The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 356

Madelyn thought, ‘If a person cheats once, they’ll cheat again! I’ve learned this from Zach.’ Madelyn
walked out of the bathroom.

She switched on her phone and saw that Ethan had called her several times. She then walked to the
floor-to-ceiling window. She wore a tie belt sleeping gown, and her hair was still a little wet.

Madelyn returned the call, which Ethan picked up within a few seconds. A familiar, deep, pleasant voice
could be heard, “You’re still awake?”

Madelyn looked at the moon. It was a crescent moon, just like the pendant on her neck. She
responded, “When’ll you be back?”

Ethan gently chuckled, “Madelyn, it’s only been one day. To be precise, it’s only been fifteen hours and
twelve minutes. What’s wrong? Did something happen at school?” Madelyn nervously clutched her
gown. She could even hear her own heartbeat, “I-I miss you!”

She had to gather a lot of courage in order to say those three words. She could not help but remember
that she had said the same words to Zach countless times. However, what she received in return were
some cold, hurtful sounds and voices.

Sometimes, it was the sound of Zach with another woman in bed! And sometimes, it was the third
party’s voice threatening Madelyn not to call again…

Whenever she thought about these, Madelyn felt extremely hurt. Ethan stood up from his desk. He
used his fingers to adjust his tie before walking to the floor-to-ceiling window. He put his hand in his
pocket as he looked up at the crescent moon. He responded, “I’ll come back once I’m done with my
work here. It’s late. You should sleep…”

“Don’t end the call yet. Can you stay with me for a little longer?” Madelyn asked. Ethan answered,
“Sure. I’ll keep you company as you sleep.”

Upon hearing the rustling of the blanket, Ethan guessed Madelyn probably had gotten into bed.
Madelyn lay under the blanket with her hand curled under her head. Her phone was placed beside the
pillow, displaying an ongoing call.

Ethan asked, “Are you sleeping soon? Or are you still doing something?” Madelyn answered, “I just
bathed. I’ll sleep in a bit. Ethan… can you tell me a bedtime story? No one has ever told me one

Madelyn’s mother passed away right after giving birth to her. She was raised by Rosario. Even Hayson
rarely carried her. Ethan asked, “Would you like to hear the story of the Misty Forest?”

Madelyn answered, “Yes.” Ethan began the story, “A dense fog appeared in the forest. A little black
bear got lost. It was trying to find its way back home…”

Halfway through the story, Ethan heard Madelyn’s even, shallow breathing sounds. He thought, ‘It
seems like she’s fallen asleep.’ The morning sun cast a gentle, golden light on Madelyn’s body. When
she woke up, her phone had died due to the lack of battery.

After she charged her phone for a while, she saw that the call last night ended around five o’clock this
morning. This time, she made it to the early morning self-study session.

With his messy hair and backpack, Forrest walked past her window. He completely ignored her, just
like before.

Madelyn thought, ‘What happened last night felt like a farce. It’s good that he’s ignoring me. I can just
pretend what happened last night never happened.’

Yvonne came this time. She looked unwell and had heavy eye bags. When she got to her seat, she
immediately laid her head on the table and fell asleep. Madelyn wondered, ‘Did something happen in
the Young family these past few days?’

Madelyn looked away. Suddenly, she noticed Jadie was staring at her. Her gaze was cold! In the blink
of an eye, the coldness in her eyes disappeared. Jadie was then smiling innocently at Madelyn.

Madelyn began to wonder if she was delusional.

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