The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 343

“The Arnold family has a private doctor who is as skilled as the doctors in our hospital. That patient
personally requested to be discharged. Mr. Arnold personally wanted to take her home, so we couldn’t
do anything,” the nurse said.

Jadie fiddled with the sunflower bouquet in her hands. “Such a shame. I bought Madelyn’s favorite
flowers, and she’s not here.”

“But I think that Mr. Arnold is quite nice. Madelyn must be very happy with him,” the nurse added. Jadie
noticed that Zach had no expression, but his eyes looked cold. Without saying anything, he turned and

After Madelyn left, no one heard from her for two weeks. During that time, Ethan stayed with her,
helping her get better until she could get out of bed.

The sun shone through the big windows, lighting up the bed where Madelyn was lying in a light
nightgown. Her arm, in the sunlight, looked soft and pale. From her hair all the way to her fingernails,
every part of her looked perfect. Her slightly curly hair was braided and hung over her left shoulder,
with a moon-shaped necklace laying on her collarbone. Her face looked healthy again, and her lips had
a beautiful pink color.

Outside the window, the trees were full of leaves, and new buds were appearing. The family doctor
examined Madelyn.” You’re fully recovered, Ms. Jent.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Madelyn replied.

The doctor nodded. “You’re welcome.” Ethan sat beside Madelyn on the bed, holding and gently
stroking her hand. ” I’ve already told your family, so no worries. About school… should we go back

Madelyn leaned her head on his shoulder. “Yeah, let’s go back tomorrow. But first, I really want to go
out for a walk. It’s been forever since I’ve been outside.”

“Sure, I’ll come with you.” The garden outside was filled with stunning, unusual flowers. Ethan
explained that these roses were specially grown to withstand even the harshest winter without
withering. However, they only bloomed for a very short time, less than three months.

Ethan carried Madelyn to a swing and held the rattan ropes, gently pushing her from behind. A
caregiver sneakily snapped a photo, forgetting to silence her camera. The ‘click’ startled her, and she
quickly hid her phone and scampered off. Ethan did not react.

Elsewhere, Sylvia, dressed in a knit outfit and a shawl, cooked some pasta and brought it to her son,
who was playing video games on the couch. Today’s your birthday. Owen and I planned to cook for you
and eat at home. Is that okay?” she asked affectionately, as she used to when he was a child. ”

“Who invited him?” “I did. He’s been busy with work for years; now he’s free to spend time with you.
Please be nice to Owen for me. He is your biological father, after all.”

Forrest scoffed without looking up. 11 Father? I never had a father. By ‘being free’, you mean he got
kicked out of the Arnold family, right? No need to sugarcoat it.” Not wanting to say anything more and
thinking about Sylvia’s health, he stood up to go back to his room.

Sylvia shook her head and sighed inwardly. ‘When will he change his arrogant attitude? If I’m not
around, he’ll definitely suffer.’ She did not want him to return to his old ways.

Back in his room, Forrest received a photo on his phone. He felt like he had been punched in the gut.
He threw his phone against the wall, shattering the glass of a picture frame. ‘She still chose Ethan!’ he
thought angrily.

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