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The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming Chapter 393

Back in the classroom, Madelyn had barely taken her seat when she noticed Jadie. She hadn’t
anticipated Jadie’s discharge so soon. ‘Well, the Math Olympiad is just around the corner,‘ she thought.

Today marked Madelyn’s return to the Math Olympiad team. If she managed to pass the test, all that
remained was completing the remaining courses and patiently awaiting graduation, and most of what
she wanted to achieve would already be halfway done.

Madelyn went about her day as usual. In the afternoon, Mya asked her to have lunch together. On their
way to the cafeteria, Madelyn felt that many people were looking at her. She noticed that the girls who
were looking at her were holding some magazines.

Madelyn didn’t pay much attention to what others were doing. After lunch, she had to attend the Math
Olympiad training


Mya said, “Madelyn, don’t you find them strange? It’s like everyone is looking at you!”

Madelyn had the same feeling, and she questioned, “Is there something on my face?”

“No, not at all. You look great!” Mya replied sincerely.

They got to the cafeteria and finished their meal.

Madelyn didn’t have the time to go over problems with Mya today. She could only hand her the
prepared notes, which should be easy for Mya to grasp. If Mya could remember everything, acing the
test would be a breeze.

Upon reaching the Math Olympiad training class, Madelyn found Jadie already there. Albert, the
teacher leading the Olympiad Math Team, was delighted to see Madelyn and had even set up an extra
seat for her.

“Kennedy is fetching your practice materials, just give it a moment!” he exclaimed.

“Sure thing,” Madelyn replied, placing her backpack down and taking her seat.

“You haven’t disappointed me at all. Other teachers have been grumbling because you, the second–
best student in the entire grade, snagged the only available seat. I overheard them discussing you
during a meeting. You’ve made me proud,” Albert said, looking quite pleased. In reality, he was secretly
delighted to finally receive recognition as an exceptional teacher this


Kennedy and Lem entered the classroom, and Kennedy placed some practice materials on Madelyn’s
desk. She occupied the first seat in the second row, with Kennedy to her left and Lem to her right.

“Well, well, who would have thought that one day, we would be separated,” said Lem.

Kennedy remarked casually. “Welcome back, Madelyn.”

Madelyn nodded. “Thanks.” She discreetly turned her head, briefly catching Jadie’s gaze.

Madelyn acted like she didn’t notice and directed her attention to the practice materials. It wasn’t the
first time she had seen Jadie look like this, but it always made her feel a bit uneasy. There was a
distant look in Jadie’s eyes, unlike the usual expression she expected from her.

As the class began, Madelyn realized that the material Albert was teaching was well within her grasp,
thanks largely to Ethan’s efforts. The tutors he had arranged for her had already covered nearly half of
the knowledge.

In the lobby of the Arnold Corporation building, a woman dressed in a gothic style, sporting sunglasses,
was casually chewing gum in front of the receptionist desk. Her eye makeup was bold, and her face
was covered in heavy foundation. Tattoos adorned her hands and neck, giving her an unconventional
appearance in the eyes of most people.

The receptionist gazed at her, feeling a mix of surprise and a faint sense of recognition. “Can I assist
you?” she inquired.

Donna Johe lowered her sunglasses and offered a smile, her red lips curving. “Don’t you recognize

Upon seeing this familiar face, the receptionist gasped, “Miss Jolie? Are you… Are you here to see Mr.

Chapter 394

Donna, wearing knee–high boots, confidently strode toward the CEO’s private elevator.

The receptionist’s new colleague asked curiously, “Who is she? Why is she dressed so strangely?”

Long–time employees at Arnold Corporation were aware that than had a high school girlfriend in the
past. For some unknown reason, she had wanted to break up with the CEO. Then, in a mysterious turn
of events, they were both involved in a car accident on the highway, which nearly took Ethan’s life. That
ex–girlfriend of Ethan was Donna.

Arnold family had kept this incident quiet, and not many people outside were aware of it. Donna had
somehow disappeared afterward.

Donna and Ethan’s relationship had been highly publicized in the past. Not only did the entire Arnold
Corporation know of her existence, but even the Arnold family, despite their reservations about her,

dared not do anything against her because of Ethan’s protection. After all these years, she had

After an hour–long meeting, Leyton emerged with a magazine in hand. “Now it has sold a hundred
thousand copies. Miss Jent is probably unaware of this. Should we consider seeking compensation
from the magazine?”

The cover featured a couple walking hand in hand on a beach. The man’s face was obscured, but the
woman’s profile was visible. The background depicted a beautiful scene of the blue sky and sea,
creating a captivating image.

Especially striking was the woman’s gaze as she looked at the man beside her–a look filled with deep
affection. Anyone who saw the photo would assume that the woman was deeply in love with the man.

However, these two individuals were none other than Ethan and Madelyn. They had been secretly
photographed while taking a stroll in Marisburg and had ended up on the magazine’s cover.

This magazine company specialized in capturing photos of couples. It wasn’t very well–known before
and had average sales with their previous issues. However, due to this particular cover, it unexpectedly
became a sensation. The magazine, with a hundred thousand copies initially printed, had completely
sold out. They had even been in the process of additional printings until Arnold Corporation put a stop
to it, just half an hour ago, for infringing on the personal image rights of those photographed without
their knowledge.

Ethan looked at the cover and smiled. “It’s well done. Let’s pretend we don’t know about this.”

Leyton was puzzled, “Pretend we don’t know?” He wondered, ‘What does he mean?‘

It wasn’t until Ethan gave him a knowing look that Leyton realized, “I got it now. I’ll have the legal
department withdraw the letter.”

Leyton thought, ‘Pretending not to know means acknowledging the magazine’s actions. It seems Mr.
Arnold wants to turn a blind eye and allow the magazine to continue printing and selling, so that
everyone knows about his relationship with Miss Jent.‘

Leyton couldn’t help but think that this incident had been a huge boon for the magazine. After all, Ethan
was not one to easily show his face, even at events or parties.

The two of them arrived at the door of Ethan’s office.

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