The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 347

The girl walked by Madelyn and bumped into her at the doorway. Madelyn heard a loud noise and saw
a chair on the floor. She walked over and picked it up. Adrian and Timothy both looked at her. Adrian
thought, ‘Why’s she even here?’

Madelyn looked at them and then at Forrest, who seemed really angry. She saw a trail of blood on the
floor. She had seen him get mad before when she was in Class Six and thought he might have trouble
with his emotions

sometimes. Without another word, she put the notes on his desk. “Here are the notes Jadie gave me.
Copy them and give them back to her. Then get your hand checked at the nurse’s office,” she said,
then left the room.

The two guys nearby did not dare to make a sound. They could tell Forrest was even angrier now, and
saying anything might make him mad at them.

Forrest picked up the pink notebook and looked inside. The writing was not Madelyn’s. The first page
had Jadie’s name. He quickly tore the notebook in half and threw it into the trash can. without thinking.

After school, Madelyn still did not know about the torn notebook. However, she heard some whispers
from the next classroom that were not about her this time, but about Jadie. Sitting by the window close
to the hallway, Madelyn heard a few girls from Class Two chatting as they walked together to the

“I heard someone found Jadie’s notes in the trash, torn in half.” “Who knows what’s up with those two.
Let’s just focus on our upcoming test. At least with Forrest here, I’m not at the bottom of the class

Madelyn thought to herself, ‘Forrest tore up Jadie’s notes? Oh no!’ She turned around to look at Jadie,
who sat in the row behind her, feeling torn about what to do. When the final bell rang, she headed over

to Class Two.

When school was over for the day, the janitor had to wait until everyone had left the classrooms before
she could start cleaning. With almost everyone gone, Jadie came up to Madelyn, hiding something
behind her back. She brought out a can of soda and said, “I got an extra one for you today. How come
you’re not heading home?”

Madelyn could tell that Jadie did not know about the torn notes. “I’m just waiting for something. It’s no
big deal, ” she said. Jadie nodded. “Alright, I’ll go ahead and leave then.”

“Okay,” Madelyn replied. After Jadie left with some other students for the Math Olympiad class,
Madelyn headed to Class Two. She saw the janitor about to take out the trash and asked her to wait.
The janitor curiously watched as Madelyn dug through the trash. Lucky for her, the torn notes were still
readable. She put them in a plastic bag she got from the janitor.

Madelyn thought, ‘When will Forrest ever change his temper? What a waste to tear up good notes like
this.’ She was getting ready to leave when she heard a girl giggling in the hallway.

“Hey, where should we go later?” the girl asked.

“Where do you want to go?” a guy responded. Madelyn adjusted her slipping shoulder strap and turned
to see Forrest with his arm around a tall girl who had a sweet expression on her face. The girl was
wearing the same school uniform as them. They walked right past her without noticing.

“Madelyn!” someone called out to her. It was one of her classmates, who came over and said, “Mr.
Newton wants you in his office.”

“Okay, got it,” Madelyn replied, looking away. She was not surprised that Forrest had found a new
girlfriend. ‘Guys are so unpredictable,’ she thought.

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