a friend of mine once told me that even if a person lives in darkness, they shouldn’t fear the
sunlight. If the person is willing, that beam of light can be their redemption. There’ll only be a chance for
miracles when grasping the light. The more impossible it seems…”

Forrest’s voice appeared in Madelyn’s mind, including all the words he had told her. [2

She continued, “The more you should turn it into a possibility! Hope can arise even in difficult
circumstances. Darkness and light can coexist.

“These words inspired me. No matter how hopeless and sad I felt at that time, at the lowest point of my
life, I wanted to paint a warm picture full of hope. That was what I wanted the most.”

After Madelyn finished speaking, she received a round of applause.

When she received the applause and affirmation, she looked directly in front, not at anyone in

However, when she noticed the nameplate on the table, she was surprised to find that it was Leonardo
Monet, a national–level painting master. He was also a professor at Ventropolis College of Art.

Initially, Madelyn was not completely sure that it was him. She was only sure when she looked at his

When the host announced the award, Ethan stepped forward and gave her a crystal trophy with a
SkyTech logo, which featured a cartoon character holding a paintbrush.

There was also an agreement to become a contract artist with SkyTech.

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