Novel Name : The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 409

Ethan patiently accompanied Madelyn as she ate the chicken potato soup. They did not mention the
matter they talked about in the car. They decided to leave it as that.

Ethan asked, “Is it good?”

Madelyn answered, “It’s okay. I’m going to my room to do my homework now. You should sleep early.

Ethan nodded, “Goodnight.”

He watched her as she went upstairs. He was holding a lighter in his hand with a contemplative look.

George noticed something was going on between them. He asked tentatively, “Did you and Ms. Jent
have an argument?”

Ethan crossed his left leg over his right and leaned back, “She wanted me to help deal with those
reporters. I didn’t agree with it. Am I not treating her well enough? Our relationship isn’t something to

George pondered before responding, “Ms. Jent probably isn’t used to receiving so much attention.
From what I know, she’s used to being on her own. She rarely interacts with other people. Now that
those reporters have bothered her, it’s reasonable that she feels anxious. If she’s really going to marry
into the Arnold family one day, she’ll eventually have to adapt to it.

“It might not be a bad idea for her to get used to it now.”

Ethan thought, ‘After she graduates, she’ll eventually become the lady of the Arnold Corporation. She’ll
face even more reporters in the future. If she can’t handle it now, she’ll only habitually back away in the


George noticed Ethan seemed to have been convinced by him. He added, “Today, Madam came to the
villa to look for Ms. Jent. And she said she wanted to eat a red velvet cake.”

Ethan smiled slightly, “I can’t bear to let her cook. She deserves to just enjoy it.”

After Madelyn finished her homework and memorized a few words, she went to sleep.

The next morning, Ethan buttoned his suit and went downstairs. He did not see Madelyn at the dining
table. He then glanced at the entire living hall but still did not see her. He asked, “Where’s Madelyn?”

“Ms. Jent went to school very early today. She said she wanted to familiarize herself with the exam

In the past, Madelyn would usually sit in her seat to wait for him to have breakfast together before he
dropped her off at


Ethan was unsettled when he did not see the person he wanted to see. He believed she was avoiding
him because of what happened yesterday. He did not like her to behave this way.

Just as the street vendors set up their stalls early in the morning, Madelyn arrived at school. She
bought a sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate from a stall in front of Ventropolis High School.

When she was about to pay, she heard, “I’ll pay for those too.”

‘This voice…’ she thought before she looked at him.

She wondered, ‘Why do I keep running into him, even near the school gate?’

Zach bought a few buns and sausages. He put the change into his wallet and asked, “Am I that good-

Madelyn quickly looked away, “Why are you here?”

“Are you confident for the Math Olympiad exam?” Zach did not reply to her question.

Madelyn replied coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

Due to their height differences, Zach leaned down close to her ear. His warm breath brushed against
her ear as he spoke in his deep, pleasant voice, “I’ll give you a gift after your exam.”

“I don’t want it.” Madelyn stepped backward to distance herself from him. She then turned her head and
ran away.

She thought, ‘What kind of good gift can he possibly give me?’

On the way back, Zach passed by a shopping mall. He walked into a lingerie store. The salesperson
inside immediately approached him enthusiastically and said, “Sir, are you choosing lingerie for your
wife? We have various styles of lingerie here for you to choose from.”

“Are there any other options?” Zach thought, ‘These are all too conservative. They aren’t suitable for

The salesperson immediately understood and responded, “Yes. Take a look at those.”

Zach then walked to the section dedicated to sexy lingerie. The lingerie there was almost transparent.
And some of the panties were brief G-string underwear.

Zach picked up a piece of almost see-through lingerie and glanced at it. He said, “I’ll take all of them in
this size.”

“Of course. Please wait for a moment, sir. I’ll prepare them for you right away.”

Madelyn felt uncomfortable throughout the morning. She did not know why, but she had a feeling that
something bad might happen.

At noon, Albert distributed everyone’s examination admission ticket number before bringing them to
familiarize themselves with the venue because this exam was extremely important.

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