The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 372

Hey, Madelyn, why are you meddling in Class Two’s business?” Ailsa Zink slammed her hand on the
desk and stood up, joined by her close friends. Madelyn recognized them as friends of Kayla. “That’s
right! We asked Mya to help, not you. Go back to your class.”

Mya was scared of them but still quickly stood ahead of Madelyn. “Don’t bully her. I’ll buy lunch for you

Then, she timidly tugged at Madelyn’s sleeve from behind and said, “Madelyn, I’m fine. Just go back to
your class. You’ve helped me a lot, and I don’t want to trouble you.”

A group of people approached. Then, one of them picked up Madelyn’s notebook and said mockingly,
“Can that idiot even understand this?”

“Don’t touch it. It belongs to Madelyn.” Mya reached out to grab it but was teased and played with by
them like a puppet.

‘Are you telling me not to touch it? Well, guess what? Not only am I going to touch it, but I’m even going
to tear it apart!”

Mya said anxiously, “Don’t!” The others were all enjoying the spectacle. That person looked at her
provocatively, and a tear was made on the page.

Madelyn remained calm. Suddenly, she spoke, “Before tearing it, why not flip the page on it?” and see
whose name is written “Cut the drama! It’s just a useless notebook. What’s so special about it?” Ailsa
turned a page, and her expression changed instantly.

“So what? Who cares?” Ailsa said, but she nervously put the notebook back. Madelyn said, “Wait.”

“Wh-What else do you want me to do?” Ailsa asked.

“Apologize to Mya.”

“Why should I apologize to an idiot like her?” “Just because of the name written on it, “Madelyn
suppressed her anger and forced herself to speak calmly.

Perhaps due to her fear, Ailsa still reluctantly apologized to Mya. Indeed, she had a reason to be
fearful. “I’m sorry, Mya!” She practically gritted her teeth while saying it.

However, she still felt defiant deep down. ‘She’s just using her body to get ahead. What’s so special
about her? Let’s see how long you can keep being so arrogant, Madelyn Jent!’

The others were curious about whose name Ailsa saw on the page and why it made her change her
attitude suddenly.

“Oh, it’s quite lively here!” Forrest immediately disrupted the unusual vibe as he arrived. He was still
wearing his basketball jersey and casually threw the ball into the hoop by the hygiene corner.

“Are you here to vent your anger on behalf of this idiot again?” He said this to Madelyn, and the ‘idiot’
referred to Mya. “You’re so warm-hearted, huh? When did…”

Madelyn ignored him and turned to Mya, saying, “From now on, come find me at noon every day. I’ll
teach you. If anyone dares to bully you, just slap this notebook in their face.”

Madelyn’s confidence came from the support she received from Ethan. The bell for class rang.
Madelyn was about to leave, but Forrest suddenly grabbed her.

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