The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 371

After an hour passed, Forrest still did not show up. With his current results, there was really no need for
any extra tutoring, anyway. Coincidentally, a few girls walked by holding books, whispering in
admiration, “Did you see it? That three-pointer by Forrest was really cool!”

“I saw it. That was so impressive!” “His girlfriend is Kayla from Class Two, right? They look so good

“Exactly, I feel the same way. She’s been with Forrest the longest. Previously, all those prom queens
who dated Forrest didn’t last more than a week.”

One of them noticed the presence of Madelyn and nudged the person next to her. The person who had
just spoken fell silent, looking somewhat embarrassed.

Madelyn set aside her studies and focused on teaching Mya. If Mya did not get it after the first
explanation, she would repeat it a second or even a third time until Mya finally grasped the concept.

Madelyn was generally a patient person. Even when she felt frustrated or irritated, her anger quickly
dissipated when looking at Mya’s innocent eyes. Teaching Mya was indeed somewhat challenging.
After two hours, Mya had probably only grasped about half a page of the practice problems. “Madelyn,
am I really dumb?” Mya blinked and looked at her.

“No, you’re smart. You just haven’t found your way of learning. Your grades are better than Forrest’s
were in the past. He used to score only around fifty-something in several subjects, not even as high as
your Venturian scores.”

“Really?” Mya was comforted by her words. “Yes. If Forrest can do it, you can. After you get home
tonight, write down the questions I taught you today and try them again. First, understand the method
to solve it, then start working on the solutions.” “Can I come to the library with you again in the future?”

Madelyn did not want to crush her hopes. “Can.” In her previous life, Madelyn also fantasized about
what her unborn daughter would look like when she grew up. Maybe she would be as adorable as Mya!
If Madelyn had a daughter like her, she would definitely make sure she had the best of everything in the

There was only half an hour left before class, so Madelyn left the library with Mya. Mya, at 5 feet 3
inches, was not particularly tall compared to Madelyn, who was almost 5 feet 7 inches. She walked
alongside Madelyn, chattering incessantly and talking about things happening around her and what her
family had for dinner last night.

From Mya’s words, Madelyn could tell she had a very loving family. She was the only child, with both of
her parents in good health, and they doted on her. Mya’s family was everything Madelyn had ever
wished for. Suddenly, she truly envied her.

A few girls came and snapped at Mya, Hey, Mya, what’s the deal? Weren’t you supposed to bring some
food for us during lunchtime?”

Mya clutched her backpack, and kept bowing and apologizing in response to their questioning by the
classroom door. “I’m so sorry, I forgot. I’ll go get it now.”

Mya turned around and saw Madelyn, who had not entered the classroom yet. Perhaps not wanting her
to witness her embarrassment, she lowered her head and rushed off.

Madelyn was never one to meddle in others’ affairs, but this time… As Mya was about to walk past her,
she grabbed her backpack. Even though she was in a difficult situation, she could not stand by in
silence as someone as pure as Mya was bullied.

“Madelyn.” “Don’t go.” Madelyn opened the window and took the notebook Ethan had bound for her
from her seat before pulling Mya into Class Two’s classroom.

The girls who had just harassed Mya noticed her returning empty-handed and expressed their
discontent,” What’s going on? It’s almost time for class! Why aren’t you going?”

Mya hid behind Madelyn, too afraid to speak. Madelyn took off Mya’s backpack and made her sit down
on her spot. Then, she placed the notebook in front of her.

“Don’t get involved in other people’s matters. They can take care of themselves. Study these
thoroughly, then come find me.”

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