The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 353

Madelyn could not understand why Forrest was acting so wild and crazy lately. He was always a nice
guy, but now he always seemed mad. She felt bad because she could not help him as they were not
close. She worried that he might get in trouble if he did not calm down. As the Math Olympiad got
closer, that was all she could think about.

After school, Madelyn went to the special math class. She learned that the test they took last night was
to pick who could stay in the class. There were twenty students at first, but now only ten were left.
Being the best in the class was really hard.

The scores from last night’s test were up on the blackboard. Just like everyone thought, Madelyn’s
score was the best.

“It’s easy when you have connections,” a student said, sounding grumpy. “She wasn’t here for two
weeks but still got the best score. Why are we even here? We took a long train ride for hours, and now
we have to go back tomorrow.”

“Quit whining,” another student chimed in. “If you had a smart boyfriend like her, you wouldn’t be here
either. We’re lucky to even be here.

“Ugh, enough already!” When Madelyn walked into the room, several people stared at her. They
stopped talking and looked at her with mocking eyes.

Madelyn glanced around the room and spoke up. “I earned my spot here with my own abilities, not
because of connections. Why are you making fun of me? What gives you the right to do that? If you
think the last night’s test was unfair, we can take it again.”

Some guys in the class stood up for Madelyn. “Madelyn is the second best in our whole grade,” one of
them said. “Do you really think she needs to cheat on a test like this?” Another guy chimed in.

“You guys came here from out of town, but you skip classes or go shopping instead of studying. If you
put more effort into your schoolwork, you wouldn’t need to make fun of Madelyn.

The girls who had been talking earlier were speechless. Their faces changed colors, and they quickly
picked up their backpacks and left the classroom. As they hurried out, they bumped into Jadie, causing
the papers she was holding to fall to the ground.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to do that,” the girls apologized. “It’s okay. It’s dark, and I wasn’t paying attention
either,” Jadie said, picking up her papers. The girls looked at the man standing next to Jadie with wide
eyes. Noticing their stares, Jadie smiled and asked, “Why are you guys still here so late?”

The girls quickly responded. “We’re from Lorville High School,” they explained. “We’re here for the
Math Olympiad. There’s one spot left in the special class, so we joined to try for it.” They noticed the
workbook in Jadie’s hands and asked, “Are you in the Math Olympiad class too?”

“Wow, I can’t believe we met someone from the Math Olympiad class here. You must be really good at
math!” one girl said.

Jadie just smiled and shrugged. “Not really,” she said modestly. “But thanks. Anyway, we should get

“Okay. See you,” the girls replied. As Jadie walked away, the girls whispered to each other. “She’s so
humble, way better than Madelyn,” one of them said. “I mean, who cares if Madelyn is first in her class
or second in the grade? She still ended up in the special class like us.”

“It’s strange how Ventrocloud High School does things. If Madelyn really is second in the whole grade,
why is she in this special class with us?”

“It’s like we’re just here to fill up the class. No matter how hard we try, we can’t win against her.”

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