The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 375

Upon hearing this answer, Hayson unfurrowed his brows a little. “You’re not young anymore. “Jasmine,
teach her about intimate matters. “Madelyn, try to have a child within three years.”

‘Sigh, a child?’ Madelyn sometimes could not help but feel a sense of self- pity. At the same time, she
felt fear because she would never have her own child, not in her previous life, nor in this one. It was her
only regret in these two lifetimes.

Jasmine glanced at the man across from her thoughtfully, and a hint of a knowing smile played on her

After dinner, Madelyn returned to her room. She took a shower and then dried her hair with a towel.
When she heard a knock on the door, she was suddenly startled, staring at it as if a demon were

“Madelyn, are you asleep?” Hearing Jasmine’s voice, Madelyn breathed a sigh of relief. She went to
open the door, seeing Jasmine looking mysterious with a box in her hands. “Is there something wrong,
Aunt Jasmine?”

“Your father asked me to bring you something.” Jasmine entered the room and placed the items on the
table. Madelyn closed the door and watched as Jasmine took discs from the box. “You can watch these
in the evenings.”

Madelyn stared at the images on the discs, and her reaction showed extreme shock. They were all in
unreadable Jonirian, featuring several women dressed in alluring kimonos. Without a doubt, Madelyn
knew what the content was. She could only describe it as absurd’.

Seeing her reaction, Jasmine raised her eyebrows and smiled gently. “As a woman, you’ll go through
all this eventually. Learning ahead is good. Aside from your physical appearance, your intimacy skills in

the bedroom are also important. Madelyn, you’re blessed with such good looks, so make sure you don’t
waste it in vain.”

Her words seemed to hold a hidden meaning, and Madelyn could only feign ignorance. Jasmine left
after giving her a knowing smile.

‘Is Father planning to make me like Jasmine, using my appearance and body to please men?’ Madelyn
waved away these disgusting things with one hand. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying
to calm herself.

Once she had calmed down, she silently picked up all those things and tossed them into the closet.
“The relationship between Ethan and I doesn’t require this kind of stuff to keep going, unlike theirs.”

As midnight approached, Madelyn was getting ready to sleep. She glanced at the securely locked door
but still felt uneasy, so she placed a chair to block it. Madelyn slept restlessly that night.

She checked the time on her phone, which was charging on the bedside table. When she saw a
message, Madelyn realized she had forgotten to reply to Ethan. She typically woke up around 8:30
a.m., except on school days.

Madelyn lay on the bed, still feeling a bit sleepy. With her eyes closed, she called Ethan. After about
half a minute, he answered, “It’s the weekend, why aren’t you sleeping in?”

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