The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 340

The nurse carrying a tray full of used tools heard voices arguing from the medical waste room and
quickly walked away, scared. There was a faint smell of blood. On the tray, there was a bloody lump of
flesh, weirdly shaped, with clear signs that it was infected; it had already started to change color. This
was the abnormal uterus that had been removed from Madelyn.

“At first, they said there was a chance she could get better, but that was just to make you feel better.
Look at this

thing; it’s already been infected and looks nothing like it should. Leaving it inside Madelyn would only
make her condition worse. If it hadn’t been removed in time, she could’ve died,” Kai said, as he
casually threw the deformed uterus into the waste bin. ” Not being able to have kids is not the end of
the world. You can always adopt. There are lots of people who care about Madelyn. Is having kids
really that important to you?”

Kai looked into Zach’s deep black eyes and sensed his vibe; he had never seen him act this way

“What? Getting sentimental? Or having regrets?” Kai picked up a pack of cigarettes from the table, lit
one, and then suddenly started laughing. “Don’t tell me you’ve caught feelings for her, Zach. That’s a
joke, and not a funny one. You being with her… is bad luck.”

“You’re overthinking it,” Zach said calmly, then paused at the door before leaving. “Don’t forget to clean
everything up. No one can know about this.”

“Do you really not trust me with this?” Kai watched as Zach left, crushed the cigarette in his hand, took
off his white coat, and entered a private lounge room.

On the bed lay a beautiful woman, completely naked. Her eyes were closed, looking like she was still
asleep. Kai did not care. He lifted the covers, took off his pants, turned the woman over and, without

any foreplay, went straight for the deepest part of her.

Awakened by his movements, her legs hooked around his waist, moving in rhythm. Kai grasped the
woman’s neck and grinned evilly. “Has my brother ever seen you this naughty?”

The woman’s face showed no signs of pain from being strangled, so it was clear that the effects of the
drug had not worn off yet. Seeing a brief moment of clarity in her eyes, Kai’s movements became more
intense. The woman let out a soft groan.

“Look closely at who’s on top of you today.” Forrest sliced an apple into small pieces and placed them
on the bedside table.

“I can’t eat anything right now; I need to wait a few days. You should go back to school; don’t let this
hold up your studies. Someone from the Arnold family will be here soon.”

“Okay.” Forrest left to pay the bill at the front desk, only to find that it had already been paid. When he
asked for the itemized bill, it listed a regular appendectomy.

Less than half an hour after Forrest left, several members of the Arnold family arrived. Ethan, when he
heard the news, immediately stopped his meeting and rushed to the hospital.

Madelyn’s IV bag was almost empty, and there were two more bags to go. When she heard hurried
footsteps in the hallway, the door quickly opened, and Madelyn saw Ethan. Leyton stood guard by the
door. The nurse finished administering the injection and left the room, leaving them alone in the
spacious hospital room.

Ethan sat down on her bedside and gently caressed her face. “The school called and said you had an
accident, so I came right away. Are you okay?”

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