The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 357

Madelyn was distracted in the morning. She constantly recalled the incident at the safe passage last
night and what Forrest said to her. She did not want to continue imagining things. She thought, ‘It’s
meaningless to ponder about certain things.’

When she set aside those distracting thoughts and listened to the teacher, she realized she had
already lost track of the lesson…

She dreamily got through the first class. Madelyn, sitting in the first row by the window, heard voices
behind her. It was Yvonne and Jadie!

Yvonne handed a gold invitation card to Jadie, “I’m handing this invitation card as the apparent heir of
the Young family for you and Zach. YTCorp will be hosting a gala dinner this weekend. We hope both
of you can attend it on time.”

Jadie had never received such a valuable invitation. She glanced at it before lifting her head to smile
slightly at Yvonne, “I’m sorry! I don’t know anything about the company’s matters, but I’ll pass this on to
Zach. If he decides to go, I’ll accompany him.”

Yvonne responded, “Okay! Remember to dress formally that day. Don’t embarrass the Jent family.”
Jadie’s face turned pale. But she did not show too much emotion on her face.

Right after Yvonne said that, she went to Madelyn and handed her the invitation card, “Hey, this is for
You’re in a relationship with my brother now and might become my sister-in-law someday. About the
incident last time, Ethan had already reprimanded me. Don’t worry. I won’t say anything about Forrest
anymore! you. “Please help give this to Ethan.

Anyway, I hope he can come.” Yvonne’s tone toward Madelyn and Jadie was clearly different. When
she spoke to Jadie, her tone was assertive and unhappy.

However, when she talked to Madelyn, she appeared more submissive. Her tone was gentle, just like
she was talking to a friend. Madelyn nodded, “I’ll convey your message to him.”

Yvonne responded, “Thank you.” Only Ethan and his girlfriend, Madelyn, could make such an arrogant
girl talk politely.

Madelyn did not understand why Yvonne then went back to her seat. Yvonne would be involved in
handling the company’s matters. ‘After all, we’re just high school students. What is

Yvonne trying to do?’ Madelyn wondered. Actually, Yvonne’s intentions were quite simple yet well
thought out.

She was merely unhappy with Jadie, especially after she found out that Zach got together with Jadie.
She believed that Jadie was a scheming person with an innocent look who snatched away the man
Yvonne was interested in.

Furthermore, Yvonne was arrogant. Growing up, she was always admired by others. She was a
pampered, privileged girl born into a wealthy family. She wanted to show Jadie the difference between

Yvonne thought, ‘Although the Jent family has some status in Ventropolis, Jadie is just an orphan
raised by them. Zach is ambitious and career-driven. If he wants to be successful, I’m his best choice.

‘What’s the point of having a pretty face or good grades?! In Ventropolis, it’s nearly impossible to be
successful without power or influence. There are many talents here. Pretty ladies are abundant here
too. Jadie is just a nobody!’

Yvonne also understood Zach’s ambitions. She knew someone as ambitious as him should not just
stay within the control of the Jent family. She thought Jadie did not deserve to be with Zach.

Yvonne had always been by her mother’s side growing up. She had witnessed countless successes
and failures in the business world. She believed she could instantly tell when someone was cunning or
had bad intentions.

She was convinced that Madelyn posed no threat and was no match for her. She thought, ‘Ethan likes
Madelyn only because of her looks…’

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