The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 363

It was eight thirty at night. Madelyn was sitting in the back passenger seat, looking out the window
frustratedly. She thought, ‘I shouldn’t have left so early. Or else, I wouldn’t have met them.’

Madelyn left early today because she wanted to go back early and rest. Unexpectedly, she bumped
into Zach and Jadie as soon as she left the school. They were going for a late-night snack. Zach did
not allow her a chance to reject them. He just brought her into his car.

Zach and Jadie happily discussed what to eat and their plans for the weekend. Now that they were
together, Madelyn felt like a third wheel. She felt very uncomfortable. She thought, ‘I’m like an outsider
being forced to be in their lives.’

Jadie turned her head and asked Madelyn, “What’d you like to eat? Grilled food, or do you want to eat
fish? Madelyn, who was lost in her thoughts, quickly snapped back. She gently said, ” Ah,” before
saying with a faint smile, ” I’m fine with anything. Actually, I’m not that hungry.”

Jadie said, “You haven’t been home for so long. If I didn’t know that you finish school at the same time
as me, we wouldn’t be able to get together.” Jadie pondered before saying, “Let’s go for grilled food
then! There’s hot pot too.”

Madelyn unintentionally met Zach’s gaze through the rearview mirror. She panicked and looked away
immediately. She responded, “Sure.”

She had not had a hot pot before. She was not sure if it would make her have diarrhea. She had
already suffered a lot after she ate those foods with Forrest last time. The three of them arrived at a
relatively decent restaurant. There were still many people eating at this hour.

Madelyn felt the phone vibrating in her pocket when she was about to enter the restaurant. She
stopped and glanced at Zach and Jadie, who had already entered the restaurant. Madelyn pursed her
lips without talking.

She walked to the side and answered the call. Jadie was holding Zach’s arm. When the waiter came
over to take their order, Jadie turned around and saw Madelyn making a call outside. Jadie asked,
“Zach, what’d you like to eat?” Zach answered, “I’m fine with anything. You go ahead and order. I’ll go
have a smoke now.”

Jadie nodded, “Okay.” The person who called Madelyn was Ethan. Madelyn asked, “When are you
coming back?” This was the most frequent question she asked.

“Soon! Remember to go back early after you finish eating. I’ll ask George to come and pick you up
around ten- thirty,” Ethan said.

Madelyn replied, “Okay.” She thought,’ His place was very quiet. I could hear people walking toward
him. I’m very familiar with this kind of sound. He’s probably attending a banquet that he couldn’t avoid.’

After she ended the call, she turned around and saw Zach standing at the entrance with a cigarette in
his hand. She then nervously walked past him.

Just when she was about to enter the restaurant, she was suddenly grabbed by a strong arm. She was
then pulled into a dimly lit alley. She asked, “W-What are you doing?! Hmm…”

An unsettling atmosphere surrounded Madelyn. Zach kissed her on the lips. All the words she was
trying to say became unclear. She struggled. But her hands were held against the wall. She could not

Madelyn was almost suffocating. He changed his hand to grab her hands. He then used the other hand
to hold her waist to pull her tightly against him. He was extremely strong. They were so close to each
other that Madelyn felt as if they were about to meld together.

Her back was against the cold wall. Madelyn remained sane throughout. She said, “Let go of me!”

After kissing for a while, Madelyn seized an opportunity to bite down his tongue. She was not too
forceful. She breathed heavily continuously. Their noses were against each other’s. So, Madelyn could
only express her unwillingness with her eyes.

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