The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 374

Madelyn left after waiting for fifteen minutes. As she got into the Arnold family’s car, she turned on her
phone and saw several messages from Ethan. When Madelyn was about to reply, a call came in
suddenly. Nervously, she pressed the answer button. “Father.”

It was a call from Hayson. He rarely called her personally. “I heard from Zach that you also received the
invitation to the Young family’s banquet?”

The voice over the phone spoke calmly as usual. Madelyn felt the pressure with just that short
sentence. “Yes.”

“Mr. Arnold hasn’t come back yet, so he probably won’t make it to the banquet. Come back today and
prepare for it. I’ll take you there tomorrow. It’s a good opportunity for you to meet a few uncles.”

“But…” Madelyn uttered the word like a faint murmur. She was unsure if he heard her, so she quickly
changed her tune and said, Alright, Father. I got it.”

Talking too much was no use anyway, since no matter the situation or the reason, Madelyn could not
refuse Hayson. She told the driver to change direction and return to the Jent family’s Southern Haven
Villas. Once home, she had the driver leave.

The Young family’s connections were not as vast as the Arnold family’s, but the attendees were all
prominent figures this time. Bringing Madelyn along was Hayson’s way of informing the entire
Ventropolis circle about her relationship with Ethan, thereby achieving his goals.

Previously, Ethan had considered taking Madelyn to various banquets, but she declined them all. It was
just because she did not want to go, and Ethan would never force her to do something she did not want
to. However, Hayson was different. Having grown up under this kind of pressure, she had no choice but
to comply.

Back at the Jent residence, Madelyn noticed a table full of people already seated, seemingly waiting for
her. Zach, Jadie, and Jasmine were all there as well. Hayson’s gaze shifted toward her. “Go wash your
hands and join us for dinner.”

“Yes, Father.” Margaret took over her school bag. Jasmine stood up and served her a bowl of chicken
soup. “How’ve you been at the Arnold residence? It’s been a while, and you’ve become even more
beautiful. Madelyn sat beside Jasmine and smiled, saying, “Thank you.”

Suddenly, Hayson asked, “Did he tell you when he’ll return?” “He went to Marisburg for a week. The
earliest he’ll come back is the day after tomorrow,” said Madelyn. “Have you two slept together yet?”

Madelyn choked on the chicken soup she was sipping. She could almost feel the numerous gazes fixed
on her and also one particularly piercing and unsettling gaze that sent shivers down her spine. Without
even looking, she knew where that gaze was coming from.

Jasmine patted her on the back to ease her discomfort. “Look at what you’re saying. Madelyn’s still a
child, and Mr. Arnold is a sensible person. They probably haven’t done anything.”

Madelyn wished she could dig a hole and bury herself. ‘How could Father ask such a question during
dinner? He used to hate it when I talked at the dinner table.’

Madelyn also had her own thoughts. Trying to appear less nervous, “Occasionally.”

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