The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 376

“I went to bed early last night, so I woke up early. Ethan, I’ll probably be at home over the weekend. My
father wants to take me to the Young family’s banquet tonight.”

“Do you want to go? If you don’t want to, I can have George pick you up later. Maybe you could even
come to Marisburg. The day after tomorrow is Monday, and we can return to Ventropolis together.”

Madelyn was aware of the relationship between the Young and Arnold families. The CEO of YTCorp
was Ethan’s mother, who had taken over the Young family’s business after leaving the Arnold family.
For so many years, the relationship between Ethan and his mother had not been good, and the two
families had never cooperated. To outsiders, it appeared that the Arnold family had no interest in
collaborating with the Young family.

Back when Ethan confined himself in the Southern Haven Villas, his mother would visit him frequently.
Her care for him was no less than her care for Yvonne. Madelyn believed that it was Ethan who had
pushed his mother away. She did not know what had happened between them, but bringing up those
past events would ruin Ethan’s mood. “But what if my father gets mad?” said Madelyn.

“I’ll protect you. Your father won’t dare to say anything. If they bully you, just tell me. I’ll scold them for
I’m back.” you when “Alright then, I’ll get up now and go to you.”

Ethan said, “Okay. When you’re ready, send me a message.”

“Got it.” When Leyton was driving, he overheard their conversation, “So, do we still need to go back

They finished their original one-week plan three days ahead of schedule. Leyton knew the reason. It
was all because that day, Madelyn mentioned missing him. That drove them to work through two
consecutive nights to complete the project.

‘Love really does open up new horizons for people.’ Ethan thought. He responded, “No need. Go and
choose a restaurant for lunch. Make sure it serves local specialties.”

“Alright, Mr. Arnold.” Ventropolis was close to Marisburg. The drive to Marisburg through the highway
took about an hour and a half. Marisburg was by the sea, and there were many night markets open in
the evening. Ethan had also said he wanted to accompany her for a stroll.

Madelyn wore a black wool coat, which Ethan had lent her last time. She was worried that Marisburg
might be too cold, so she wrapped a red scarf around her neck. His coat was quite loose and a bit long
on her, but it was very warm.

Holding onto the railing, Madelyn eavesdropped on a conversation between George and her father at
the corner of the first-floor staircase. “In that case, please take her to Marisburg! Let her go out and see
the city. This child rarely goes out.”

Zach was the first to notice her secretly hiding on the stairs, and he gave her a subtle look. Jadie
followed Zach’s gaze and also spotted Madelyn.

“George, sorry to keep you waiting. I’m ready.” Madelyn dressed casually. If one did not look at her
face, one might think her coat and the boots did not match. However, her stunning face ensured she
was always the center of attention, regardless of her outfit or location. She descended the stairs, one
hand in her coat pocket and the other holding a chain bag. George immediately recognized the coat
Madelyn was wearing. “So this coat was with Ms. Jent.”

“George, is there a problem?” Madelyn lowered her head and glanced. George smiled kindly and said,
“This coat is a handmade custom design. It’s unavailable to buy in stores and is also one of Mr.
Arnold’s favorites. The servants couldn’t find it when they looked for it last time.”

“This must be very expensive!” Madelyn looked down. On her birthday, Ethan had lent this coat to her
to wear since he had been worried she might feel cold. However, she had forgotten to return it until

“As far as I know, that designer’s custom pieces start at a minimum of three million. The designer only
takes ten orders a year.”

‘Three million? This price would at least increase to tens of millions in ten years.’ Madelyn suddenly felt
like she was wearing a million bucks. She took a deep breath. “I’ll go upstairs to change into something

“Ms. Jent, you don’t have to do that. It’s just a piece of clothing. As long as you like it, Mr. Arnold won’t
care even if you burn it.”

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