The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 351

Jadie pressed her lips together as she looked at the neatly bound notebook. She felt a mix of emotions
that she could not quite describe. “Madelyn, I gave you those notes. Why did you give them to Forrest?
Everyone at school is saying that I…”

‘Ah, so that’s why!’ Madelyn thought. She quickly replied, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have given your notes
to Forrest. I thought he would just make a copy, not tear them out.”

Jadie sighed and said, “I didn’t want to tell you this, Madelyn, but I’m worried. If Zach hears about this,
he might get the wrong idea. You know how we just got together. I don’t want anything like this to upset

“I get it,” Madelyn said reassuringly. ” If my brother gets the wrong idea, I’ll explain it to him.”

Jadie noticed the workbook on Madelyn’s desk. She picked it up and checked it out. “Did you buy this
workbook?” “Mr. Newton gave it to me,” Madelyn replied.

“Really? I think it’s the latest one,” Jadie said. “Is it? I didn’t know,” Madelyn admitted. “But if you want, I
can copy it for you. Some questions are a bit harder than what we had in the Math Olympiad class. I’ve
only done about half.”

The bell rang, signaling the start of the next class. Madelyn handed the workbook to Jadie. “You can
borrow this for now. I’ll get it back from you later this afternoon,” she said. “I still have a few questions
left in my old workbook.”

The last class of the morning was a once -a-week free activity period. Today, it was the turn of Class
One, along with Class Two and Class Three, to have their free time. Madelyn chose to stay in the
classroom and sit at her desk. She passed the time by flipping through a fashion magazine she had
picked up from a shelf at the back of the room.

“Madelyn?” A voice called. Madelyn looked up to see a girl tapping the window. She opened it. The girl
had a bun hairstyle and a bit of baby fat in her cheeks. The girl looked familiar to her. “It’s you?”

“You remember me? I’m Mya Harper from the class next door,” the girl said, her eyes big and round.
“You’re okay, right? You took such a long break. I thought you might not come back to school. It’s good
to see you’re alright.” She looked as innocent and cute as a deer. When she smiled, her eyes curved
into crescent moons.

“Thanks for your help last time,” Madelyn said. “No problem,” Mya replied with a smile. “Why aren’t you
playing outside? I heard there’s a basketball game at the basketball court. Lots of cute guys!”

Madelyn smiled faintly. “I’ll stay here. I still have some questions to finish.” Mya hesitated a moment.
“I’ve got a few problems I can’t solve. Could you help me?” “Sure,” Madelyn agreed.

“I’ll go get my workbook,” Mya said, running off happily. After a while, Madelyn did not see Mya come
back. Instead, she heard arguing from next door. “Are you blind?” one voice snapped. ”

How could you step on my foot in this wide hallway?” “I’m sorry, Kayla. It was an accident. I’ll clean it
up right now.” “Clean? Do you know how much these shoes cost?”

“I’ll pay for them,” Mya offered, pulling out a pink wallet. “I didn’t bring much money today. Is three
thousand dollars enough?”

“Are you joking? You must be one of those people from the countryside who suddenly got rich since
you’re offering so little. I paid a hundred thousand dollars for these shoes. But because we’re
classmates, I’ll accept fifty thousand.”

“Fifty thousand? But I don’t have that much money.” Mya bit her lip, looking upset. Her eyes quickly
filled with tears, and she looked really sad.

“Look, Forry! She stepped on my shoes, and now she says she can’t pay. These shoes are super
special. They’re limited edition, imported from France, and my mom gave them to me as a birthday
present,” Kayla whined, sitting on Forrest’s lap with her arms wrapped around his neck.

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