The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 362

Everyone thought that Ethan was an outstanding heir to the Arnold family. Other than the influential
figures, many charming beauties came too. Many people from wealthy families greeted Ethan. Many
heiresses wanted to have a drink with Ethan, too. However, Kevin had stopped all their attempts.

When Ethan was involved in the car accident, he became paralyzed in both legs. This incident caused
a big sensation in the news. Now, he was able to stand up. It seemed like his legs had been treated

No one dared to force him if he did not want to drink. This banquet would end at nine o’clock at night.
At eight o’clock, all the lights at the venue suddenly went out. It was extremely dark.

Several blue beams of light shone on the stage in the next second. A woman in a limited blue gown sat
in front of the piano. The music she played silenced the clamor. Everyone quietly looked at her. Her
hair was long and beautiful. With the ethereal music, she looked like a mermaid.

Someone in the audience said, “Is she the heiress of the Johnson family who just returned from
studying abroad? I haven’t seen her for so many years. She’s truly exceptional! I guess no one in
Marisburg is more outstanding than this young lady.”

After the music ended, Megan Johnson lifted the bottom of her dress as the final act. Many in the
audience applauded. Some people noticed Megan seemed to be looking at someone. Everyone
followed her gaze.

The person she looked at was Ethan. Leyton found some information about Megan on his phone and
told Ethan about her. It turned out that Ethan and Megan were high school schoolmates. However,
Ethan did not remember her.

The banquet would end in half an hour. Anyone there could tell the way Megan looked at Ethan was
different. However, he did not seem interested in her. From the beginning until now, Ethan’s eyes were

cold. He gave off an impression of being unapproachable.

Megan walked down from the stage and went to David Johnson. She said, Dad.”

David was the most influential tycoon in Marisburg. Half of the Johnson family’s wealth derived from
connections with the government. His status in Marisburg was unparalleled.

He looked at his daughter with satisfaction, “Let me introduce you two. This is the CEO of the Arnold
Corporation in Ventropolis. And this is my daughter, Megan.”

Megan and Ethan looked at each other, nodded, and greeted each other. David asked his daughter,
“Why didn’t you come and find me after you came back from overseas? You’ve really surprised me!”

Megan smiled, “As long as you’re happy.” Leyton suddenly leaned close to Ethan’s ear. He then
covered his mouth and whispered.

Ethan squinted slightly and glanced at the phone in his pocket. There were unread messages from
Madelyn. There was also an unanswered call. Ethan asked, “Did Madelyn text you?”

Leyton answered, “She didn’t.”

Ethan left the venue without saying goodbye. This was usually not allowed according to etiquette. The
happiness in Megan’s eyes faded when she watched him leave.

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