The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 355

Madelyn had a hard time holding up Forrest as they left the school. The Arnold family’s driver quickly
drove up. Seeing Forrest in Madelyn’s arms, he got out of the car right away and helped her get Forrest

“Why are you with him, Ms. Jent?” the driver asked. Madelyn frowned. “It’s a long story. Let’s just go
home.” “I’m sorry, but Mrs. Arnold said that he can’t come to the Arnold residence without permission.”
Madelyn remembered that rule and said, “Okay, let’s go to my place then.”

She put Forrest in the back seat and buckled him up. Then she got in the front and told the driver
where to go. They pulled up to a small alley where she used to live, a building without an elevator.
Madelyn and the driver helped Forrest up the stairs. \

She found a key under the flowerpot, opened the door, and turned on the light. The house was
surprisingly clean, and looked like someone had been staying there. There was even some half-eaten
food on the table, covered with plastic wrap.

‘Could he have been staying here?’ Madelyn wondered. They helped Forrest into bed. The driver took
Forrest’s shoes and socks off and tucked him in with a blanket.

Madelyn looked at Forrest lying on the bed. “I cannot care for him here. Does he have anyone else at
home?” “Mrs. Arnold is probably asleep by now, the driver replied.

“I’ll figure something out. I can’t just leave him here alone,” Madelyn said, her mind racing. ‘Mrs. Arnold
is so lovely and gentle but fragile. Forrest wouldn’t want to trouble her.’

“Don’t worry, Ms. Jent,” the driver reassured her. “Forrest will be okay. We should head back, though. If
Ethan finds out, he might get upset.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Madelyn glanced at Forrest, her eyes filled with feelings she could not describe. She
turned off the light and closed the door. Forrest was just a friend and nothing more. She was tired of
liking people who were always surrounded by others who liked them too. Forrest never really cared
about anyone; it was probably just a passing fancy.

She really liked Ethan. It meant a lot to her when he said he did not care that she could not have kids.
Ethan had been nice to her since coming home from the hospital. He showed her a kind of love she
had never felt before. For the first time, she knew what it felt like to be loved. Ethan was so amazing,
and that made her like him even more. When they returned to the Arnold residence, the driver said, “If
Ethan asks about today…”

“Just tell him the truth,” Madelyn replied calmly. “If he gets confused, I’ll explain it to him.” Now that they
were together, she did not want to hide things from Ethan except for that one thing. She promised
herself it would never happen again. Even when she married Ethan, she wanted to be honest and true.

Madelyn had old-fashioned ideas about relationships because she grew up in a small town with her
grandmother. She taught her that it is important to be loyal to the one you love. She believed that
cheating was wrong, no matter who did it. She could not even think of forgiving someone for it, not
even once.

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