The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 367

Zach and Jadie only returned to Grand Court after having dinner in the evening. Today was the most
fun Jadie had ever had, so she had some red wine. By the time they got home, Zach had to help a
drunk Jadie inside as he closed the door with his foot.

Jadie turned around and wrapped her arms around Zach’s neck, her voice slurred from intoxication.
“Zach… promise me that we’ll be together forever and ever!”

CRASH! A sound came from inside the house, which was then accompanied by a shriek. The sound
was faint, but Zach still heard it. He noticed the light shining from under the door. “There’s someone in
the house!’ he thought.

Someone was in the house, but it was not just anyone, it was Madelyn. Madelyn walked out of Jadie’s
room, clutching her forehead and dragging a suitcase. When she walked out and saw the brightly lit
living room, she was startled.

She inhaled sharply as she saw the two’s intimate posture, which seemed like they were about to make
love. She apologized profusely, “Sorry! I’m just here to get the clothes I left here the last time. I copied
Jadie’s notes that were torn up and left them on the table. “You two continue what you were doing. I’ll
be leaving now,” she added.

Back when Southern Haven Villas was being renovated, Madelyn had stayed at the house for a while
and brought over many things. Most of it was the clothes she usually wore, and the Math Olympiad
notes she forgot to take when she had left in a hurry.

After Madelyn had borrowed some materials from the library, she had swung by to grab her things. Just
as she was about to leave, she realized she had forgotten to take the Etlinish cassette tape she had
accidentally kicked to the foot of the bed earlier.

After Madelyn bent down to pick up her cassette, she hit her forehead on her way up. By the time she
gathered all of her things, the two had already returned.

‘I only came because someone else other than Zach picked up the house landline. If I’d known, I
wouldn’t have come over,’ she thought. Madelyn did not wait for Zach to speak and quickly walked past
the two as if she were running for her life.

Meanwhile, Jadie fell onto Zach as if she were drunk. After Madelyn walked past them, Jadie suddenly
kissed Zach.

BANG! The door was shut. With an icy expression, Zach pushed Jadie away. “Jadie, you’re drunk. I’ll
help you back to your room.”

“I’m not. I want to do it with you.”

She continued, “Zach, I’m of age now. I can…” “That’s enough!” Zach said sharply. Since you’re sober,
go back to your room and get some rest. I’ve got things to do.”

Just as Zach turned to go to the study. Jadie suddenly yelled, “I saw it!” She paused before continuing,
“I saw everything. That night, I saw you holding Madelyn at the entrance of the restaurant…”

Jadie was too upset to finish her sentence. However, Zach ignored her. Just as he reached the door of
his study, Jadie wailed, “Zach, aren’t you even going to explain yourself?”

Zach snapped, “Jadie, I’ve done more than enough for you. Whether you want to break up or not, that’s
up to you!”

With that, he closed the study door, leaving Jadie alone in the living room. Jadie stood there
heartbroken as a tear rolled down her face.

‘Why? Why can I never get the things that I want?! Why is it that everything that belongs to me always
gets snatched away?! Why do I always get looked down upon no matter where I go?’ she lamented.

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