The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 365

Zach looked deeply into her eyes. His thoughts were difficult to discern. Even after spending so much
time with him, Jadie still felt insecure about him.

Although they were in a relationship now, Jadie felt she never truly understood him. Other than holding
hands, they had never even kissed before.

Jadie always wondered if she was too desperate. She thought, ‘Zach always treats me as his sister.
Seems like he still hasn’t moved beyond our previous relationship.’

Zach went to settle the bill at the front desk before they left the restaurant. They went to the Jent
residence instead of going back to the Grand Court. Jadie sat in the car as she looked at the huge villa.
She asked, “Zach, are we not going home?”

Ever since Jadie returned from overseas, she had never liked the Jent residence in the Southern
Haven Villas. She particularly disliked the way Hayson looked at her. Zach asked, “You don’t like it

“It’s not that.” Jadie shook her head. But Zach could tell from her expression that Jadie had something
hard for her to say. He asked, “Did something happen? You can tell me.”

Zach’s gaze looked like he was going to see through her. Jadie panicked and lowered her eyes. She
grabbed the bottom of her skirt and quickly said, “It’s nothing. You’re overthinking it.” After that, she
swiftly kissed Zach’s cheek. She blushed as she said shyly, “Goodnight, Zach. I’m going in now.”

Jadie opened the door and hurriedly ran in as if she had done something wrong. Jadie’s scent was still
lingering on Zach’s face. But he still looked cool.

When Jadie was in the living hall, she saw Jasmine, who was still awake. She greeted her before
running upstairs. Jasmine thought, ‘If Jadie is back, it means he’s back too.’

Zach walked in with one hand in his pocket. He gave out a chilly vibe. He put his key at the entrance.
He then gloomily glanced at the person in the kitchen before looking away.

“Back from a date with your little girlfriend?” Jasmine was wearing a purple sleeping gown, which had a
deep V-neckline. The fabric of her gown was thin, which clearly revealed her curves. It was obvious
that she was wearing nothing underneath the nightgown. She was holding a cup of water as she
walked out of the kitchen.

She immediately noticed Zach’s expression. She asked, “What’s wrong? Are you unhappy? Did that
little girl reject you?”

“No… It’s more like…” Jasmine suddenly walked toward him and passed the cup to his hand. The
water was still warm. There was a lip mark at the edge of the transparent cup. She continued, “You’re
not interested in her!”

Zach looked at her intensely as he said, “So? What are you trying to say?” Jasmine chuckled, “I’ve
known you for so many years. I understand you very well. If you truly liked Jadie, you wouldn’t be
acting this way.

“You’re extremely possessive. If you really liked Jadie, you would’ve gone mad when she messed
around with a bunch of men after she returned from overseas. You wouldn’t just ignore it.

“And the girl you had provided for over a year… It’s obvious that she looked like a certain person. Zach,
do you want me to continue?”

Jasmine smiled teasingly as she raised her eyebrow. She appeared very seductive. She continued,
“I’m actually very curious. You know very well that you’ve fallen for Madelyn. But why did you watch her
go to the Arnold residence without doing anything?!”

Zach did not admit to Jasmine’s statement about liking Madelyn. But he did not deny it either.

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