The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 334

It was almost four o’clock when they finished their meal and returned. Coincidentally, the Arnold
family’s private vehicle had arrived to fetch her back home. When Madelyn got in the car, her phone
vibrated. Ethan had sent her a message.

Ethan wrote: [The weather’s been getting cold recently. Remember to layer up. Do you need George to
add some blankets for you at night?]

Madelyn read the message and replied: [No need, it’s not that cold.]

After she sent her message, Ethan did not reply. Madelyn sent another message to him: [I’ve just
finished my classes. I’ll be going back first.]

Ethan replied: [Why so early today? I’ll have the chauffeur pick you up.]

Madelyn wrote: [Mhm, right after I received my textbooks and finished my entrance exams, school was
already over. I also met up with Forrest to have a meal.]

Ethan’s gaze while staring at the phone deepened. He replied with a single word: [Okay.]

He then typed: [I have a meeting. We’ll meet later at night.]

Madelyn replied: [Alright.]

Madelyn then went straight back to the Arnold residence. She had gone over the designated time and
finished all the courses for her extracurricular activities. This was done to allow her to focus on studying
after that.

After a while, they reached the Arnold residence. George was training the new servants in the yard and
talking about things they should pay attention to. As Madelyn got out of the car, the dozens of servants
greeted her in unison, “Ms. Jent.”

Madelyn had never seen such a scene at the Jent residence before. The Jent residence was not
massive, so there were only four servants. Naturally, it was incomparable to the Arnold family. Madelyn
was nervous and did not know how to react. George noticed Madelyn’s discomfort and immediately
said, “All of you are dismissed, back to work.”

“Yes, sir,” the servants replied. After the group of servants left, George walked before Madelyn, “Ms.
Jent, you’re three hours earlier than your usual return time. Would you like us to prepare any snacks for

Madelyn answered, “No need. I’ve already eaten. I’ll be going back to my room to finish my homework.”

“Very well,” George replied with a standard smile. Before Madelyn could walk any farther, she turned
around and asked, “Oh, by the way, is there any trout at home?”

“You want to eat trout, Ms. Jent?” George asked. Madelyn replied, “Let me try cooking some fish
tonight! I went to a restaurant today and tried their dishes. They tasted great, so I asked the owner for
the recipe. I’ll write down the recipe after this. Could you help prepare them for me, please?” George
complied, “Mr. Arnold would be ecstatic to know that Ms. Jent is cooking for him.”

Madelyn nodded. She had intended to cook for Ethan, but aside from that, she just liked to cook.
Especially when she encountered delicious food, she just wanted to recreate the same flavor that she
had tasted, and the seafood restaurant’s dishes had been delicious. Additionally, Ethan’s tastebuds
were similar to hers, so she assumed he would probably like it.

George knew of this but did not inform Ethan. Instead, he wanted to give Ethan a surprise when he
came back. Madelyn wrote down the ingredients, and the servants immediately prepared them as
instructed. Ethan would usually get off work on time if there were no matters to handle in the evening
and return at around half past six.

Madelyn finished a page from the exercise book that Albert gave her. Then, she noticed Albert had
given her mathematics exercises for third-year undergraduates.

‘The more problems I solve, the harder they get. It’s just two questions, and yet I’ve used a whole hour
to solve them,’ Madelyn thought.

At the same time, the aroma of the fish being cooked was starting to smell similar to the dishes from
the seafood restaurant. Madelyn had calculated the time and knew Ethan would be returning soon.

Time flew by fast. Madelyn had called Ethan a few times, but he did not pick up. At close to eight,
Madelyn suddenly noticed that George was missing. She had been too focused on homework to notice
earlier. When she asked a servant, the servant stuttered nervously in response.

“Did something happen to him? Why’s George gone, too?” Madelyn asked. The servant answered,
“Uhm… Mr. Gibbon told me not to tell you.”

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