The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 352

Forrest had one arm wrapped around Kayla’s waist and a pen in his other hand. He glanced at a sheet
of paper with a question on it, looking bored. In a careless tone, he said, “Well, make

her kneel down and clean it up then.” The people around him watched with amusement and laughed.
Kayla, her face twisted in a mocking smile, lifted her foot that had been stepped on. What are you
looking at?” she snapped. “Kneel down and clean it up. Don’t you understand?”

“I… I understand,” Mya responded hesitantly. Kayla was originally not from Ventropolis; she moved
here from a small town. Her family had become wealthy by selling pork, and that was why they could
afford to move to the big city. She had transferred to the new school in her junior year, hoping it would
be a friendly place. Instead, her classmates pushed her aside just because her family sold pork. She
tried telling them that her family sold other stuff, like organic produce and farm- fresh eggs, too, but
nobody listened. They even made fun of her for it.

“What kind of shoes cost fifty thousand dollars?” When Mya heard a voice at the door, she looked up
and saw Madelyn. A big smile appeared on her face. “Madelyn!”

Madelyn had heard their conversation from next door. She came over and looked at the fancy shoes.
They were a special edition, and there were only five pairs like them in the whole world. But Madelyn
knew these shoes were not real. She had all five real pairs in her closet at home and had not worn
them because they cost so much. But they did not cost fifty thousand dollars. That was just too much.

“I’ll pay for the shoe cleaning,” Madelyn said, taking out $300. “This should cover it; the rest is for your
ride back.”

“Madelyn? Why are you getting involved? Only three hundred? Is that supposed to be a joke? Do you
know how expensive my shoes are?” Kayla, furious, stood up but was still shorter than Madelyn. She
threw the money in Madelyn’s face. “Don’t think that I won’t do anything to you just because you have
someone backing you up.

You’d better stay out of it.” “She helped me, so I’ll help her,” Madelyn said firmly, not even fazed by
Kayla’s actions. Even without Ethan’s support, she would still help Mya.

Mya picked up the money from the floor, trembling, and placed it on Forrest’s desk before hiding behind
Madelyn. Forrest did not glance at Madelyn even once, engrossed in solving the problem he had in
hand. Madelyn noticed he seemed distracted. She wondered if he felt guilty but did not voice her
thoughts. Taking Mya’s hand, she left the classroom.

Back in her classroom, Madelyn grabbed an extra chair for Mya. “Keep your distance if you see them.
Trust me, you don’t want to mess with his girlfriends,” she advised.

“I didn’t mean to step on her foot,” Mya said, “I saw her put her foot out, but I couldn’t move away fast
enough.” “Just work on your homework now. If you have any questions, you can ask me later,” Madelyn

“Okay, can I ask you about stuff I don’t get in the future?” Mya asked. Madelyn looked at her, then
looked down. “If you don’t understand something, you should ask the teacher. I’m usually really busy.”

“Okay,” Mya said dejectedly. Madelyn saw the sad look on her face and felt bad. “I’ll be free at
lunchtime, though.” “Okay,” Mya responded with a smile.

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